Feb 152011

I love everything about crawfishing season – the bugs, the beer, the corn and potatoes.

We have a standing annual date to TBone Tom’s with our friends B&V in which we are sure to indulge on the biggest and best crawfish the market offers. There’s no messing around with this date, rain or shine. If it’s sunny, bring extra sun block for V, because we’re eating outside.

Below is a yummy recipe for your leftovers (if you have any!) 

Crawfish Casserole

1 package cooked Mahatma yellow saffron rice
1 med onion, chopped
1 med bell pepper, chopped
¾ stick of margarine
1 lb cooked crawfish tails
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 can cream of mushroom soup
5 slices American Cheese

Cook rice according to directions. Sauté onion & bell pepper in ¾ stick of margarine until tender. Add Rotel and cream of mushroom soup to onion and bell pepper, cook 5 minutes. Add crawfish tails to mixture and cook 10 minutes. Add rice, mix together. Pour into a 9×13 casserole dish. Break the cheese slices into thirds and layer on top of the mixture. Put in a 350 oven for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and the casserole is bubbly.

Serve with garlic bread and a crisp salad.


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Feb 082011

I’ve lost my favorites bar icon and I am beside myself.

No where in this huge WWW will any body/thing tell me how to get it back with ease. So now, I’m just a blank slate with a lonely title.

Come back little icon, we need you!

Any suggestions on getting my buddy back?

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Feb 042011

When I grow up, I want to be the weather girl. If I became a weather girl, I would only have to be partially right about 20% of the time, the other 80% I would be able to guess from just looking at the sky…

Here is a peak at the winter weather that has shut down [almost] all of Houston and surrounding area today:

Whoa Whoa Whoa, can you believe it!? I mean, it’s almost 500 micrometers thick! WATCH OUT!

If you have kids, I’m sure you heard the big disappointment this morning when they didn’t wake up to even an inch on the ground. After all the hype on the radio and TV from the weather folks, it was like three feet were going to be on the ground when we woke up.

We actually got quite a bit of snow, but it hit two different atmospheric changes before reaching the ground, so all that we see now is minimal snow and lots and lots of ice/sleet/sludge. Thanks Humidity, didn’t think you would be so cruel to us in the winter as you are in the summer.

We did get what I like to call “crunchy grass”, grass covered in thick sheets of ice, it is so much fun to step on and hear the crunch crunch crunch under your feet. It reminds me of when Johnny and I were little, my parents used to set up the water hoses in the trees so that when we woke up there would be tons of crunchy grass and icicles connected to the trees, it was a winter wonderland!

We are supposed to get another hard freeze tonight, so maybe I will be able to build up enough warmth in my bones to do this for the girls to wake up to tomorrow morning. I better start layering now.

Happy “Snow” Day Folks!

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Jan 272011

Remember hearing about the Shape magazine Diva Dash in this post? Well, January 24, 2011 has past and the Shape Diva Dash site is live!

The Crazy Fun Adventure run is on Saturday, April 9, 2011 in beautiful Austin, Texas on Walter E Long Park. The course approximately three miles and is comprised of various obstacles based on the themes of: water, strength, speed, ropes, maze and balance.

Participants will receive:

  •  2011 Finishers Necklace (a sweet and petite custom pewter pendant on a leather cord)
  • SHAPE Diva Dash custom socks
  • Drawstring back pack filled with great products from our sponsors
  • LUNA bars and other snacks
  • Beer
  • Participant photo
  • Chance to win many prizes at our sponsors’ after party contests
  • Donation to our non-profit GENaustin


  • $35(February 1st – March 8th)
  • $40(March 9th – March 25th)
  • $45(March 26 – April 7th)
  • $50(at packet pick up April 8th or on race day April 9th)

I really want to participate, it sounds like so much fun and it is for a great cause, but this race happens to be the day after the Houston Astros 2011 home opener… so I will not be in attendance because we all know how much B and I LOVE supporting the Houston Astros.

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Jan 012011

Happy New Year Friends!

We are so excited to start this new year’s journey and see what God has planned for us!

We pray you have continued health and prosperity along with many frugal finds to subsidize the future.

Isn’t today just amazing outside?

B and D are out playing in the yard and I am working on my etsy project and cooking a roast for this evening. C is most likely out with her mom or best girlfriend having fun and making it a wonderful January 1st, 2011.

Happy New Year!

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Dec 302010

Have you gotten to the point that just running is kind of boring?


Hmmm, well I have so it is definitely time to switch it up some.

This gem came to my inbox just today and I am really, really excited! SHAPE (the women’s fitness magazine) is putting on their first ever Diva Dash in Austin, Texas on April 9, 2011.

B and I love the hill country and have been wanting to get back to tour the weird Austin scene more.

I am sure you do not have anything planned April 9th, so just put it on your calendar as tentative, discuss the festivities with your best girls, and join me on this skipping, jumping and swinging jolly good time!

PS. I will let you all know more about it on January 24 once the Diva Dash site is up and running!

UPDATE: More Diva Dash Info posted here!

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Nov 152010

We did it!

Mike and I completed our second 1/2 marathon, we both shaved A LOT of time off of last year!

Congrats to Team Adrenaline – Brent and Dara! You both rocked the block coming in under 3 hours!

Congrats to our friends Anna, Tara and Neil for kicking San Antonio’s booty as well!

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Nov 122010

Please pray for Mike and me as we trek the San Antonio 1/2 Marathon this Sunday! It will be our second, so that means we have run a full marathon, right?

Brent and Dara will be running the 1/2 marathon relay, please pray for them… and their “adrenaline”.

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Sep 212010

We had such a great weekend! We had our annual (immediate) family reunion in New Braunfels, Tx at Schlitterbahn.

Our girls had a lot of fun, here is a before (mid-morning) shot:


And here is their after shot:

The water was SO cold, but that was to be expected. We rode almost every ride once, we did not make it to the original three tube shoots for fear of hypothermia; nobody likes blue lips and black toes.

All in all it was another successful year at the Bahn and we are already planning our trip for next year.

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