Sep 152011

This past weekend I went with my family to Schlitterbahn WaterPark in New Braunfels,Texas. I did not take any pictures except for the one you are going to see below because my B and C were not with me. Why didn’t I take them? Because the Texans were set to whoop up on the Colts for the first game of the season [B] and C is in advanced classes that are swamping her to no end and she made a very adult decision to stay home and work in order to be caught up with the teachers expectations. So, I missed them immensely but got to spend quality time with my pre-married immediate family and cousins. Oh, and I won Apples to Apples.

But here is my dilemma. We always stay at the “resort” on the Water Park campus, and it usually is very well accommodating, however, this year… it was just a dump. What does it say when you ar provided beds to rest your head, but you choose to blow up air mattersses instead? I was catching my Aunt and Gma up on the world of Pinterest when my Aunt pointed out that the electrical outlet is – get this – ON THE FLOOR:

Schlitterbahn Room 151

Does this not concern anybody else? Let’s see, tons-o-kids frolicking around in the water all day. They come in to the little kitchenette to grab a snack and shake off a bit, where said auntie may be hooked up to the outlet, and ZAP there goes the connector, the aunt and quite possibly the kid! Do you feel my ALARM?! This is CRAZY and who ever thought of putting an electrical outlet in floor of a water park suite it just about as dumb as they come.

I am pretty sure it was not a grounded outlet… Wait, yes it was, hahaha.

Have a great day friends and remember, keep it classy!

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Jul 262011

I have been struggling for a few days with something, anything, to share with y’all. It is quarter end at my big girl job, so the time is tight.

Last night I made cheater black beans and rice and was going to share my delish biscuit recipe, but then I poured ALL of the milk in on accident and poof, there went that post. Have you ever tried the Vigo brand Red Beans and Rice or Black Beans and Rice? I just love them, I add a little red pepper and meat [sausage or ground beef/pork] and call it a meal.

This morning I got up at 5am for one of my 1/2 marathon prep runs. I had quite a few awesome ideas in the 57 minutes I was cruising the streets… but where can I put them? I run with a water bottle and music machine and I sweat like a pig in this humidity, toting along a pen and paper just won’t cut it. I thought I would remember at least one of the ideas when I returned, but I did not and now I am kicking myself for not having a better short term memory while running, LoL!

On another note, last night a quick and furious storm blazed through our area. It knocked over my Mom’s hoard of Plumerias [below] and they found giant light bulbs in the back yard from one of the shed’s down the street. It was so bad, the neighborhood was even on the news, it was crazy, y’all.

Knock Knock Plumies

Oh – And did you hear that the football strike is over? Was it a strike? I don’t know, I am a college football watcher. All I know is that B will be able to enjoy his fantasy football, tailgating and super over-priced season tickets to the Houston Texans.

I hope you are having a wonderfully memorable day… or not if you are reading this and running at the same time.

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Jul 012011

I just took this snapshot of my G-mail account…

It's not raining

What a bunch of hooey.

This is what it looks like right now in the Land of H:

Sunny Day

+1,000,000 degrees F.

It rained while we were on vacation, a glorious 2 inches, and then again about 3 months ago.

You tease Gmail, it’s not too nice.

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Jun 302011

Credit at Kroger

I won’t lie, I love when Kroger sends me coupons in the mail to try and retain my business… sometimes it works, like when there is a FREE Doritos or FREE Gatorade coupon – who could really pass these up?

Yesterday was pretty awesome when I went to peruse the mail, I thought they were classing it up sending me coupons in a windowed envelope.

I was wrong.

It was this lovely letter from Kroger Personal Finance. WHAT?! I did not know that I could count on Kroger SO much as to be my personal finance platform… You have to be kidding, right?

I really like the “Pay No Interest: Enjoy 1.99% introductory APR…” That’s not “No Interest”, is it now? After the introductory period you will pay 21.99% interest on groceries and gas, items that should be in the cash budget already? Oh, but you get bonus rewards for purchasing Kroger brand products and a $25 Kroger coupon after your first card usage. Can you imagine purchasing you PoP-Tarts and Milk on your Kroger card and letting it sit around until you ended up paying $20 for them… No, don’t imgaine it!

I thought you knew me, Kroger? I thought we were tight. We’re just acquaintances, as it appears.

B and I have one credit card each, they have been open since we were in high school and are only used in emergency occasions like a car blow up costing $2,000 [Which was quickly paid off from the good 'ol savings account... who carries $2,000 cash?!] We both work hard for our money, we budget and we tell our money where to go - we are both in communication about our financial goals and we are [somewhat] responsible spenders, you gotta live a little!

 So, no, Kroger, I will not be jumping on your incredible deal by 8/31/2011, and no, I will not start shopping more at your store either. Has anybody else realized how inexpensive Randall’s has become since the whole downfall realignment of Kroger? Is it just me?

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Jun 102011

Oh! My girl is coming home today – I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. We have a lot planned for the summer: two vacations, water parks, ice cream trips and much more! Tomorrow night, to celebrate, we are taking the good ol’ B1G1 Caramel Chicken coupon to the Pei Wei and setting up a feast. Well… I will be taking my happy booty to Pei Wei to pick it up for when B + C get home.

I am so into The Voice on NBC, this past week Christina and Blake’s teams went up against eachother and I really think that Lil’ Bit [Raquel] and Dia stole the show. So, I wanted to share these two performances with you – you can VOTE on keeping them if you desire through the NBC website and You Tube!

Raquel [Team Christina]

Dia [Team Blake]

I am really rooting for Blake’s team, I love hearing Dia and Xenia sing, they have such unique voices and so soothing!

Xenia sang Jessi J’s song “Price Tag”, I was like, “Hey! I’ve heard that song! I really like it…. I wonder where I heard it…” Then I remembered the crazy looking high-waisted gangster lady singing with BoB on SNL:

TGIF and Enjoy your weekend friends!

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Jun 062011

It's 104... In May!

I think my bra straps got sizzled into my skin, the picture above will explain everything.

Needless to say, I drank the rest of the sweet tea.

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May 212011

SQUARE card readerWelcome to another conversation I had with B on Friday morning:

Me: I’m going to start sanding the new furniture so I can paint and sell those bad boys.

B: Sweet! I wonder if there’s something you can take with out to accept credit at your next show, like a swipe machine or something.

Me: THERE IS! It’s a little square that you stick into your smart phone and it charges the credit card from my customer. I have one already, but I can’t use it… because we don’t have smart phones yet…

B: Wow, that sucks. Way to put the cart before the horse.

Me: I know! That’s what I have been telling everybody too…

We laughed at it. Hopefully you will too!

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May 062011

rotary phone

B and I do not want to create another bill until our #1 is gone bye-bye in 3 months.

But, I went online to look at all of the pretty designs and colors and now I want one really badly – it’s a strong case of The Joneses, for sure! Not only are the phones pretty, our carrier is having a GREAT sale since we are not under contract anymore. I can’t even decide which one I want, they are all so complex and flashy - I do know that I am surely not paying for text messaging anymore since there are apps that allow you to send texts for free.

I have my first show in two weeks and I tried that angle with him, I NEED one to complete my transactions. What if somebody wants to pay me with plastic? I can’t do anything about it if I don’t have a smarty pants phone, do you want me to lose a sale because we are so old school… He’s not budging. He’s a good husband.

B: “We aren’t even going to go into the store until #1 is complete. Unless my phone dies or is killed before then, forget it.”

Me: “Let me see your phone!”

TGIF Friends!

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Apr 252011

Do you have one of those family’s that loves to mess with you, in a good way? I do, big time!

Yesterday [Easter] was yet another day of driving for the H family, it seems like that is all we do nowadays. Easter and Christmas consist of the same commuting routine because of their distance from home base; 10am to my parents for brunch then B’s parents for dinner and home by 8pm.

So, yesterday, we headed to my parents at 10am to have fried bacon and AMAZING homemade/handmade cinnamon rolls [a la DJ Grumpy Pants, aka. my baby brother]; I would have caught a shot for you all, but once the icing was down those babies were gone! Johnny and I worked on the blog [updating the widgets and viewing 404's we wish we would have come up with] and B, Mom and Dad watched some of the Astros game and some of the inside of their eye-lids.

We trotted out to my in-laws around 2pm, another 50 miles in the bucket… but, on the way there we realized B’s phone was missing. SO, I called back and left a voice message at my parents to check the couch where the siesta took place and the countertop where the snacks were loaded. No biggie, we’re sure it was left there somewhere… and then I realized I left my camera too, what a big fat bummer.

So, no pictures of my sweet little muffin on her first actual Easter egg hunt. She was pretty cute and loves me [and chocolate] dearly, just saying. We chowed on Easter enchiladas and fajitas which were pretty good since I was SUPER full after the first go-round but went back for seconds [the scale did not lie last night!]; my sweet niece was supposed to rise early to make spring rolls, but they did not make… thank goodness! Oink Oink.

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