Dec 032013

Gringo's Gift CardsIt’s no surprise that this family loves Gringo’s; we dine there every Wednesday with our sweet C and we get the same thing. every. time.

So, what do you get people who know what they like? A gift card of course!

Through December 31, 2013, Gringo’s is offering a Bonus $10 Gift Card to be used between 1/2/14 and 3/31/14 with each purchase of $50 in gift cards. So, as you can see below in our annual pie graph of dining expenses, a little under 25% of our total is to Gringo’s…

Gringo's Pie Chart 2013Trivia: If we purchased enough gift cards to use one $10 bonus gift card each Wednesday Date Night from 1/2/14 to 3/30/14 we would have $720 in gift cards and bonuses… which might get us through half of they year…

Holy cow we eat a lot at Gringo’s!

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Feb 152013

Happy [day after] Valentine’s Day! Did you do anything sweet with your sweetie? I cut B’s gingerbread cookies into heart shapes for his lunch and I scribbled on C’s chalkboard wall, that’s about all that went down around here.

you, i like

I had a pretty decent week at the CVS and HEB – there were some great deals on items we use regularly like body wash and diet coke.


CVS 2/15/13

3 Diet Coke 12 packs @ $3.33 = $10.00 [Earn $5 ECB WYB $15]

2 Hershey Simple Pleasures @ $3.00 = $6.00 – [2] $1.50/1 = $3.00 or $1.50 each [Earn $5 ECB WYB $15]

4 Dove Men+Care body wash @ $4.00 = $16.00 – [4] $2.00/1 – $2/$8 CVS = $6.00 or $1.50 each [Earn $5 ECB WYB $15] [I did these in 2 transactions due to coupon wording]

John Frieda hair color $12.00 – $12.00 home mailer coupon = FREE [Earn $5 ECB WYB $15]

John Frieda travel shampoo and conditioner @ $1.49 = $2.98 [Earn $5 ECB WYB $15]

Colgate Optic White $4.99 – $0.50/1 – $2.50/1 CVS = $1.99 [Earn $2.50 ECB WYB 1][Earn $1.25 Ibotta]

Aquafresh toothpaste $0.56 [clearance] – $2/2 toothpaste CVS = -$1.44

2 Spoiled Wet n Wild nail polish @ $1.50 = $3.00 – $1.00/1 = $2.00 or $1.00 each

Total Spent $4.88 [Used $5/$30, $15 ECB]

Total Saved $74.69 or 94% [Earned $17.50 ECB + $1.25 Ibotta]


HEB 2/15/13

Reynolds Foil $1.47 [Earn $0.50 Ibotta]

Reynolds Slow Cooker liners $1.94 – $1.50/2 = $0.44

3 Nestle chocolate morsels @ $2.26 – $1.00/2 – B2G1 = $3.52 or $1.17 each

2 Kraft cheese @ $2.48 = $4.96 – $0.55/2 = $4.41 or $2.20 each

Simply Orange juice $3.00 – $0.75/1 = $2.25 [Earn $0.75 Ibotta]

3 McCormick Taco seasoning @ $0.65 = $1.95 – B2G1 [took off $0.78?] = $1.17 or $0.39 each

Newman’s Own salad dressing $3.00 – $0.75/1 = $2.25 [Earn $0.50 Ibotta]

Spoons $1.48

Salted Butter $2.38

Unsalted Butter $2.38

Bananas $.58

Grapes $3.84

Green beans $.55

Onion $1.11

Eggs $2.50

Total Spent $30.61

Total Saved $7.59 or 20% [Earned $1.75 Ibotta]

To wrap it up, my totals for this week’s trips were:

Total Spent $35.49

Total Saved $82.28 or 70% [Earned $17.50 ECB and $3 Ibotta]

I would love to see what you were able to pick up this week! Please leave a link or your matchups in the comments!

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Dec 262012

The H family, along with two other families, learned how to ski [and snowboard] this Christmas!

C + B

C+B at Sunspot, 10,700 ft.

Me + B

Me + B at Sunspot, 10,700 ft.

If you ever plan to take a trip to Winter Park, Colorado. You must look up Winter Park Lodging, we stayed at Timber Ridge Lodge which had more than enough space for 8 people… and heated floors!

Also, the city of Fraser is about 4 miles away from Winter Park and it has the best pizza at Elevation Pizza [try the Adam Bomb] AND the best snow-tubing hill at Colorado Adventure Park.

Did you do anything exciting for Christmas?

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Apr 092012

Easter 2012Happy Easter from the H Family!

We had a wonderful 3 day weekend… B + C had the three day weekend, I had to work, but I am not complaining because they slept almost all day anyways.

On Friday we celebrated with the [non]resurrection of the Houston Astros home opener. Our fam was there, take a look at these pretty girls!

Astros Opener 2012

On Saturday, C and I helped Grandma pick out a new couch. Exciting, right? I think my mom is still in shock from the quote at Gallery Furniture… $3500 for a couch and love seat don’t fly with this frugal family! We went to Ashley and found a VERY comparable set for less than half… and FOR REAL the throw pillows were the EXACT match. GF is just plain crazy on some of their prices.

C and I volunteered at our church’s Saturday Easter 4pm service, watching the babies and we had so much fun. It was so beautiful watching C hold Parker and Ryan, Ryan especially, and enjoy bouncing them around and engaging them in infant activities… she is just the most amazing [step]daughter ever. After our shift was over we took a walk around the church building, looking at the students ministry building and sand volleyball court, and discussed future volunteering opportunities with the infants. She has a heart for caring, my sweet baby girl. When your [almost] teen child shows interest in something… anything, do you fully engage like I do?

On Sunday we slept in then enjoyed lunch at my parent’s house, it was a delightful, easy weekend indeed.

Praise the Lord, He is risen!

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Dec 232011

We just got the call. The frantic call from my beautiful mother-in-law telling us we need to get a few more gifts for extended family. My daughter is of the old Hannah Montana days, so I say, “Mean girl say WHAT!?”

What’s a girl to do when the shopping is done and she has vowed to not step foot into another automatic sliding door until after Christmas? Head to the bank drive through and request $40, two $5 and thirty $1.

Christmas Note

Your teen will thank you.

I saw this idea on pinterest and leveraged from it, that is what to good ol’ series of tubes is for, right?

The note says:


Gingerbread men with yummy icing, are oh so good and extremely enticing.

I set out to make you a dozen or two, but time ran out, so now what to do?

Instead of the cookies, I tied with a bow, your own personal stash of Christmas dough.

I printed from word, cut out crazily [I don't know where I put my fancy design scissors], and glued to a piece of card stock paper that is double-stick taped to the zipper part of the zip-top bag. That makes complete sense, right? Good! I think my niece and nephew will be pretty stoked to receive cash… and a poem.

PS. Last night I was making my white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies and messed up the first step because I was rushing to get them complete before the Texans game. So this poem is actually quite true, except, I didn’t really run out of time, I was rushing to beat time.

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Oct 312011

Happy Halloween Friends!

On Saturday, my sweet girl took her first step into her season with braces, two spacers on her top jaw to make rooms for her retainer… which means this Mom is on the naughty list for the minute. I swear I did not originally plan for her appointment to be before this candy-fest “holiday”, it was supposed to be next weekend but the orthodontist had a change in schedules. So, my sweet C has to fore-go all the good candies for the next three weeks in order to keep said spacers in place until they are removed - what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? She is so strong… I love that girl!

My brother and I carved our pumpkins last night at my parents house:

Our Pumpkins

Today I roasted the seeds from the pumpkins and they are delicious.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Seeds from two pumpkins, rinsed clean of the orange gunk

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Salt seasoning [I used McCormick Grill Mates Roasted Garlic & Herb]

PRE-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Preheat oven to 300* and line a baking pan with parchment paper or foil.

Place cleaned seeds in bag or bowl, add oil and seasonings, mix to coat seeds.

Empty coated seeds onto lined baking pan in a single layer [add more seasoning if it looks too sparse for your liking] and “roast” for 1 hour.

Mix up the seeds around 30 minutes.

VOILA! Your roasted seeds are complete. I was supposed to share my seeds with my brother… I don’t think they will last long enough to wait for him to get here – I am very happy with the outcome!

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Aug 192011

Frugal Stepmom Blogiversary

Wow, two years fly by so quickly! I started this blog to share my family, faith, frugality and the funny things I do and say.

This past year has been a great experience of learning WordPress and setting up my apperance and fun new header.

I just recently received my first official prayer request, it was such an HONOR to be able to pray for you, girl! 

How about a recap of my favorite posts? Indeed!

My First Post EVER, it’s the bomb.

My Quest for a Smarty Phone, and losing. BUT #1 is finally paid off!

The Day I Got Free Tattoos from my little D, she is frugal too.

My Favorite Ornaments on the Christmas Tree.

Old Dale - Buffet Revamp is finally complete and awesome!

My Crafty Hour with Ninjas and with Sarah, my super Sister.

On to the fun stuff for you! My FIRST Giveaway EVER!

Brown Paisley Remy Tile

How would you love to win this cute Remy Tile + 50% off coupon code from Sweetgum Way + a Secret Bonus Gift!?

Remy Tile Collection

Give your home that warm and personal touch. Perfect for clipping your favorite dinner or cookie recipe, displaying your child’s [or grandchild's] most recent school picture or small art piece, as a commemorative gift for a new homeowner and much more. Prepared on a 6″x6″ porcelain tile with a classical beige and brown paisley design paper, covered with layers of decoupage medium and sealant and embellished with ribbons and clip.

To enter leave a comment with your first name, last initail and state you are from and what you will clip on to this cute Remy Tile!

For extra entries:

Like me on Facebook

Follow me on Twitter

Follow me on Pinterest

The Giveaway closes on 8/31/11 at 9:00am Houston time [CST]. The winner will be notified by email and publicly on the old blog-er-roo. You have two days to reply or another fantastic reader will be chosen.

PS. Want to purchase a Remy Tile [or any other item] from Sweetgum Way? Use code SWEETGUM15 to receive 15% off your purchase! Customs available upon request.

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Jul 012011

Front Door

That’s right, we have fireworks and, if you live in Harris or surrounding counties, you don’t.


Ok, so maybe they aren’t REAL fireworks, but they are real wood and real paint… that counts.

My Dad cut these timbers for my Mom and I last year. She made a star template and we spaced out the stripes with a ruler. Primer, two coats of color, jute fuses, glitter embellishments and you have got yourself a mighty fine set of fireworks. Don’t you think?


I outlined the stars in Crayola Red and Blue glitter glue paint pen.


How do you like my plants? They are the “pop” from the fireworks after they were set off, creative, right?


Happy Independence Day Weekend, Friends!God Bless America

PS. Get your God Bless America T-shirtson Zazzle this weekend at 17.76% off with coupon code LANDOFTHETEE!

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May 302011

If there is any time where Pride ALWAYS get’s the best of me… it is being an American. I LVE being an American; I love our flag, I love our traditions and I love being a citizen of the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.”

 Memorial Day 2011

This weekend we Remember those who have, unselfishly, fought for our rights and [many] given their lives so we may enjoy our above standard freedoms as American’s.

Memorial Day 2011Memorial Day 2011

“There ain’t no doubt, I love this Land! God Bless the USA!”

God Bless America - Memorial Day 2011

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