Dec 302010

Have you gotten to the point that just running is kind of boring?


Hmmm, well I have so it is definitely time to switch it up some.

This gem came to my inbox just today and I am really, really excited! SHAPE (the women’s fitness magazine) is putting on their first ever Diva Dash in Austin, Texas on April 9, 2011.

B and I love the hill country and have been wanting to get back to tour the weird Austin scene more.

I am sure you do not have anything planned April 9th, so just put it on your calendar as tentative, discuss the festivities with your best girls, and join me on this skipping, jumping and swinging jolly good time!

PS. I will let you all know more about it on January 24 once the Diva Dash site is up and running!

UPDATE: More Diva Dash Info posted here!

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Nov 152010

We did it!

Mike and I completed our second 1/2 marathon, we both shaved A LOT of time off of last year!

Congrats to Team Adrenaline – Brent and Dara! You both rocked the block coming in under 3 hours!

Congrats to our friends Anna, Tara and Neil for kicking San Antonio’s booty as well!

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Nov 122010

Please pray for Mike and me as we trek the San Antonio 1/2 Marathon this Sunday! It will be our second, so that means we have run a full marathon, right?

Brent and Dara will be running the 1/2 marathon relay, please pray for them… and their “adrenaline”.

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Sep 072010

What a great three-day weekend we had!

Great #1 – OUR FLOORS ARE FINISHED!!! It only took four months to complete, B and I do not recommend using Home Depot for wood floor installations, more specifically Cooper Flooring, who contracts through Home Depot.

Great #2 – I ran a 10 minute mile on my 6 mile long-run Saturday morning. I rewarded myself with the YUMMY breakfast of cheese grits and a fried egg, I don’t care too much that fried egg is not the best choice, it was absolutely delicious! My toes were DYING at the end though, I thought I was going to have to get toe replacement surgery from all the pain in my two second toes. We went to Luke’s Locker to get my shoes checked out and it turns out I was running in shoes that were too small! So, just like needing to get a professional bra fitting (ladies), you also need a professional shoe fitting to determine the correct size for your feet. My new shoes are so snazzy and comfortable, I found renewed excitement for a 13 mile run.

Great #3 – We went to the beach, enough said. Well, other than the fact that some of our parts got pretty crispy, we had so much fun! Yellow flag + a storm coming in = awesome waves. I showed C how to dive through them, she really liked how it felt to get her hair pulled back by a wave, my favorite is when you finally jump up and you still can’t touch the gulf floor. I stepped on a fish once and then it swam past my leg, ugh, what a creepy make you jump out of the water feeling!

I hope you all had as wonderful weekend as we did! Happy 4 day work week!

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Aug 252010

I just have to brag a little.

We are planning C’s second OU football game right now, it takes a lot of frugal skills to pull this off. 

Last year, I got us 2nd row Sooner end zone seats for $90 each. WHAT! She got to be right in the action, the Schooner and the canon came out right next to us; this type of first experience on $90 is unheard of, but I managed. :) It is for the educational and spiritual development of our child here.

I just signed in to FB and what do I see during my research, my sweet girl’s face on The University of Oklahoma’s FB page. Oh, I have one big ‘ol kiss waiting for you. That’s right, after her Daddy’s and my own heart.

Boomer Sooner!

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Aug 252010

Then I stopped to take a break.

Do you understand how hot it is at 6:30am on a Wednesday in August in NW Houston? Today the weatherman said, “It’ll be in the upper 90′s, but the humidity is slowly decreasing, good news!” Are you kidding me? With hair like this, humidity needs to be 0%, even WITH a hat on.

So, I went for my daily 3 loop jog to increase my endurance, mostly. I figure I’ll keep long runs for Sunday’s and cross train on Thursday’s; hello PiYoLet, I’ve missed you. But today, in 1.1 miles I had to take a walk, WHAT?!, who walks on a 1.1 mile jog? ME! It was so hot, ugh. I will be getting better, only 11 more weeks to beat the heat.

Slowly but surely.

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Aug 232010

Today, I started my 12 week training, 1 day late, for the Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon.

Don’t get too excited, I am only running the 1/2 (again) this year. I got suckered into it this year, like I (#14735) suckered my Friend (#14732) into it last year to do it with me. What a bunch of fools. LAUGH OUT LOUD! Let me remind you how excited we were last year:

This year there is a new course AND a RELAY! How exciting is that mess?

Well, hopefully it’ll be a little bit cooler this year for the big guy, I beat him last year, but their are no guarantees this year because you never know what Mother will do.

DH and Friend DW have made plans to run the relay, Friend and I will believe it when we see it (they slept in last year, sorry dogs), but we both noticed some pretty sweet signs last year like the one below:

Oh how we love the support of our families!

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Dec 082009

I don’t like to get into people’s private business, especially when it comes to celebrities and politics, but I had to laugh out loud when DH’s January edition of Golf Digest arrived in the mail yesterday. 10 Tips Obama Can Take from Tiger… I mean really? I know this cover was thought of WAY before this new instance in Tiger’s family’s life, no way they could have foreseen what was to come.

Please keep both of these men in your prayers, who we judge daily by our worldly views; at this moment they need to be graced by our God who is greater than this “story”.
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Sep 282009

Saturday morning, while DH and DD were still sleeping, I slipped out to run my 8.16 miles. In tow were my fully charged IPod shuffle, kitchen timer (I have almost saved enough to buy a heart rate watch), water bottle and granola bar (breakfast at 6am).

My final goal is to run a 10 minute mile on 13ish miles. Today I ran a 12:30 average mile (8 miles = 100 minutes)… want to know why? I killed my IPod! Have you ever tried running a gazillion miles without music? It is incredibly difficult, especially for a lolly-gagger (ME!).

I have no idea what I did, I have been having a bit of trouble with the USB connecting with the computer (well, the USB part of the IPod keeps getting pulled out from its home, HAHA). Maybe it was all the sweat? 8 miles is pretty ridiculous! Well, the IPod passed away at about 6.54 miles, I messed with the ding dang thing for .50 miles and then decided to sing to myself – Because there was NO way I was getting home by the time we had to leave for DD’s 10am YMCA picture’s if there was no music.

LUCKILY, the last song I heard on the music stick was my FAVORITE running song: Inside Out by Cadia. It is a 10 minute mile song, and it is SO motivating in all that is going on in my life… and everywhere else!

You’re not alone
You’re not the only one who’s going through
What it is that ties you up and won’t let go of you
Just look around at every face standing in the crowd
You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about
You use to say you’d rather fade into the background
This is a new day, look at what your heart found
With everything you’ve bottled up and buried down inside
It’s pushing up like springtime
Time to bring it to the light
Everything we try to hide
Are you with me, are you ready to shine
From the inside out
Who cares what it looks like,
Oh yeah, take your heart for a joy ride
Go ahead you know that its alright now
To let the inside out
Go right ahead, you can rub your eyes in disbelief
Pinch yourself, cause maybe this is not a dream
God loves you with a love that’s gonna stick around
You see exactly what
I’m talking about
Time to bring it to the light
Everything we try to hide
Are you with me, are you ready to shine
From the inside out
Who cares what it looks like,
Oh yeah, take your heart for a joy ride
Go ahead you know that its alright now
To let the inside out

Is this not the best song in the world to jam to? Well, I pray you are ready to shine today because this is your day!
Happy Monday!
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Aug 272009

So, my husband has been on a work out kick – waking up at 5:30-6:00 is his idea of fun right now. I think he likes it because it ruffles my feathers getting up that early to torture myself with early morning news and bad music. It isn’t all that bad, the time we get to spend together when we get to the gym is encouraging and fun. Like today, he kept fighting with his ear buds because he didn’t know an easy solution would be to string them though your shirt so the wire wont fall in your face and around your arms, he is so handsome! I didn’t know to use the opposite leg when kneeling on the bench for triceps curls, no wonder I kept creeping off the bench – I am so pretty. We both saved the day – it is win win.

BUT, the kicker about waking up so early in the morning is I don’t like to run early in training for the Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon/Half Marathon. Dakota likes to get out for a jog, but she is a lolly-gagger, so she can’t run 35 minutes without getting in front of me at some time. So, I like to run in the afternoon/evening, it is easier on me and I have had ALL day to warm up! [That's my story and I am sticking to it!] “How long do I run for?”, you ask. Well, I will show you what I use to gauge my time:


Right now I am at 35 minutes/ 4ish miles and yes, my friends, that IS, in fact, a kitchen timer and my IPod. “Why?”, you ask. Well, since the title of my blog is “Frugal Stepmom” it might be obvious, but I am SO frugal at the present moment due to some fantastic deals we just dived our home in to and have you seen the prices on heart rate watches!? I went to the local sporting goods store this past weekend to price them out – $50-$1,000,000 (no kidding!) Ok, maybe I stretched it a little. But still, so I am saving my loose change now to be able to purchase the right equipment before the big day. November 15, 2009.

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