Sep 132010

When was the last time you wrote a letter of congratulations or commiserations?

I always joke to C and DH about writing a letter to my local congressman when they, or any body else, do something to annoy me.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, The Coupon Goddess, who led me to Coal Creek Farm, who led me back to The Coupon Goddess because of a letter she wrote to a miserable coupon-loathing cashier. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD (that is more than LOL) because I have wanted to do this on SO many occasions, but have only remitted twice to a grocery store and once to an eating establishment.

Once, I wrote to Kroger and Coke - I went in with a MyCokeRewards coupon (you buy these with MCR points) for a free 12 pack of any Coke product and the cashier ripped it up and said I was stealing because it was a fraudulent coupon. I haven’t seen said cashier since, but Kroger responded with a nice shopping allowance and Coke did as well.

Also, I wrote to Randall’s when I didn’t find anything on my list I walked out of the store and the night manager followed me out and wrote my license plate number down. I stopped the truck and questioned her actions, I was HOT! Randall’s customer service did not care one bit about their manager following me out, they were more concerned with what items were out of stock so it doesn’t happen in the future… Are you kidding me? I was so annoyed with their response that it took two months for me to go into the store again. If they didn’t sell Grande gluten free chips for $.99 after coupon, it might have been longer.

Last, I wrote to our favorite Tex-Mex establishment because of their declining attention to customer service and food quality. This cannot happen to our once a week place of preference, and I let them know by-golly. They were very responsive and they wanted to understand more about what was going on with the overall perceptions of their patrons.

Not only does writing a letter help you sort out your feelings, it allows establishments to better understand their customers needs and adjust to accomidate. We are pretty easy going people, but their is a great difference between customer service and customer disservice, and it cost more to gain a customer than it does to maintain one.

Happy Writing!

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Sep 042010

This week the meal deal at HEB involves Ball Park hot dogs and we love Ball Park hot dogs here at the H house. Another terrible thing we love is frito pie and that is on a combo loco this week too.

So, I went to HEB this morning to partake is these lovely deals and here is how I came out spending only $6.06:

Buy 2 Ball Park franks @ $2.78 each


  • Hormel No beans Chili
  • HEB Dip
  • HEB Potato Chips
  • HEB Soft Drink
  • HCF Relish

I had a $2 coupon printed from Ball Park’s Facebook page and I found a $1 peelie on the Jumbo franks. The Sara Lee buns are not part of the deal, but there are hang tag coupons for $1.00 off buns when you buy Ball Park franks.

Meal Deal $2.78 x 2 = $5.56 – $2.00 IP – $1.00 Peelie = $2.56

Sara Lee buns $1.50 each – $1.00 Hangtag = $0.50

Meal total $3.06

Buy Kraft Natural Shredder or Crumble cheese @ $2.00 each


  • HEB Corn Chips
  • Wolf Brand No Beans Chili

Combo Loco $2.00 x 2 = $4.00 – $1.00 Blinkie = $3.00

Grand Total: $6.06!

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Aug 292010

This weekend was real fun, for the most part. I went for a nice jog, did yard work with my husband, went shopping, saw my muffin and much much more. Lets just consider these random tidbits of the two days God gave us.

Random #1 – I went for a jog. I woke up at 6am (on a SATURDAY!) and could not get back to sleep. I contemplated getting up and going for a run, setting out the water and blah blah blah, but I did not and tried to force myself asleep. It tried for a few but then I got to the point where I was thinking “God, I just want to sleep for another hour, then I will get up.” So my husband rolls over and somehow gets his pillow in just the right position to come up and BOP me in the schnoz, “GOD, OK FINE I’LL GET UP! You don’t have to be so violent.” So I got up and started my day with a 3 mile joggeroo.

Random #2 – Yard Worked! I mow. Brent edges and weed-eats. We are a great team in the yard work area for sure; we were done in 30 minutes MAX. We moved into our house two years ago July and had ding dang crepe myrtles cut down two years ago September from in front of our house. We still have a stump from one of the crepe myrtles plaguing the right side of our garage, well I decided I had had enough and SheWomaned the stump out of the ground (most of it at least). The roots were all through some bricks and the grass, good thing I ended up mulching a lot of dirt in the process, the grass  around the stump is going to need it to grow back now. So I ran 3 miles after getting God smacked in the face by a pillow and now I just SheWomaned a (dead) tree stump out of the ground.

Random #3 – We went to see Japanese Acrobats at Miller Outdoor Theater with my brother- and sister-in-law and my muffin. It was SO much fun! These kids were so talanted and bendable, I most enjoyed watching them come out in these giant hula hoop contraptions and spin around the stage like nobody’s business. I got to hold and feed and play with my little muffin too. She is adorable and loves her Auntie and Uncle, we know how to make her smile, and put her to sleep. My brother-in-law says she is lovey with us because she is trying to sucker us into having her a cousin to play with. I see. Getting out of the zoo parking lot after this fantastic show was a nightmare! If you went left you just waited in a long line to get out onto main and go left. If you went right you waited in a long line for an hour to go right on Main and fight the Houston Texan’s traffic just leaving at the SAME time. Oh no, BIL, SIL and muffin went right. They didn’t get home until 12:30am, when we were just leaving GingerMan.

Random #4 - GingerMan - This place is so cool because they have beers from around the world coming out of taps all down the left side of the bar. Also, it is really cool because really suave Rice U students go there and talk about great ideas that we just don’t hear very often. So we gathered our worldly beverage and headed to the back porch to converse and eavesdrop. We saw one girl take her guy up and try to dance with him and do some swirly-girly moves, I told Brent, “This is not going to end well and one of these goobs is going to fall in our lap.” Luckily, they stopped and dizzily sat with their group, no casualties, thank goodness! That is, until we got to our car to go home. Dead… Battery… so here we are, parked at Talbot’s looking for somebody who isn’t two sheets and can give us a little hand. One nice gentleman on a Honda motorcycle came up and asked if we were OK, that was nice of him, even though he could not jump us with the small engine of a bike. About 10 minutes later another guy comes up and pulls his Camry up on the curb just to get the cables to reach to give us a jump, you are the bomb diggity man! Off to bed we go at 1am!

Random #5 – Sunday is a day of rest and football – I wake up at 6am… again… I told Brent when we got home I had planned on running this morning even though we got home so late. Not happening, SO tired! I slept until 7 am and made biscuit breakfast, watered the grass and cut, sort and filed my coups. Went to the church house to listen to lovely Lance, he is SUCH a great teacher and speaker, his enthusiasm for sharing God’s word is unmatched in my book. Made lunch with my babe husband, got a new FREE battery for my car, went to my grandma’s to drop off some goods for my cousin, and went to the grocery store (saved 59%). Brent had fantasy football draft at the house tonight, 5 guys, football, spaghetti, snacks and drinks, I don’t remember the last time the house was SO quite with so many guys in attendance. They even shushed me once when I was watching America’s Funniest Video’s, the audacity! Such an easy day that God has given us to be with friends and family and enjoy their company.

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Feb 252010

I love everything about crawfishing season – the bugs, the beer, the corn and potatoes. We have a standing annual date to TBone Tom’s with our friends B&V in which we are sure to indulge on the biggest and best crawfish the market offers. There’s no messing around with this date, rain or shine. If it’s sunny, bring extra sun block of V because we’re eating outside.
Below is a yummy recipe for your leftovers (if you have any!)

Crawfish Casserole

1 package cooked Mahatma yellow saffron rice
1 med onion, chopped
1 med bell pepper, chopped
¾ stick of margarine
1 lb cooked crawfish tails
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 can cream of mushroom soup
5 slices American Cheese

Cook rice according to directions. Sauté onion & bell pepper in ¾ stick of margarine until tender. Add Rotel and cream of mushroom soup to onion and bell pepper, cook 5 minutes. Add crawfish tails to mixture and cook 10 minutes. Add rice, mix together. Pour into a 9×13 casserole dish. Break the cheese slices into thirds and layer on top of the mixture. Put in a 350 oven for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and the casserole is bubbly.

Serve with garlic bread and a crisp salad.


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Sep 282009

Last weekend was our niece’s birthday, in which DD was not able to attend. This weekend we had our sweet girl, and we picked up our niece to hang out for her “birthday”. We decided to celebrate with movies.

I have not been a fan of watching movies for a long time, until we found Showboat Drive In . DH suggests that long is not the word to use, ever is better, hehe.

We took the truck out, blew up the mattress in the bed, set the girls up with cotton candy and M&M’s, and set our chairs up and enjoyed the shows.

These movies were both SO cute! DH really liked BandSlam because it was a TEEN movie with very little PDA and foul language, no parental back talk or pressing luck.

We always turn to Plugged In Online when we are picking the movies we chose to view with DD and her friends.
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Sep 092009

Starting tonight at midnight, will be having a 99 hour sale on ALL gift certificates. This site is so easy to use:

  • enter your zip code, or destination zip code,
  • pick your restaurant,
  • pick your denomination,
  • enter the discount code: NINETY

You will end up paying $1.00 for a $25 gift certificate and $3.00 for $50 gift certificate. GREAT for taking your friends, siblings, parents and the in-laws out! No shipping, no handling, they are available for up to a year and you do not have to print it out right now (in case you misplace things when straightening up, like me).

Just a slight warning for this site, most restaurants require a minimum purchase before being able to use the certificate.

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Sep 032009

Remember when I told you about the Chick-fil-a Chicken Wave? Well, turns out this Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2009, if you wear your favorite teams logo you will get a FREE Original Chicken Sandwich.

Lunch is on me, as long as you wear the logo and bring $ for a drink :)

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