Jul 032011

Randall's July 2

Can you believe I have not been on a grocery trip since we returned from vacation? Well, I went last week to get fruits, veggies and bread, but other than that I did no shopping. We needed major supplies this go round and I spent a nice chunk of change!

Oranges $1.73

Bananas $.77

Limes $.79

Onions $1.16

Mushrooms $1.50

2 Strawberries @ $3.99 = $7.98 - B1G1 with card = $3.99 or $1.99 each

4 Pop Tarts @ $1.99 = $7.96 – $4 with card - 2 $1.00/2 = $1.96 or $0.49 each!

2 Frosted Mini Wheats Touch of Fruit @ $3.59 = $7.18 - B1G1 [Took off $3.79] - $1.00/1 = $2.39 or $1.19 each

5 Diet Coke 12 Packs @ $5.99= $29.95 –  B2G3 with card = $11.98 or $2.39 each

Hansen’s Root Beer $3.99 – $0.50/1 = $2.99

Gatorade $5.00 – $1.01 In Ad = $3.99

Snapple Peach Tea $4.99

Milk $2.99

Nestle Chocolate Milk $1.59 – $0.50/1 = $0.59

6 Oscar Meyer Wieners @ $3.99 = $23.94 – B1G2 with card – 2 $1.00/2 = $5.98 or .99 each!

Chappel Hill Sausage $4.49 [this is the ONLY sausage brand we buy, right up the road and SO delicious!]

Organic Chicken $5.24 – 30% clearance = $3.67

Chicken Breast pack $6.57

Mini Watermelon $3.00

Del Monte Tropical Medley $1.50

8 Yoplait Yogurt @ $.55 = $4.40 – $0.50/8 = $3.40 or $0.42 each

JIF Peanut Butter $2.00

Parmesan Cheese $2.49

Colby Jack Cheese $5.99 – $0.55/1 = $5.44

Eggs $2.49 – $0.35/1 = $1.44

Little Debbie Honey Buns $3.00

Hostess Blueberry Muffins $2.89

Beef Raviolis $3.00 – 50% clearance = $1.50

4 Totino’s Pizza @ $1.19 = $4.76 – $0.50/4 = $3.76 or $0.94 each

Ball Park Hot Dog Buns $2.00 – $0.55/1 = $1.45

Mrs. Baird’s Bread $2.00

King’s Hawaiian Buns $2.50 – $1.00/1 = $1.50

2 Cortaid Ointment @ $6.29 = $12.58 – 50% clearnace – 2 $3.00/1 = $0.28 or $0.14 each!

Similac $4.29 – $5.00 Check = -$0.71!

Spoons $0.99

- $5.00 off $50 from RecycleBank

Total Spent $94.98

Total Saved $99.96 or 51%

I sent three hot dogs over to my brother, there is no way we could eat all of these before the next hot dog sale. About four years ago we could have broke through all packages, back when C loved her Octopus in the Mac N Cheese Sea. I will make this for a Clean Plate Club in the future, So fun and So easy!

My Randall’s had a ton of school supplies on the 50% off clearance rounder like rulers, pens, sticky notes, paper and batteries. Be sure to check your clearance area, there are good deals to be had when combined with a coupon!

Share how well your shopping trips went this week by leaving a comment or linking up!

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Jun 102011

Randall's Run June 10

I woke up bright and early this morning! I was too excited to sleep – my girl is coming home today! ::happy dance:: ::happy dance:: ::happy dance::

I focused my energy this morning on a work out session and run [I really drove] to Randall’s for $5 Tide [Today ONLY, it's one of their Friday $5 specials]. Well, as it happens, the Tide is part of the Buy 8, get $0.50 off, so they were ACTUALLY $4.50 for a 50 oz. container.  I called up my mom/brother last night to hand over their $5.00/1 Tide coupon so they can try it out in their new washing machine.

*2 Fuze @ $0.79 = $1.58

*Mott’s Medley @ $1.99

*Capri Sun @ $1.49

4 LaLa Smoothies @ $0.89 – $1.00/3 – B1G1[took off $0.99] = $1.57 or $0.39 each

*3 Tide 50oz @ $4.50 = $13.50 – $5.00/1 – [2]$0.35/1 – $0.75 eCoupon = $6.45 or $2.15 each

*Crystal Light Pure @ $1.99 – $1.00/1 = $0.99

4 Nestle Crunch @ $1.19 – B2G2 Store Sale - [2]$0.35/1 – B1G1 = $0.14 or $0.035 each

Easy Off @ $4.99 – $0.50/1 = $3.99

Total Spent $19.41

Total Saved $25.63 or 58%

* Denotes a Buy 8 or more, Get $0.50 off item.

I cannot believe I spent only $19 and got three things of Tide plus other necessities; people just need Crunch bars [especially when their candy drawer is already over-filled] and juice and Easy-Off for cheater paint stripping ;)!

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Jun 082011

I got to make my grocery and pharmacy rounds this morning [on a Wednesday!?], after seeing the Dr. for my sore throat.

Shopping on a Wednesday is strange for me because first, I have a grown up job to tend to and second, we have dinner with C on Wednesday nights during the school year. I take B to work on Wednesday mornings and head back home to get to work [this lucky duck gets to work en mi casa!]. But, the summer is upon us and we don’t have our Wednesday dinner tonight, but, we do get to pick up our home skillet on Friday!

This time last year I had the WORST case of Strep EVER. It was the first time I had ever had it, so it took me under. Today is my third day of hopping up on Vitamin C because my throat feels like it’s caving in… just like last year. Apparently, there is a virus going around that’s causing it - I think my pretty little niece brought it over on Sunday, isn’t she just so cute:

Muffin + Dakota

I stopped at CVS, Target, Walgreen’s, Randall’s and HEB and spent only $91 bucaroos. 

Wednesday, June 8

Read on for the loot:

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Jun 022011

June 2 Grocery Trip

I finally had a chance to make my grocery and pharmacy rounds today, there are quite a few deal to be had. I stopped at CVS, Target, PetSmart, Randall’s and Walgreens [in that order] and spent only $54 bucaroos. 

We had a blast this weekend at the beach, but we got a little toasty, I chaperoned C’s field trip to the Zoo on Tuesday and we went out again to the P-land for our last Wednesday OOh-Rah before summer starts. My baby girl is now a 7th grader, time flies, she is amazing. But, now is the time I need to check my stock to make sure I am well ready for a 7th grader, and friends, to mooch off all of the fun and delicious wares of the H-pantry.

Read on for the loot:

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May 202011

Pork Sale - Randall's

I ran in to Randall’s today for very few items I found as a great deal in the current ad.

First, there is $0.99/lb bone-in pork chops. I purchased the above package for a mere $5! WHAT! I saved $14! What What!

Then, there is the $2.99/lb hickory smoked bacon [sold in 3lb packages, so $8.97 each], a definite deal for good quality bacon, just look at how much meat is on this cut!

Finally, select Ball Park Franks are B1G1. I bought 2 bun size @ $3.99 B1G1.

Ball Park B1G1

Paying $2 for a pack of franks is a lot in my book, but there is a reason I went ahead with the deal. I blew a breaker in the garage trying out an old school heat gun, but I didn’t realize the breaker was blown until about a week later. Our deep freezer is in the garage… so, yea, every piece of meat and waffle were thrown out and we are starting from scratch.

Do you like chili dogs? HEB has Wolf brand chili for $1 this week, too. I just love Wolf brand chili! Did you hear me Wolf?! I LOVE YOUR CHILI – I could totally be your taste test guinea pig, just sayin’.

FYI – Prices are good through May 24, except the bacon, it is through May 23.

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Apr 132011

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that I inform you of the passing of Kroger Double/Triple coupons in Houston and surrounding areas. Double/Triple Coupons were a cherished friend, and will be sorely missed.

The bottom line is that Kroger is trying to find a new business strategy with the introduction of e-coupons, gas and prescription rewards and other “valued customer” incentives… Yea, that’s what they say.

If you are distraught over this loss, head on over to the Kroger Couponers Facebook page and voice your opinion, find the address to mail a concerned/complaint letter or receive the phone number to call the corporate headquarters and say, “Hey! What’s up with that?! I thought you loved me?”

It looks like Randall’s will be the only grocery store [in my neck of the woods] to offer double/triple coupons; however, they already limit to only one double/triple per coupon item [ex. Three $0.35 coupons with the same bar code for Pillsbury Toaster Strudel will only triple to $1.05 once, the other two remain $0.35 face value].

It’s a sad day in Frugal Kingdom, but we will hold strong and be victorious! We don’t let the grocery store hold us down!

You can go here to read all of the details from Kroger.

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Sep 172010

I may have a control issue when it comes to grocery shopping, I think bringing the girls to the grocery store RIGHT before we go out of town might not be the best idea in my couponing mind. Although I have many Twizzler and beef jerkey coupons, I just don’t want to spend the cash on them today when I know we will want Dippin’ Dots in tomorrow’s beating sun. Right?

Here is my Randall’s run this morning:

4 Capri Sun @ $0.99/each = $3.96

4 Pop Secret popcorn @ $1.99/each = $7.96 – $4.00 In Ad coupon – $1.00/1 – $0.50/1 = $1.96 or $0.49/each

1 Prego @ $1.89 – $0.64 In Ad coupon = $1.25

4 Lean Cuisine @ $2.99/each = $11.96 – 2 B1G1 (took $3.89 instead of $2.99) – $3.00/2 = $1.18 or $0.29/each

2 Ball Park hot dogs @ $0.99/each = 1.98 – $0.75 eCoupon = $1.23 or $0.61/each + FREE Sara Lee buns

Nutter Butter $2.99 – $1.00/1 = $1.99

Grapes $.99/lb

Total Spent $12.43

Total Saved $47.18 or 79%

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Feb 102010

I just won a $50 gift card to Randall’s from one of my most favorite blogs in the world wide web, Katy Couponers.

I think it might be fun to see how long this $50 will last since I shop Randall’s exclusively for freebies, cheapies and diet coke deals.

Like this week, they have a pretty decent deal on Diet Coke 24 packs – 2 for $9 with in ad coupon. I have $1 coupons for 24 packs, so this will end up being 2 for $7 OR that’s like buying four 12 packs for just $1.75 each.

Did you know that Coke 24 packs at Randall’s are $7.99 when not on sale?

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