Mar 182011

All You magazine has a $10 rebate available here when you purchase any two Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper 12 pack ($6.97), Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Family Size ($3.42) or Zicam Cold Remedy ($8.97) from March 11 to April 5th. (My stores prices)

Today, I took the new coupon policy and rebate on a run and purchased the following:

2 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Family Size @ $3.42 = $6.84

White Cloud Toilet Paper @ $2.00 – $1.00/1 = $1.00

2 Air Heads 6 pack @ $0.82 = $1.64 – (2) $0.50/1 = $0.64 or $0.32 each

2 Mentos @ $0.62 = $1.24 – (2) $0.50/1 = $0.24 or $0.12 each

4 Frigo Cheese sticks @ $0.33 = $1.32 – (2) $0.50/1 – (2) $1.50/1 = FREE + $2.68 overage

Venus Razor $7.94 – $5.00/1 = $2.94

Steak @ $5.00

Total Spent $15.26

Total Saved $10.50 or 40%

After I send in for my $10, this cart comes down to a whopping $5.26 AND an addition to the donation stash [we will never consume two family size boxes of Frosted Flakes before expiration, we’re still working on Special K!]!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

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Mar 152011

Did you hear about Wal-Mart putting a new coupon policy into effect? Well, they did, and it is to our great advantage friend!

They are now accepting manufacturer coupons [even if over the shelf price], internet print coupons, competitors’ coupons [that feature a specific item for a specified price], coke caps and catalina coupons [must have "manufacturer's coupon" printed on top].

Today, I took the policy on a test run and purchased the following:

2 Gain Fabric Softener 40 sheets @ $1.87 = $ 3.74 – (2) $3.00/1 = FREE + $2.26 Overage

Mrs. T’s Pierogies @ $1.98 – $1.00/1 = $0.98

Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice $1.46 

Louisiana Red Beans and Rice @ $1.16 = $2.32 - $1.00/2 = $1.32 or $0.66 each

Venus Razor $7.94 – $5.00/1 = $2.94

Honey Buns $1.50 (These are better than the Wal-Mart brand for $1.00)

French Bread $0.90

Mrs. Baird’s bread $1.98 (This is the best price around without a coupon)

Total Spent $8.88

Total Saved $13.00 or 60%

Looks like the coupon policy works, I did not get any questions as to the value of my coupons or the size of my purchases compared to the coupon. Perfect!

Happy Shopping!

Update: We tried the Louisiana Red Beans and Rice tonight with ground beef and red crushed pepper and a side of Sweet Corny Cornbread… pretty tasty! The red beans and rice are kind of high in sodium, so if you are watching your intake, consider this before trying!

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Feb 272011

Welcome to the end of windy February - B and I are spending the weekend on house work… painting and fertilizing, yay!

Yesterday, I ran in the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k, benefiting the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship fund. It was my first 10k race, and I won’t lie, when I passed the 5k turn off I really wished I was turning with them! It was really humid and people were walking all over the place so it was hard to maneuver at times. And, needless to say, that hill was a beast! I succeeded in finishing in 1:11, 11 minutes over my goal, but it’s better than 1:12, right?

Now, on to my resolutions update:

I am doing very well with eating breakfast every day, once you start, it is really hard to stop because a nice healthy breakfast gets you revved and ready for the day. Not to mention, I don’t want my 6 boxes of Special K to go to waste! I mean, I spent some hard earned cash on those babies.

Our neighbor’s orange tree

I had chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. That counts as eating fresh fruit, right? :) Sarah and I dipped them on Sunday night, so I say it counts. Grapes have been on sale at Randalls and Kroger this month, so that has realyl worked to my benefit. I like when HEB has the mini-grapes, they are really good on baby spinach salads with bacon vinagrette. I picked a lot of oranges from the neighbors tree before the hard freeze hit, they are all wrapped happily in our pantry for use in future Cuban and Brazilian inspired dishes. Not to mention, I usually have one with lunch that comes from the stash of unwrapped oranges – the ones that I pulled the caps off when shucking them from the tree. WHOOPS!

Extremely close to the liking of my car, except mine has 4 doors... HAH

Old Girl, my amazingly paid for and super fast korean sports car, had to visit the ER this month, she has set us back in our snow ball by dollar or three. We are making it work, we are still on track to pay off the other beast of a vehicle and take a much needed vacation to the beach this summer. COME ON SUMMER!

We have been playing volleyball with C a lot. She is trying out for the school team next year and she is super excited/nervous. She is such an amazing volleyball player and she has an amazing coach to build her up in strength and confidence. Her team played in their first tournament this month and they kicked booty, they played 3 sets back to back to back and won 6 of 7 matches. WTG Heat!

In my etsy shop – sweetgum way

sweetgum way is up and running. I am having a lot of fun making these decorative tiles, I love working with the different papers and fabric trims.

Live on the edge: I totally fixed the garage door all by myself. One night we came home from dinner and I noticed the door was not going up on both side at the same rate, “HALT!” I demanded. I inspected. The verdict: Two of the metal hinges were snapped in half. So I googled how to replace a garage door hinge, took pictures of the hinges, so I would forget which kinds to get, headed to Lowe’s for my loot and absolutely came home and save the world according to garage doors. Score one for the girls…

MacGyver's got nothin' on Me!

One thing I did not do in excess this month is coupon/grocery shop. I think I am burnt out, and now that the Extreme Couponers epidemic is out, it is getting more difficult to find that great deal to share. Luckily Mrs. Baird’s has been on sale buy one get one free on alternating weeks at Kroger and Randall’s, so taking/making sandwiches for lunch has been really profiable for the H family.

I am pretty sure that I am leaving something out, Ive tried to make updates through the month, but things happen… you understand right?

How are you doing on your New Year’s goals so far? I hope you find this as an encouragement to get back on the track if you have veered; your aspirations are very important to your life and legacy.

Happy end to February 2011 – Welcome March!

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Feb 152011

I love everything about crawfishing season – the bugs, the beer, the corn and potatoes.

We have a standing annual date to TBone Tom’s with our friends B&V in which we are sure to indulge on the biggest and best crawfish the market offers. There’s no messing around with this date, rain or shine. If it’s sunny, bring extra sun block for V, because we’re eating outside.

Below is a yummy recipe for your leftovers (if you have any!) 

Crawfish Casserole

1 package cooked Mahatma yellow saffron rice
1 med onion, chopped
1 med bell pepper, chopped
¾ stick of margarine
1 lb cooked crawfish tails
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 can cream of mushroom soup
5 slices American Cheese

Cook rice according to directions. Sauté onion & bell pepper in ¾ stick of margarine until tender. Add Rotel and cream of mushroom soup to onion and bell pepper, cook 5 minutes. Add crawfish tails to mixture and cook 10 minutes. Add rice, mix together. Pour into a 9×13 casserole dish. Break the cheese slices into thirds and layer on top of the mixture. Put in a 350 oven for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and the casserole is bubbly.

Serve with garlic bread and a crisp salad.


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Feb 112011

My 2010 BCS Winnings!

Look what I just got in the mail! I was SHOCKED, and Dak barked her head of, as usual.

It’s an Igloo rolling cooler stuffed with chips and salsa!

Back in October (approximately) Frito Lay:Be Snack Readypost a 2010 TOSTITOS BCS National Championship Game Photos contest in which the top to winners were to claim tickets to the 2010 Tostitos BCS National Championship. So, I entered and then I became a finalist but I did not receive the most votes, bummer but it was still really cool to be a finalist!

Well, I am QUITE happy with these delicious chips and salsa! If I hadn’t already had lunch by the time this present got to me, I probably wouldn’t have made this post, since i <3 chips… big time.

I know, you are dying to see my finalist photo, here goes:

Rock'n the University of Oklahoma Cheerleader gear, HOT!

Thanks Tostitos! Hopefully I will put on a better game face this year and be one of the top two finalists to win the game day tickets. Until then, happy chipping my friends!

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Jan 262011

We are almost through January 2011 and it is time for a resolution update.

  1. Eating breakfast every morning has been amazing. I have felt more active and alert every day. I happened to miss breakfast twice last week for ridiculous reasons, I’m sure. Boy, those days were not pretty and I really regretted not being smart and taking the time to make a bowl of Special K.
  2. Hmmm, still just snacking on fresh fruits and veggies mostly… Any good ideas for incorporating into easy dishes?
  3. Ode to my car, somebody put a curse [I have my suspicions] on that 10 year old girl and she had to be admitted to the hospital and go under the knife for a transmission transplant. She is good now, but there’s to the snowball this month. We are staying positive, I have only been to the grocery store three times this month and therefore have saved LOTS of cash, eating from the stockpile at the moment.
  4. B and I started working out in the morning to P90X, it is pretty insane, but we are surviving… we are definately sleeping better at night!
  5. B + C volleyed until it started raining a couple weekends back and then duked it out on Mario Cart Wii; it is so funny how they are both so competitive and so intense. Like Father, Like Daughter!
  6. Sweetgum Way is up and running and my tiles were posted on their feature page on January 18, that was REALLY exciting!

I should have added another item to the list:

  • Live on the edge. Case and Point: Order sopapillas FIRST at your birthday dinner and you will be amazed at the looks the kids and adults give you… High Fives all around!

Have you make/kept any of your resolutions one month into the new year? I hope so, let this be your encouragement to keep on keeping on, YOU CAN DO IT!

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Jan 102011

Hurry on over to Kroger if you are a fan of Special K cereal.

They are currently running a deal through tomorrow if you buy 4 Kellogg’s products you will get $4 off you final receipt at check out.

Go here and print your two B1G1 coupons and shop on to Kroger:

  • 4 boxes @ $2.78 = $11.12 – 2 B1G1 ($5.56) – $4 Kellogg’s deal = $1.56 or $0.39 each for 4 boxes of good for you cereal

Note: The coupon states that the two free boxes have to be either the 12 oz Special K Original or 13.6 oz Special K MultiGrain Oats & Honey. I grabbed the wrong boxes at first, so I would like to save you, and your cashier/sacker, the time of running back to get the right ones ;)

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Jan 102011

Who doesn’t love a good deal on a burrito, or taco, every now and again?

Freebirds is launching “Thank You for 20 years” offers over the next couple of weeks; if you can’t get to all of them, I suggest at least one stop in will be fine!

January 20 – $4.20 Freebird Burrito

January 25 – FREE Taco with any Adult Entree

February 3 – FREE Shirt to the first 50 registered Fanatics buying a Freebird burrito

Make sure you have a registered Freebird’s Fanatic card before you get there. Hey, these are exclusive deals you know, they can’t just be handing them out to every Joe that walks in.

PS. My birthday is the week of the Jan 20 deal, in case you want to take me out ;)

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