Apr 152011

Brown Chicken Eggs

Hypothetically, this might have happened:

Husband: Hey Babe, I’m Home!

Wife: HEY! How was practice? Did all the kids produce and do what they were told?

Husband: Yea, they were alright.

Wife: Cool.

Husband: One of the Dad’s has a daughter who is raising rabbits and chickens for FFA; he gave me and another coach each three dozen brown eggs…

Wife: REALLY!? Sweet! I bet they have tons of bunny babies now!

Husband: Yea, please don’t tell our daughter!

Wife: Oh I won’t, bunny’s are pretty nasty… but kinda cute.

Husband: Yea. But, [dramatic pause]what do you do with brown eggs?

::silence:: ::furrow::

Multi Colored Chicken Eggs

Here’s to your silly Friday! May your weekend be blessed… like we are with brown eggs!

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Apr 082011


Today is the Houston Astros 2011 Home Opener – can you take a guess at where I am right now?

This morning started out with delicious chirozo and egg tacos at Laredo Taqueria. This place is a.m.a.zing, if you haven’t been here, you haven’t lived.

Now, we are hanging out, waiting for Fan Fest to start. I am enjoying the company of my favorite second-family members and quite possibly enjoying and adult beverage. HEY, it’s Friday and its 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Don’t judge ;)

Here are a few pics from last year of my fam and me enjoying ourselves.

Happy Friday Peeps and LET’S GO ASTROS!

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Mar 242011

This weekend marks the Cy-Fest’s 7th Annual Festival.

C and I have been in the past and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with ice cream, games, fire-fighting exhibits and more games. Unlike the past, however, this year is taking on a whole new flare - “A Taste of Louisiana” – where there will be bugs galore [which I happen to like… a lot], live music [see the line-up below], and many vendors to satisfy your hours of parusing and lolly-gagging with your friends and family.

6:00pm – 7:30pm
The Zydeco Dots
8:00pm – 9:30pm
Bayou Roux
10:00pm – 11:30pm
Travis Matte                        
12:00pm – 3:00pm
Eleventh Hour
3:30pm – 5:00pm
The Silverado Band
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Luther and the Healers
7:30pm – 9:00pm
Kyle Bennett Band
9:30pm – 11:00pm
Mark Chesnutt
[Side note: I love the early 90's country, that is when my BFF and I would sing our hearts out to MC, Alan Jackson, The Tractors and that one guy... Billy Ray Cyrus?! I heard Tracy Lawrence, Texas Tornado, on the radio just this morning and remembered the time we got to go to the rodeo with her family and we had a blast walking through the carnival and we even got shirts! Oh, it was truly amazing! Too bad I don't have a pictures to share of us at this time... too. bad.]
12:30pm – 2:00pm
2:30pm – 4:00pm
4:30pm – 6:00pm
The Molly Ringwalds


This year’s events will be held on an old town Cypress street, Hempstead Highway [between Spring Cypress and Skinner], this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 25-27. $5 Adults, $3 Kids [3-12], FREE under 3.

Check out CyFest.com for more information and like CyFest on Facebook – they are doing a giveaway if they reach 1,000 fans!

B + Me hope to see you all out there!

PSA: Please remember sunblock if you are heading out Saturday or Sunday!

Update: As it turns out, this is apparently “not a duck”… but it sure does walk and quack like one. This is not the Annual Cy-Fest that is put on by Lone Star College, this is actually the Annual CyFest [you see, there is no hyphen?!] that is put on for profit by Acadiana Group… So, I hope you aren’t confused, sometimes hypens can do that to you. yea, hyphens.

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Mar 232011

My prettiest cousin is getting married next year and now is the time that I should start making plans for her wedding present.

I found the most amazing idea on this series of tubes, but I cannot tell you for the sake of keeping it a secret.

On her wedding day, I will share the gift, but until then, here is a yummy morsel…

I am really excited to jump in to this baby, it is going to be mah-velous, just mah-velous!

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Mar 152011

I just can’t seem to slow this crafting roll down, every where I turn it looks like a new idea is popping my head. This past weekend I received the CUTEST picture of my niece peeking from a tree and that needs a special home.

Monday, I stumbled upon a featured post at Tatertots and Jello with an amazing idea for quick and easy decor-friendly chore chart. All you need are time, an old frame and fabric that matches your style, done, done and done. [I really had no idea that I had so many unused frames stashed in this house!]

Pile of goods:

Pile of goods combined:

Completed photo/memo frame:

Isn’t that girl just as cute as a button?

This project took about an hour, and it was really simple; the hardest part was choosing which ribbon or string to use. There’s no use in me reinventing the craft wheel here, the instructions on how to create your own frame/memo/chore chart can be found here.

I chose to use spray adhesive over the hot glue when mounting the upholstery fabric to the cardboard back, it provided a smoother surface and cleaner lines than with the hot glue. When I was finished gluing all the ribbon in place, I sprayed the back again with adhesive and stuck on another cardboard cut out to cover up all of the “work”, so all you see from the back is cardboard and staples, nice and clean!

Happy Crafting Friends!

PS – Here is a look into my current large project:

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Mar 122011

Our mantel has been a sore spot for a while now. We just do not know what to do with it. The room is not as large as the height suggest, so it is hard to imagine what to put in the space… besides absolutely nothing.

We tried painting the wall a light steel blue color and adding canvases [which were supposed to be painted with a chosen design] to draw the eye upward. A focal point, maybe. The room [and house] is just not large enough for this kind of detail and the color was way too cold for the space.


So, we repainted the wall a darker grey with a hint of brown, the color looks amazing and it actually makes the wall look even taller, but in a much better way…  Now we are left with a “what to do with the space” issue.

We have floating shelves in the entry way that B has been threatening to demolish as soon as Mom isn’t looking. He got his wish last night, all of the shelf dwellers made their way to the mantle, a more stable situation for all involved. Especially for my Father-In-Law’s service flag; that bad boy is really heavy!


It is still pretty simple, but we like it.

PSA: Thank God and a service[wo]man for setting and keeping you FREE. The ultimate Frugal find!

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Mar 112011

My sis, Sarah, came over today with a super cute craft in tow – clay ninja creation.

I created my “Big Guy” out of lime green clay and cooked him up for ~45 minutes. He has the most awesome lean and his arms are all “Sup”-like. He is fantastic. He is ninja.

I made three bead heads, I suppose they will make it to the Christmas tree this year with their glittery goodness. What says “Merry Christmas” more than three green ninjas? They will be like our three wise men, only without the gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Sarah made her beads in to dangle earrings, they are uber cute!  I should have got a picture, no use telling you if you can’t see them, right? Well, take my word for it, they are pretty amazing.

We had a really fun time being creative and I especially enjoyed our discussion over the structure and importance of same size ninja clay eyeballs… mini eyeballs are surprisingly difficult!

UPDATE: I got pictures!

See, I told you they were amazing!

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Mar 102011

Were you able to commit to your 2011 philanthropic goals of donating to the Do Something organization?

Didn’t it feel amazing to do something good for somebody else with jeans you[r kids] would never wear again? Yes! Didn’t it feel good to get an extra 25% off jeans, which were already on clearance, because you donated? Double Yes!

This year the organization collected over 500k pairs of jeans, thanks to you. I am so proud of you for taking the time to help them out!

If you weren’t able to donate this year, start stocking up, it is going to roll around again next year and you REALLY want to be ready. Hit up your friends, sisters, brothers and neighbors; now is the time for spring cleaning, maybe watch for items along the road-side if you are feeling extremely frugal.

Happy pilanthroping fellow frugalers. [Not an alliteration, more of a tongue twister]

PS – No one sent me jeans from Minnesota, sort of a bummer, but I will survive… there is always next year!

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Mar 092011

My Old Girl is taking our reign on frugal-dom into the ground.

Tonight my awesome husband saved the day because she was about to blow me through the roof. Apparently a half jug-a-lug of coolant was what the Dr. ordered and my B was there to get the job done.

Luckily, the jug of green goo was under $10, which is MUCH less than the bill I had calculated in my head for the mechanic. ::WHEW::

What has your husband or loved one done for you lately that you absolutely appreciated?

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Feb 272011

Welcome to the end of windy February - B and I are spending the weekend on house work… painting and fertilizing, yay!

Yesterday, I ran in the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k, benefiting the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship fund. It was my first 10k race, and I won’t lie, when I passed the 5k turn off I really wished I was turning with them! It was really humid and people were walking all over the place so it was hard to maneuver at times. And, needless to say, that hill was a beast! I succeeded in finishing in 1:11, 11 minutes over my goal, but it’s better than 1:12, right?

Now, on to my resolutions update:

I am doing very well with eating breakfast every day, once you start, it is really hard to stop because a nice healthy breakfast gets you revved and ready for the day. Not to mention, I don’t want my 6 boxes of Special K to go to waste! I mean, I spent some hard earned cash on those babies.

Our neighbor’s orange tree

I had chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. That counts as eating fresh fruit, right? :) Sarah and I dipped them on Sunday night, so I say it counts. Grapes have been on sale at Randalls and Kroger this month, so that has realyl worked to my benefit. I like when HEB has the mini-grapes, they are really good on baby spinach salads with bacon vinagrette. I picked a lot of oranges from the neighbors tree before the hard freeze hit, they are all wrapped happily in our pantry for use in future Cuban and Brazilian inspired dishes. Not to mention, I usually have one with lunch that comes from the stash of unwrapped oranges – the ones that I pulled the caps off when shucking them from the tree. WHOOPS!

Extremely close to the liking of my car, except mine has 4 doors... HAH

Old Girl, my amazingly paid for and super fast korean sports car, had to visit the ER this month, she has set us back in our snow ball by dollar or three. We are making it work, we are still on track to pay off the other beast of a vehicle and take a much needed vacation to the beach this summer. COME ON SUMMER!

We have been playing volleyball with C a lot. She is trying out for the school team next year and she is super excited/nervous. She is such an amazing volleyball player and she has an amazing coach to build her up in strength and confidence. Her team played in their first tournament this month and they kicked booty, they played 3 sets back to back to back and won 6 of 7 matches. WTG Heat!

In my etsy shop – sweetgum way

sweetgum way is up and running. I am having a lot of fun making these decorative tiles, I love working with the different papers and fabric trims.

Live on the edge: I totally fixed the garage door all by myself. One night we came home from dinner and I noticed the door was not going up on both side at the same rate, “HALT!” I demanded. I inspected. The verdict: Two of the metal hinges were snapped in half. So I googled how to replace a garage door hinge, took pictures of the hinges, so I would forget which kinds to get, headed to Lowe’s for my loot and absolutely came home and save the world according to garage doors. Score one for the girls…

MacGyver's got nothin' on Me!

One thing I did not do in excess this month is coupon/grocery shop. I think I am burnt out, and now that the Extreme Couponers epidemic is out, it is getting more difficult to find that great deal to share. Luckily Mrs. Baird’s has been on sale buy one get one free on alternating weeks at Kroger and Randall’s, so taking/making sandwiches for lunch has been really profiable for the H family.

I am pretty sure that I am leaving something out, Ive tried to make updates through the month, but things happen… you understand right?

How are you doing on your New Year’s goals so far? I hope you find this as an encouragement to get back on the track if you have veered; your aspirations are very important to your life and legacy.

Happy end to February 2011 – Welcome March!

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