Dec 262012

The H family, along with two other families, learned how to ski [and snowboard] this Christmas!

C + B

C+B at Sunspot, 10,700 ft.

Me + B

Me + B at Sunspot, 10,700 ft.

If you ever plan to take a trip to Winter Park, Colorado. You must look up Winter Park Lodging, we stayed at Timber Ridge Lodge which had more than enough space for 8 people… and heated floors!

Also, the city of Fraser is about 4 miles away from Winter Park and it has the best pizza at Elevation Pizza [try the Adam Bomb] AND the best snow-tubing hill at Colorado Adventure Park.

Did you do anything exciting for Christmas?

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Jul 172012

Hey Friends! How is your summer so far?!

We have been on vacation to Virginia and Washington, DC! I had an opportunity to talk to the future President

And his future First Ladies! [He said he would make the title official ;) ]

PS, we don’t plan this at all, but it has happened TWICE over our four week vacation:

 OH and PS – While in Virginia, we went to get ice cream with our cousin, Melissa, and a guy stopped us in our licking tracks and said, “You MUST be mother and daughter, my two daugther’s look JUST LIKE their mother and you and her look exactly the same!”

I replied with a smile and a thank you. I love my sweet girl and I thank God every day for her being in my life!

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Mar 152012

Austin 2012

This past weekend we headed over to Austin and San Antonio for a fantastic two days of activities; it’s spring break!

Our itenerary was filled with fun and food, two of our families favorite things, like cave tours, cruising around on segways and zip lining.

Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio, Tx We took the Discovery Tour, the Passages was sold out when we got there, it was really cool to listen to the kids [guides] explain the different geological forms and how the caves were made; it was VERY fun and educational. It ws really steep and tight in some areas that we went through and the natural spring waters flow freely from the roof onto the floors, I would not recommend this for families requiring walking assistance or toting babies in strollers.

Gliding Revolution, Austin, Tx Holy Cow, have you done a segway tour yet? It is pretty awesome, however, it took me the longest to get used to the machine. We toured Austin while SxSW and the Girl Scouts 100 year celebration was happening, so we were right in the middle of hundreds of big and little people at many points; we survived. Our tour guide was borderline amazing, you have to give them a call and take a tour if you are EVER in Austin!

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, Spicewood, Tx This place is pretty pricey, but C loved it SO much, so it was definitely worth the dollars to create memories with her. Our tour guides Bailey and Eric were super cool and knew a lot about the cypress trees we were flying through. There were about 6 zip lines and two sky bridges to cross, the tour took almost two hours. They have a pond to swim in afterwards if you desire, picnic tables, tether ball and a relaxing hammock. They book relatively small groups so all this is available with little interruption to your families plans.

Luling Barbque, Luling, Tx Yum, C and I had the chopped beef sandwich and B had the sliced beef sandwich, I’d say these are pretty much their best items on the menu because they were delicious. Umm, their sweet tea just about had me hopped up for the rest of the day, that’s good tea right there.

Ritas on the River, San Antonio, Tx Cold drinks, hot queso, tasty mexican food and PLENTY of people watching, need I say more?

Milto’s Medeterranian Cafe, Austin, Tx Talk about good pizza, salad and service! I had a Greek salad and Spanikopita served with a cool tjatzeekee sauce, if you like spinach, cheese and egg, you will love this dish. My two compadres, however, had cheese pizza and salad… live a little people ;)  Our friends from Gliding Revolution suggested we try this place out, so thanks for the love GR, much appreciated!

What did your Spring Break 2012 look like? Were you able to squeeze in a moment of fun and relaxation?


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Feb 292012


I just love, don’t you? Today ONLY they are having a $29 sale on tons of boots and outerwear.

This past weekend B and I went out on a shopping tour to find ski gear for our trip this Christmas. I got to try on a lot of mediums, I looked like I had been swallowed whole by the fabric monster. I need a small. I did, however, get to try on one pair of pants that fit perfect and I bought them, they were 25% off… you can’t go home empty handed.

So, today I do a little search-a-roo on to see if they have these pants and matching jacket on sale, and they DO! Not for $29, but a lot less than I payed at the store. So guess what, I’ve already packed my pants to take back to the 25% off store. I can’t believe I just spent $150, I saved over $180, for pants, jacket and base layer on 6pm!

Are you going on a trip this year that needs special wears? Let me know what you find!

PS. Remember to shop through ebates for 3.5% or ShopatHome for 7% cash back!

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Jan 042012

Resolution for Women

I haven’t quite got around to making my New Year’s resolutions quite yet… nothing I really feel like changing other than getting a maid to wash my sheets and clean my floors. Hah!

I have a few goals in mind for the year, maybe writing them to you will encourage the follow through:

  • Learn Project Management and jump into a new chapter at my big girl job. Don’t get me wrong, I love my yob [that IS a Y] and the people I work with, but after four years things get a little… eh? Not that I am bored at all, work is quite busy and new technology is always on the move.
  • Save enough $$$ before December to not have to use one ounce of credit for our Ski trip. My sweet girl boasted just last night about how she purchased 4 shirts from one of her favorite stores for less than $50, because two shirts at regular price would have been more than $50. Frugal chick in the making, I love it.
  • Raise funds for my 39.3 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer before the event gets here, only four months and $1,080 to go! I would love for you to support me and my team, Band of Bosoms, by donating here. We are also looking for gold [$500] and silver [$250] level sponsors.

Have you ever been in a spot where you had no idea what was going on, like nothing is moving, nothing is happening, you are just living. It is so empty. This is where I have been the past couple of months, wondering what is God’s plan for me in this season? This Christmas, I asked for the book The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shrier, it was written in partnership with the movie Courageous. It’s time for me to dive deep within and find out about the wonderfully feminine woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend that God has called me to be.

So far I have resolved to be quick to listen and slow to speak, which is not easy for me AT ALL because most of the time I hear but do not listen. It is one of my current character flaws [and I'm working on it], sometimes I go through the day not paying attention to what is important just to get to the next place, next agenda item, next anything that I am not currently involved – it’s a security blanket, a mute choice that I have kept up since I was young.

How about you? Have you read the book? What resolution are you looking forward to coming to fruition this year? I would love to hear from you… I would love to pray for you too! We are going on this journey together, friend! Bumps ahead, hope you have a helmet.

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Sep 152011

This past weekend I went with my family to Schlitterbahn WaterPark in New Braunfels,Texas. I did not take any pictures except for the one you are going to see below because my B and C were not with me. Why didn’t I take them? Because the Texans were set to whoop up on the Colts for the first game of the season [B] and C is in advanced classes that are swamping her to no end and she made a very adult decision to stay home and work in order to be caught up with the teachers expectations. So, I missed them immensely but got to spend quality time with my pre-married immediate family and cousins. Oh, and I won Apples to Apples.

But here is my dilemma. We always stay at the “resort” on the Water Park campus, and it usually is very well accommodating, however, this year… it was just a dump. What does it say when you ar provided beds to rest your head, but you choose to blow up air mattersses instead? I was catching my Aunt and Gma up on the world of Pinterest when my Aunt pointed out that the electrical outlet is – get this – ON THE FLOOR:

Schlitterbahn Room 151

Does this not concern anybody else? Let’s see, tons-o-kids frolicking around in the water all day. They come in to the little kitchenette to grab a snack and shake off a bit, where said auntie may be hooked up to the outlet, and ZAP there goes the connector, the aunt and quite possibly the kid! Do you feel my ALARM?! This is CRAZY and who ever thought of putting an electrical outlet in floor of a water park suite it just about as dumb as they come.

I am pretty sure it was not a grounded outlet… Wait, yes it was, hahaha.

Have a great day friends and remember, keep it classy!

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Aug 312011

It has been a minute since we went to Chicago and I thought it would [finally] be fun to post some of our pictures and some stories about the trip!

FridayWe arrived in Chicago around lunch time and Brent’s buddy, Johnny, took us to eat at Revolution Brewing Company in Oak Park. They had the BEST sandwiches and the BESSSST pretzel bread known to man, seriously. I learned something new, anytime a menu says “crunchy” or “crispy”, they mean it has uncooked cabbage slaw on top, Yum. C ordered a caesar side salad with her “crunchy” pulled pork sandwich and it came with a full out anchovy on top… needless to say, she did not eat the salad. I even tried it… Umm yea, not a fan of that either! I ordered the Hombre Burger, I’m from Texas, what can I say? It consisted of smoked poblano pepper,  avocado, Chihuahua cheese, red pepper crema & tortilla strips – aka. Heaven on a Heavenly Pretzel Roll bun. Once we arrived at our final destination – Congress Plaza Hotel [who has still not sent me a like to review their room/service{which is probably better for them because the "suite" was pretty much unacceptable (email me for details)}] we… I decided we should take a little walk to Navy Pier. I wonder why nobody stopped me, it was like 10,000 miles away from our hotel and we were pretty grumpy by the time we all got there. HAha!

B and Mike went out with the Chicago friends while C and I hit the streets to find dinner. C and I went down Michigan Avenue to hear the free concerts and look at Cloud Gate and the Crown Fountains. C has a radar for super fun, cool things, and this night was no different. We made our way to the Magnificent Mile Macy’s and Chicago Theater where there just happened to be a CLo concert and Glamorama fashion show taking place. C and I got to walk on the fashionistas red carpet and take in all of the glittlery and amazing fashion choices of the actual attendees. It was amazing! We caught some people making glances at us, like, “I can’t believe they wore that”, we were sporting the all fashionable shorts, t-shirt and Tom’s. We finally headed to dinner at about 11 pm; C chose, what we thought was, a quaint little place in downtown Chicago called Mercat a la planxa. Wow! Once again, we were totally under dressed and a little out of the diners target market, but we have money to pay for a delicious meal, so who cares about the target market. The meal was a total debacle and out waiter was really pretty poo-pooey on us, but we enjoyed ourselves and our meal. C decided to try the pintxos muranos Colorado Lamb Brochettes wrapped in Bacon and Lamb Jus and I had the Conill Amb castanyes Braised Rabbit Agnolotti, Roasted Chestnut Purée, Brandied Cherries and Rosemary Brown Butter. Our meals were divine and the experience will last a lifetime!

Chicago Theater

Saturday Was our chill day, we pretty much spent the day walking, relaxing and eating. I got to meet on of my co-workers, at my big girl job, who lives just a couple minutes from the hotel. My company is big on the virtual/global environment – nobody on my team lives within 6oo miles of Houston, it is pretty amazing when you think about how connected we are, but are so far apart. We took a cab ride to the Expo to pick up our race packets [there was no way the guys were going to go for another walk with me]. We ate lunch around our hotel and on our way to pick up bananas and water for the mornings race, the rain came down, BIG time. We were still about 3 blocks from the hotel. After we watched all of the Segway tours rush into their homes, which we were huddled close to, we decided to book it to the next available awning and make a game plan. We were like frogs who didn’t like the wet – hopping from one awning to the next between pours of rain. We just kind of chilled the rest of the day, watching bad hotel tv and C’s outstanding fashion show [she was still feeling the vibe from last night] with the hotel’s bedding; have I told you, lately, how amazing she is? Well… she is! By the way, this is how we dry wet Tom’s:

C's Shoe Dryer

Sunday There was a little race, you can read about it here. Our friends took us to another amazing eatery, Big Star, before we headed out to the airport.  They had delicious pork and fish tacos and their salsa was pretty much spectacular because it was not chilled. C happened upon the lovely bacon wrapped hot dog below – the Sonoran Hot Dog crispy, bacon wrapped, all beef hot dog, pinto beans, lime mayo, mustard, onions, hot sauce, on a bolillo roll = Amazing! We had to wipe off the sauces because the hot sauce was just WAY hot for her, but she went to town, she said it was pretty delicious and recommend it, most definitely.

C's giant Bacon-wrapped hot Dog

We hit up the train to take us to our destination before our final destination – it was pretty fun, except for when the guy sitting in front of us decided to get up and pry open the doors with this bare hands and jump out on the landing dock while the train was still moving… Not Smart dude, not smart. My face was stuck in the “OMG! Did that REALLY just happen” fashion for a minute or three. We made it to the airport in the nick of time… to see that our flight would be delayed for 5 hours. [Shameless Plug ~~>]It’s really too bad that we don’t have a smarty phone that received emails to tell us we were delayed; we could have totally stayed at the taco place for another 4 hours, which would have been fine by me!

Leaving Chicago on a Train

 Goodbye Chicago… until Next time!

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Aug 132011

Rock N Roll Chicago Or Bust

It’s finally here - the Rock N Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon! Please keep Mike and me in your prayers as we take it to the streets on Sunday at 6:30am.

B lived in Chicago for a year when C was younger, so we are going to be able to meet up with old friends and enjoy the scenery. I also get to meet one of my co-workers who lives just a mile from our hotel – working from home with people all over this great country has it’s perks, but I only know what 5 people actually look like in person.

Keep your eyes peeled for #15047, I Run Like A Mother.

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Jul 042011

I published the below review on Flip Key by tripadvisor, but, after receiving the below message, I do not trust that they will publish it because it has very key action items.

Flip Key Review

We arrived at 3:30pm and the door was promptly unlocked at 4pm, however, the door was broken from a strong draft [having the back door and front door open at the same time] and there was a very poor job of “fixing” the door, the deadbolt was coming out and did not lock.
The unit was well stocked with bath linens and kitchen necessities. We had to wash all of the towels and floor mats with oxy clean before use because they had a very musty smell and were stained. The red bedroom quilt was stained, but flipped over so people wouldn’t notice, it would have been washed, too, if the washing machine were big enough. The sink disposer in the kitchen was FULL of pasta [from the last patrons] and would not turn on to clear out, my Dad reset the unit and it worked perfect.
The bathrooms were spacious, one had a slight ant problem and all had very low water pressure. All of the bathroom air vents need to be washed as they are filled with a caked dust/mold looking substance. The shower curtains were either too short, too long or not wide enough to keep the water from flooding out of the tub.
The rooms were perfect size for our family and the seating was more than enough. We loved congregating at the large table and spacious bar area for breakfasts, dinners and activities.
The outside balcony was amazing, beautiful views and a sweet breeze ALL day. One of the rocking chairs had a broken leg and was propped against the wall like nobody would notice.
The parking arrangements were very tight, only one car can park at the unit and all others need park across the street. We could not find parking across the street on two nights, so we had to park in the public beach lot further away. It would be very nice to have the option to park in the neighboring garage since they are owned by the same company.
We had questions and called the number in the binder provided in the room but it was a recording or disconnected. There was no on-site assistance/customer service location.
There are only two elevators and three luggage carts. Plan a quick approach to entering and exiting by utilizing the stairs [it is only two flights from the garage] if you are able. Families are checking in and out at the same time you are, and there are 20+ floors to clear out.
Ocean Ritz #401


If you are planning on renting this room from Sterling Resorts, please feel free to contact me if you want more information. I only guarantee that these are the facts from our trip, it is very possible that this unit will be cleaned up after the review is published.



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Jun 282011

We had an amazing time on our vacation last week to the beach. It took a long 12 hours to get to our destination, two trucks full of stuff and 7 people: my parents, my baby brother + home skillet and yours truly, H family.

I thought it might be nice to share some pictures with you all, since I pretty much left you hanging last week. Rude.


My man and Me, lookin’ good… catching rays…

Sea Screamer - The Family

We went on a Dolphin Watch and Snorkel trip on the Sea Screamer; we learned how to use fins and breathe though the little snorkels [it's really challenging the first time], caught sand dollars, watched crabs and flizards [it's a made up word for a fish that looks like a lizard] and sea urchins float with the tide. Unfortunately, a “storm” was brewing and the gulf side of the bay was really choppy, we would have been able to swim with the dolphins after they surfed behind the Sea Screamer.

Hello Dolphin

Can’t you just hear this little guy, “Come on! Let’s swim!” We also saw a Mama and baby dolphin surfing the boats waves. They were so precious.

Dad and Me

Here is my Dad and Me on the boat, he’s a super trooper.

Wave Surfing

B and C enjoying the fast and crazy ride back to the marina. Where am I?


Holding on, HAHA.

Just Kidding! It wasn’t bad at all, this picture is after I had sprayed my feet for the 10th time with sun block… ever had burnt feet? It’s the worst!

Peek A Boo


We liked snorkeling so much, we went the next day to the state park and rented gear. We caught a few little shells, watched schools of fish swimming in the rocks, inspected snails and other shelled creatures… saw more flizards. B made a friend with a short, fat fish who swam under his chin and neck area when he was under and around his waist when he was standing. It was like seeing a whale with the little fish all around, super cute!

B in a Chair

This is what most of our days looked like, nice and lazy with a side of reading and soaking up the sun.

Wonder Works

We took a break from the sun one day and headed to Wonder Works. HOW COOL IS THIS BUILDING!? It looks like it is floating in the clouds the way I took the picture and everything inside is upside down too. If you see it from the front, it clearly fell from the sky… SO cool!


B showing Craig Biggio how it’s done, even on vacation we cannot get away from sport.

Bed of Nails

C on a bed of nails, not as comfortable at the good ‘ol posturepedic.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and miss the cool beach breeze already, but it sure is nice to sleep in your own bed and take a shower in your own shower. You know what I mean?

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