Apr 152011

Brown Chicken Eggs

Hypothetically, this might have happened:

Husband: Hey Babe, I’m Home!

Wife: HEY! How was practice? Did all the kids produce and do what they were told?

Husband: Yea, they were alright.

Wife: Cool.

Husband: One of the Dad’s has a daughter who is raising rabbits and chickens for FFA; he gave me and another coach each three dozen brown eggs…

Wife: REALLY!? Sweet! I bet they have tons of bunny babies now!

Husband: Yea, please don’t tell our daughter!

Wife: Oh I won’t, bunny’s are pretty nasty… but kinda cute.

Husband: Yea. But, [dramatic pause]what do you do with brown eggs?

::silence:: ::furrow::

Multi Colored Chicken Eggs

Here’s to your silly Friday! May your weekend be blessed… like we are with brown eggs!

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Apr 072011

I parused through Hobby Lobby this week, scouring the shelves for finds that had to come home with me.

I stumbled upon Rustoleum Cobalt Blue and Rustoleum American Accents London Gray spray paint at 75% off, cha-ching! I also found a few great fabric squares to make memo boards for $0.75 and $1.00, cha-ching!

And then I happened upon this:

Fat Napkin Holder

WHY would anybody purchase a napkin holder that says “Fat”? I had to take the picture because I just couldn’t believe it; I had to have proof of the Fat napkin holder. I realize after further investigation that it says “Eat”, but first impressions are the ones that count – and I am NOT buying a Fat napkin holder.

Imagine your friends coming over and seeing it, they would be all, “Hmm, why do you have a napkin holder that says “Fat”? You’re not fat, are you poking fun at us because we are slightly big-boned and like to cook and eat with lots-o butter?” You would have to explain to them that it actually says “Eat”, because you are encouraging healthier living by using a clean paper napkin instead of the sleeve of your shirt or the bottom portion of your jeans… Can you imagine? Embarassing!

Anyways – I heart Hobby Lobby right now because they have a lot of broken and left behind frames for 90% off, I hope to get sweetgum way well stocked before AlternaCraft, May 15 [post/invite to come soon].

Enjoy the rest of your day friends, it is almost Friday!

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Mar 312011

I had to call the ambulance for my old girl this morning; she was hot and bothered, to say the least.

Just seeing her on the stretcher makes me nervous. For crying out loud, it’s just a car, but it is my paid for car and she’s been with me for 10 years.

Here’s to another frugal day at the H house… Thank goodness for our emergency fund!


[Update] Thanks to my mom for picking me up and taking me to Auto Scan to get home-girl. She had a busted radiator and boo-rific hoses and thermostat. A few $$$ and hours later, it’s like she had a really nice spa day. Hope you liked it GF!

PS – If you are in the NW Houston area and need some car work done, I definitely recommend Auto-Scanfor all of your auto-induced woes. A testimony to their awesome service: A few months ago my transmission decided to take a hike while I was cruisin’ at a nice speed of 65 on the freeway. Imagine it – cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, BOOM and down to 35 in quite a few seconds and revving up to almost 4000 RPM just to try to get over to the slow lane [yes, I AM that courteous]. HOLY COW! What to do, what to do!? Call Dad, Call Husband, Call my sanity because it’s going to be a big bill! We got a referral to Auto Scan through our friend, ChrisP Taco’s Dad, who actually worked with this guy back in the day [Come to find out, everybody and their Mama recommend this guy around us too!] So we take it over to Randy one morning; 35 MPH in morning rush hour traffic is AWESOME, the looks people give are amazingly cranky, Bless you and have a Wonderful Day!  He doesn’t do transmissions, but he has a buddy who does and he took it on down and had it replaced, and when it was returned to him, he fixed another little lingering problem so it runs exceptionally well. ONE DAY LATER, I have my car back all nice and running. What shop actually works that quick!? Our bill was $1000 less than I had anticipated, Randy was upfront about the charges we might incur before working on our girl, his transmission friend was able to get the transmission in at some discount. You build trust [and business] by being an honest Abe, and Randy and his team fit the bill! Thanks RANDY!!! 

PSS – At payment for my transmission, Randy gave me a card to call if I EVER had a problem within the next year with my car, in which it might need to be towed or fixed. I thought I would never use it, because my car is SO good to me. You see that wrecker truck in the above photos, thanks Randy, you saved me again!

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Mar 092011

My Old Girl is taking our reign on frugal-dom into the ground.

Tonight my awesome husband saved the day because she was about to blow me through the roof. Apparently a half jug-a-lug of coolant was what the Dr. ordered and my B was there to get the job done.

Luckily, the jug of green goo was under $10, which is MUCH less than the bill I had calculated in my head for the mechanic. ::WHEW::

What has your husband or loved one done for you lately that you absolutely appreciated?

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Feb 182011
Happy Friday Friends! I hope you all find a nice and relaxing weekend ahead of you, some of you even get a three day weekend! We will be painting and playing in a volleyball tournament, only C has Monday off, so she will get to sleep in at least on Monday.
Man, it really stinks outside! Here is what’s outside our door, I can’t help of think of Back to the Future II where Biff runs in to the back of a manure truck. I went for a run earlier today, if the humidity wasn’t going to get to me then the aroma of fresh dumped brown mulch would surely bring me to a slow trot.

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Feb 082011

I’ve lost my favorites bar icon and I am beside myself.

No where in this huge WWW will any body/thing tell me how to get it back with ease. So now, I’m just a blank slate with a lonely title.

Come back little icon, we need you!

Any suggestions on getting my buddy back?

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