Aug 152012

Ever have one of those days that the devil creeps in and steals your joy for a moment?

Then you remember the time you went help you brother or sister move something and they got hurt and you couldn’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh?

Growing up you just don’t understand the concept that you’re actually going to be friends one day and enjoy eachother’s company. You don’t understand the process until it is complete[ish].

I share these thoughts because I was just looking for a photo to add to my brother’s contact and this is what I chose:

Soft Kitty

Exhibit A: Soft Kitty

Here, you see a picture from last Easter when I accidentally left my camera at my parent’s house. Now, every time he calls or sends me an email I will see this and I will laugh because I think this picture is awesome and it makes me laugh. 

In the end, Don’t let the devil steal your Joy and Always find something to make you smile!

What makes you smile?

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Jul 312012

It’s SO close, I can hardly contain myself!

My Sweet C is going to be home TOMORROW and her room is coming along, minus the whole ruffle throw thing I promised.

Here is a sneak peek, in case she happens to be reading this week… if so, I LOVE YOU BABY! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Sweet C's Room

Sweet C's Room

Sweet C's Room

PS. I sent her a joke today: What do you call a fake noodle?


 PPS. This happened to our bedroom yesterday… IDK HOW that got there ;) Guess I’ll be making that ruffle throw after all!

Yes, A Sewing Table in Our Room

Yes, A Sewing Table in Our Room

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Jul 262012

Oh. My. Gosh.

Have you ever been sick of spending money? [Stupid, right?] I am there now. I don’t want to go to the grocery store. I don’t want to finish Sweet C’s room. I don’t want to have our master [finally] painted. I’m just over it.

My root cause mind wants to know how I got here. Here is a little jot of what I think may have happened…

  1. New coupons are rolling out and they are low value, like $.75/2 or $1.00/3. Don’t get me wrong, these coupons are great if you can stand to have three boxes of the same cereal and eat them all before they expire… or you have a family of 3+ who actually can take care of the stock quickly. We can’t, wasted money.
  2. We just purchased 40 pounds of delicious 93/7 ground beef from Zaycon… beef isn’t free, you know?
  3. Refinancing a home to a lower interest rate takes a lot of mullah up front, so our savings looks pretty weak right now. [PS, if you are at 6% or higher, now is the time to think about re-financing, especially since the PMI rate was currently reduced] That’s frugal news, you’re welcome. We used Cornerstone Mortgage, they are awesome, email me for their contact info!
  4. My Sweet C’s room is still a disaster. We have made progress – there is a bed, desk and mirror – but there is still so much to do and I prefer for her to come home to a calm area and not a construction zone. She is my delicate flower. One thing at a time, I know, but I want it done now. I’m so silly, I told her I would make her this ruffle throw, I haven’t even purchased the sheets to make it and she will be home on Aug 1. GUH!
  5. Christmas is just around the corner and I have already started shopping, there are TONS of great deals right now on items that I know will be utilized for gift giving. Today, I received an email for $20 off $75 to Vera Bradley, all the rage with the teens and tweens right now. There was a fantastic deal on Groupon over the weekend that I hit up for my brother and B, I’d tell you, but then they would know… what’s the fun of Christmas if you know your gifts?
  6. I have the slight sense that my beautiful, amazing, most wonderful car in the world might be kicking the bucket soon. It hurts my heart. Maybe from all the above, this is the one that gets to me the most. I bought her as a wee baby, just barely old enough to cruise the open roads. We have had a lot of ups and downs and, knock on wood, not one accident; I can’t stand the thought of losing her. It. Is. A. Car. But I paid for her, by myself [my awesome Dad co-signed], I fed her gas, I took her shopping… and to the shop. ::tear::
  7. Finally, my babe. My husband is the bomb. He works so hard for our family. He has provided the income to be able to take fun trips and enjoy the little “luxuries” like dates to Chocolate Bar, volleyball camps, massages, and much more. I feel like I [and Sweet C] have indulged in many luxuries while my husband has been working his tail off; he would argue that this is exactly WHY he works, for us to enjoy ourselves. I love that guy and I tell him I appreciate him every chance I get, but rewards are nice too. Love Languages.

So, you ask, how do I work on these items? Stop Spending. Pray thanks for our abundance. And then sell/donate something… or a lot of somethings.

I am on Facebook, did you know? My personal page is linked to about 7 different Beg, Buy, Barter and Sell groups in my general area. Have you heard of them? No? Well, imagine Craigslist, but extremely local, and people are more willing to meet up instead of making you come to their house [sometimes creepy]. Right now I am trying to sell this awesome Desk and Delta Shower Set; I have them posted on Craigslist and BBBS and have had quite a few hits but not the right buyer yet. Wah! These will help finish up my Sweet C’s room, so I am hoping they are sold quick.. August 1 is fast approaching. Oh, I also have a pair of roller hockey skates for sale, awesome right?

This past weekend I went out with my mom and sister [bro's gf] and purchased a few new t-shirts to upcycle into scarfs/necklaces and let me tell you, I found the most scrumptious XXXL blue t-shirt, check out SweetgumWay soon for new postings! 

Also, I have a few designs on Zazzle that are worth taking a look! I love them all, but I guess any mother would love her own creations, especially my Eat. Pray. Run. repeat gear! :)

You can see, I am in a pickle. Don’t be surprised when you see a lot of homemade posts popping up within the next week or two. Remember the sweet string art I made for My Sweet C? Well, she changed her room color to pink and black, so you’ll for sure be sing another string art, because she LOVED IT… but in pink, maybe. GUH!

What about you? Have you been in this type of “I’m sick of spending money” situation before? What has helped you out and what did you sell/make to get a little extra cash in the bank?

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May 092012

My Sweet C usually always comes home with a sweet twist or braid in her hair that looks lovely and I want to do it too. I have always loved trying new styles with my hair, most unsuccessful, but still, I have fun.

Today, to refresh my skills on the french braid and new love for side pony tails [hello 3rd grade, just don't bring back shoulder pads... please], I donned a side french braid pony tail for the first time, I dare say, EVER.

My inspiration:

VIA: Pinterest > Modern Salon

My outcome:

Alyssa's Side French Braid Ponytail


Continue reading »

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Apr 212012

So, I spoke with quite a few fantastic people on my crazy but true 26.2 mile journey through Houston. One in particular stands out as most entertaining, yet questionable.

Background: I just finished the walk, I’m pooped, hungry and maybe a little crazy looking from the wind in my hair and red blood shot eyes from sneezing and just wiping my eyes with the fingers that had out on sunblock about 6 miles back… and ACTION.

Crew: HI! Congrats! What can I help you with? OMG, are you OK!?
Me: Thanks, I am pooped. I need to get my wrist band for the ride back to the hotel and I my eyes just got sun-blocked on accident… so they REALLY just want to cry right now.
Crew: OH! I am SO sorry [rummages around behind the desk] Here you go!
[Hands me my traveler wrist band and a tube of chap-stick]


Maybe she was predicting the future because at this moment I am wishing I knew where I put said chap-stick.

On another note, my sister had a melanoma, so now she bugs us constantly about sunblock and all that jazz. Yea yea, it’s important. So, at the AIM at Melanoma walk I grabbed a few packages of sun detector stickers and used two today. They are pretty sweet, they change from orange to red depending on the sun levels outside. Anyways, apparently you are supposed to stick them to your clothes and not your skin [don't judge, it was 4am when I put the sticker on] or this will happen:

Star Tattoo

Takes me back to the good ol’ days at the tanning salon… except the sticker would not have been on my arm… gosh, we were SO cool back then ;)

Check out Band of Bosoms on Facebook:

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Mar 272012

I Finished, that is about all I can say without getting angry at Dallas again.


Before I saw the hills of Dallas.

There is no shot of the after because I was beating myself up for having SUCH a bad half marathon, I cried. Sissy girl. But, guess what? I finished. So, Perseverance -1 Sag Wagon – 0.

Mike finished the race before me, WTG Big Guy! I lost him early on, mile 2-3, when the first set of hills came rolling in, forget that.

We now have a new note for our future races: don’t train for two completely different types of races within a month of each other [I am walking 39.3 miles for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and Mike is riding in the MS150]. 

How was your weekend? Conquer anything that wanted to beat you?

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Mar 102012

Conversations With C

Yesterday it took us 2 hours and 24 minutes to get home from we were driving home from C’s place of scholastic business [we live 50 miles apart]. It was the looongest drive home EVER in the sense of our booties being in one place for a lot longer than we had prepared them for. Stinkin’ rain. 

Experts say long trips are when you have captive audience, so without further ado: 

[Just coming in to traffic, about 14 miles from school, 36 miles from home]
C: I’m going to take a nap.

A: Me too. [ I shut my right eye and keep the left eye open and coast with traffic]

C: HEY! You can’t sleep and drive.

[I turn my face so she sees I have one eye open]

C: Oh, hah.

C: Chinese fire drill?


C: Ok!

A: No, what if one of us slips and falls on the wet concrete and we cant drive to the house? Then all these people around us would have to wait on us.

C: I’ll drive.

A: You can’t drive, it’s raining.

C: I can’t drive because its raining? Continue reading »

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Mar 022012

TGIF Friends!

Want to see what happened to me last night?

Wool in the wash

FAIL: Exactly why they make the DRY CLEAN ONLY tags

There was a nasty yellow stain on the soft, merino wool sweater [which you can still see]. B really liked this sweater, that’s why I thought it would be best if I tried to save it rather than the dry cleaner… I totally turned it into a shrinky-dink sweater.

The cost out-weighted the benefit on this garment; so much for my delicate cycle. Maybe this will make a nice pillow for our new couch, there’s only one way to find out and it’s not like I can do too much more damage to the poor thing.

Next time I will listen when the tag says DRY CLEAN ONLY. Do you have any clothing mishaps in your repertoire?

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Jan 312012

You know how life just happens and you don’t make it to the grocery store to pick up bread, your office is tore up from the floor up for over a week because painting is REALLY stupid, and the dog smells like she rolled over two dead snakes? That’s my life right now.

I know the days are starting to get longer, but geez, where does the time go when you’re just so busy?

Last week we moved everything out of our home office to put down new flooring and paint. That was last Wednesday… It doesn’t look too promising to be finished by tomorrow. The ceiling still needs painted and I think I have talked B into making our new desks to match the new feeling [Dale is moving in!] I guess we need to get a move on, C can’t really sleep on top of shelving and blinds, which are neatly placed on her never made bed. Which brings me to an observation – is it just my kid or what is up with not putting the flat sheet back on the bed after it’s been washed? I’ve made my own bed a few times before and know it isn’t too difficult, what gives?

Freedom Sticker

The TV in our bedroom is disconnected from the cable to make room for our household computer [from the home office], so I have had time to play around in various websites that I don’t usually have the time to before crashing for the night. I went to Zazzle and made this bumper sticker and button, I leveraged it from one of the radio shows that B listens to so often. I have been saying a lot of prayers lately for our Nation, it is so conflicted and so far from what it was created to be by our founding fathers. It’s nerve racking and makes me anxious just thinking about what could be if certain things do and do not happen in the future. Ugh, I don’t like politics.

Don’t even get me started about my grocery list, it is so long and I think bread and diet coke may be on there about three or four times each; PB & J don’t make themselves. We have been eating out more than normal during lunch, our poor bank account is hating life right now… and fast food. OH, B and I went with our cousins to Benihana for my cousin and my birthday dinner last week. It was so much fun and SO yummy. The best thing from the night? Our tab was $13 and we had a spider roll, teriyaki chicken, chicken fried rice and two beers. WHAT A DEAL – you have to go here and sign up for their birthday club, they send you a $30 voucher to be used during your birthday month!

This past Sunday, B, rode in his first organized bicycle ride - I was so excited the whole week long I could hardly contain myself! One, because it wasn’t on account of one of my races we were getting up before the rooster and two, I finally got to see my muffin, although she was REALLY tired and quiet, it was nice to hang out and share fruit snacks with her when we weren’t driving the 32 mile race course.

Oh, and yes, D did roll on a dead snake or two. It rained today so I told her to go out and take a shower… She listens as well at a flat sheet makes it onto a twin bed. Just sayin’.

Have a wonderful day and please let me know how I can pray for you!

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Oct 202011


I’ve been reading in John over the past month and just finished up John 18. Have you read it? John 18:20 is pivotal in grace to sinners, Barabbas [a revolutionary and master of sins] is set free instead of Jesus. The grace of God let a sinner free in the name of Jesus, right before his crucifixion.

Have you ever thought about that? If you were sitting in prison one day and the guard came up to you and said, “Hey there, you have been set free, goodbye.” You would just high tail it right out of there without asking too many questions, right? Of course! So why not do the same when you are “set free” every day by the love and grace of God?

Isn’t it amazing? Barabbas is us, sinners beyond end but by the grace of God we are set free because of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. How moving and thoughtful. How planned out and masterful!

I want you to know today, that no matter what you have done in the past, you are set free by grace. Grace isn’t earned or bought, it is freely given to those who are not worthy of so much love and adoration - Me and You!

If I may pray for you today, please send me a shout out here!

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