Dec 022010

It’s no surprise that this family loves Gringo’s; we dine there every Wednesday with our sweet girl and we get the same thing each time.

So, what do you get people who know what they like? A gift card of course!

Through December 31, 2010, Gringo’s is offering a Bonus $10 Gift Card to be used between 1/2/11 and 3/31/11 with each purchase of $50 in gift cards. So, as you can see below in our annual pie graph of dining expenses, 25% of our total is to Gringo’s… Trivia: If we purchased enough gift cards to use one $10 bonus gift card each Wednesday Date Night from 1/2/11 to 3/30/11 we would still have a shortfall of about $400 to pay.

Holy cow we eat a lot at Gringo’s!

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Nov 202010

Picture an item, similar to above, on your doorstep around Christmas.

Scenario: Door bell rings after dark, “Ugh, another solicitor, don’t they see the sign that it’s not allowed here?” So you send the husband to the door to do the talking. He opens the door and slams it back like a blast of ice is charging towards him. “WHAT HAPPENED?!” He says, “I think it’s for you and I SWEAR I didn’t see anything!”

What a bummer, but I still wrapped it up and stuck it under beside the Christmas tree. At least C didn’t know what it was.

So picture my amazement this year when I get B’s birthday present in the same fashion. I am really glad it was during the day, I don’t like when there aren’t surprises under the Christmas tree for my family. Here is what I did with this years gift as soon as it got in the door:

I cannot confirm, nor deny, if this is the actual package in our house, but I can confirm that the brown paper color is pretty dead on.

Have you ever received an unwrapped gift that spoiled (or almost spoiled) the suprise?

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Nov 152010

We did it!

Mike and I completed our second 1/2 marathon, we both shaved A LOT of time off of last year!

Congrats to Team Adrenaline – Brent and Dara! You both rocked the block coming in under 3 hours!

Congrats to our friends Anna, Tara and Neil for kicking San Antonio’s booty as well!

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Nov 122010

Please pray for Mike and me as we trek the San Antonio 1/2 Marathon this Sunday! It will be our second, so that means we have run a full marathon, right?

Brent and Dara will be running the 1/2 marathon relay, please pray for them… and their “adrenaline”.

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Nov 022010

My mom and I are on countdown to the most fantastic shopping event in Houston.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market; Texas icon and former First Lady Barbara Bush will be cutting the ribbon to officially open the market. This extravaganza is comprised of over 300 vendors from around the United States and Worldwide, showing and selling their wares.

A few booths on my “To Shop” list are:

  • The Round Top Collection
  • Paul Michael
  • The Savannah Bee Co
  • The Royal Standard

The Nutcracker Market benefits the Houston Ballet Guild and Scholarship fund.

The Details:


Reliant Center
One Reliant Park
Houston, TX 77054


Thursday, November 11, 2010 10 AM – 8 PM
Friday, November 12, 2010 10 AM – 8 PM
Saturday, November 13, 2010 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday, November 14, 2010 10 AM – 6 PM


Advance tickets at Randall’s are $11.00.
Tickets at the door are $12.00, here is a $1 off coupon.
Half-price admission 3 hours prior to closing.
Children under 5 are free.


Parking at Reliant Center is $10.00.

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Oct 222010

B says they are unbecoming and I should have considered my options first. At least I didn’t pay for them, dear.

My leash burn is healing. I can finally walk like a normal human and I even went for a (very) short jog with Dakota this morning.

I went to the Dr. on Tuesday and got a Tetanus shot (in the arm!) because you never know what a leash will drag through when your pup is running crazy-like. Is a shot supposed to hurt three days later?

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Oct 082010

Four words – Dog Leash Rope Burn.

I put D’s extendable leash on last night so we could work in the front yard and frolic together without her running off. Well, we accomplished neither. She got frightened by something, maybe an acorn fell on her and she BOLTed with the extend-o-leash around her neck already.

In one of her three rounds around the neighbors yards she ran towards me, I told her to SIT! but she just wrapped that bad boy leash around my legs and kept going until she got connected under one of the neighbors vehicle tires.

Here’s the outcome of her escapade:

It hurt SO bad! I wanted to cry right when I felt the harsh sting around my ankles, the pain was all through my body, it was terrible! BUT, my 6 year old neighbor was there laughing because D really did look like a tard trying to get away from the leash following her. So, I laughed it up with her.

Today I am moving VERY slowly, I hardly slept last night - I bet the skin around your ankles are the most moved throughout any given day/night.

Anyways, that’s all she wrote – TGIF!

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Sep 212010

We had such a great weekend! We had our annual (immediate) family reunion in New Braunfels, Tx at Schlitterbahn.

Our girls had a lot of fun, here is a before (mid-morning) shot:


And here is their after shot:

The water was SO cold, but that was to be expected. We rode almost every ride once, we did not make it to the original three tube shoots for fear of hypothermia; nobody likes blue lips and black toes.

All in all it was another successful year at the Bahn and we are already planning our trip for next year.

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Sep 202010

The ding dang devil is sitting on my shoulder and telling me to dwell; to sit in my spinny chair and think about how tough it is to be me and be sad that my house is so quiet this morning.

This morning I struggle with a big case of [need to forgive], I have already conversed with God on my issue with forgiveness this morning quite a few times, it is so hard to do with the little puke sitting there meandering near me telling me to do the worldly thing. BUT I WANT TO DO THE GODLY THING, SO LEAVE ME ALONE!

In a silly analogy I shared with God after one of my prayer sessions this morning, I told him, “I feel like a bank teller, I know all the information and I see all the big money come past me, in and out, all day long. I hold the best information, but I am still only paid minimum wage and I cannot share the intell with anybody but my Boss.” It is just not fair, but who told us life would be fair? Surely, it wasn’t the guy who said “in this life you will have trouble.”

I will not allow my joy to be taken away today, I know I am doing my best as a supportive wife and stepmom. I will continue to pray for the ability to forgive today, it is very important, we are to be friends to our enemies and that is only complete with forgiveness. If you get a moment to pray for me today, it would be greatly appreciated and you let me know what I can pray for you!

With LOVE!

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Sep 132010

When was the last time you wrote a letter of congratulations or commiserations?

I always joke to C and DH about writing a letter to my local congressman when they, or any body else, do something to annoy me.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, The Coupon Goddess, who led me to Coal Creek Farm, who led me back to The Coupon Goddess because of a letter she wrote to a miserable coupon-loathing cashier. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD (that is more than LOL) because I have wanted to do this on SO many occasions, but have only remitted twice to a grocery store and once to an eating establishment.

Once, I wrote to Kroger and Coke - I went in with a MyCokeRewards coupon (you buy these with MCR points) for a free 12 pack of any Coke product and the cashier ripped it up and said I was stealing because it was a fraudulent coupon. I haven’t seen said cashier since, but Kroger responded with a nice shopping allowance and Coke did as well.

Also, I wrote to Randall’s when I didn’t find anything on my list I walked out of the store and the night manager followed me out and wrote my license plate number down. I stopped the truck and questioned her actions, I was HOT! Randall’s customer service did not care one bit about their manager following me out, they were more concerned with what items were out of stock so it doesn’t happen in the future… Are you kidding me? I was so annoyed with their response that it took two months for me to go into the store again. If they didn’t sell Grande gluten free chips for $.99 after coupon, it might have been longer.

Last, I wrote to our favorite Tex-Mex establishment because of their declining attention to customer service and food quality. This cannot happen to our once a week place of preference, and I let them know by-golly. They were very responsive and they wanted to understand more about what was going on with the overall perceptions of their patrons.

Not only does writing a letter help you sort out your feelings, it allows establishments to better understand their customers needs and adjust to accomidate. We are pretty easy going people, but their is a great difference between customer service and customer disservice, and it cost more to gain a customer than it does to maintain one.

Happy Writing!

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