Mar 152011

I just can’t seem to slow this crafting roll down, every where I turn it looks like a new idea is popping my head. This past weekend I received the CUTEST picture of my niece peeking from a tree and that needs a special home.

Monday, I stumbled upon a featured post at Tatertots and Jello with an amazing idea for quick and easy decor-friendly chore chart. All you need are time, an old frame and fabric that matches your style, done, done and done. [I really had no idea that I had so many unused frames stashed in this house!]

Pile of goods:

Pile of goods combined:

Completed photo/memo frame:

Isn’t that girl just as cute as a button?

This project took about an hour, and it was really simple; the hardest part was choosing which ribbon or string to use. There’s no use in me reinventing the craft wheel here, the instructions on how to create your own frame/memo/chore chart can be found here.

I chose to use spray adhesive over the hot glue when mounting the upholstery fabric to the cardboard back, it provided a smoother surface and cleaner lines than with the hot glue. When I was finished gluing all the ribbon in place, I sprayed the back again with adhesive and stuck on another cardboard cut out to cover up all of the “work”, so all you see from the back is cardboard and staples, nice and clean!

Happy Crafting Friends!

PS – Here is a look into my current large project:

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Mar 122011

Our mantel has been a sore spot for a while now. We just do not know what to do with it. The room is not as large as the height suggest, so it is hard to imagine what to put in the space… besides absolutely nothing.

We tried painting the wall a light steel blue color and adding canvases [which were supposed to be painted with a chosen design] to draw the eye upward. A focal point, maybe. The room [and house] is just not large enough for this kind of detail and the color was way too cold for the space.


So, we repainted the wall a darker grey with a hint of brown, the color looks amazing and it actually makes the wall look even taller, but in a much better way…  Now we are left with a “what to do with the space” issue.

We have floating shelves in the entry way that B has been threatening to demolish as soon as Mom isn’t looking. He got his wish last night, all of the shelf dwellers made their way to the mantle, a more stable situation for all involved. Especially for my Father-In-Law’s service flag; that bad boy is really heavy!


It is still pretty simple, but we like it.

PSA: Thank God and a service[wo]man for setting and keeping you FREE. The ultimate Frugal find!

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Mar 112011

We have three wood panels, which I purchased quite a few years ago for our apartment; they have been living in our dining room and kitchen. Since we received an amazing piece of art for Christmas last year, they need to repurpose thses babies and find them a new home.



Pretty sweet, huh? I had planned on “aging” them with glaze, but I really liked the crispness of the grey by itself.

Now, we just need to get our furniture picked out so these don’t look so out of place!

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Mar 092011

We have a HUGE frame taking up precious space in our guest closet, where will our guests hang all of their closthes when they arrive if there is a huge frame in the way?

How about turning it into a great big, fancy, chalkboard for the kitchen? Done.

FYI: The Krylon Magnetic spray paint is almost a joke and at $10.99 a can, it is an expensive joke. The can says the color is gray, mine came out all shades of white and gray, I even shook the can for longer than the recommended two minutes, so you would have to spray a different color over if you wanted to hide the gray/white camo. The magnetism does not work well at all; I have 1 magnet that will stick to the board, everything else has too big of a magnet, so forget about being able to actually put a paper reminder up on the fancy board. I will definately be calling Krylon to receive a refund because this product did not meet my expectations, which were pretty high due to the claims on the can and website. Good Marketing, Bad Product. If it comes to doing another project like this, I will be spending $ on sheet metal from the plumbing department at my local hardware store – would have this time, but they only have 24×36 and my frame is 24×48.

The chalkboard paint is holding up just as expected, I have written a few notes on the board and wiped off with a clean microfiber cloth and it still looks nice. I would recommend not pushing down so hard on the chalk, you do not want to scratch the paint off this baby, do you?

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