Aug 132011

Rock N Roll Chicago Or Bust

It’s finally here - the Rock N Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon! Please keep Mike and me in your prayers as we take it to the streets on Sunday at 6:30am.

B lived in Chicago for a year when C was younger, so we are going to be able to meet up with old friends and enjoy the scenery. I also get to meet one of my co-workers who lives just a mile from our hotel – working from home with people all over this great country has it’s perks, but I only know what 5 people actually look like in person.

Keep your eyes peeled for #15047, I Run Like A Mother.

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Aug 012011

Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!

We are free free free from the lender.

Our #1, the gigantor truck, is PAID OFF!

Paid OFF #1

We set a goal and a limited spending budget and we made it! We paid off a little more than $15,000 in a year and some. Holla at your girl! It is CELEBRATION time!

The kicker? Our income decreased right after we set our goal, only by the Grace of God did we manage to keep our commitment to our FREEDOM.

YaY Us!  Congrats Mr. H, we ROCK!

PS – Are you on the road to a Great Recovery? Let us know!

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Jul 182011

B and I had a wonderful weekend, outside of missing our girl on vacation in Colorado and dealing with a rat. Ok, not really a rat, but our sweetest girl needed a baby sitter for her guinea pig during vacation, and this mom will do anything for her girl… pretty much.

It was exhausting, but we did exactly what we had intended to do, like:

Relax after a long hard week [it needs documenting that we actually got out of the house, LoL]


Listen to good music [Thanks, Buck Yeager!]

Buck Yeager

Even D had a great weekend, can’t you tell?


 Here’s to great weekends!

PS. Buck Yeager Band [and the H fam] will be at Lone Star Ice House [10801 Spring Cypress Rd] on Friday, July 22. Be there, or be square ;)

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Jul 162011

The Great RecoveryMy homeboy, Dave Ramsey, is stirring up emotions again… Sweet! You may not know this, but I finished up my college career working with clients on the Dave Ramsey program with Aggie Green, former Investment and Insurance ELP in Houston. It was so much fun to see people work out a budget, stick to it and become debt free, these client’s were like family and I truly enjoyed being able to help them start their financial legacy.

Dave Ramsey and Me, 2006
Dave and Me, schmoozing at Champions Forest Baptist Church in 2006

On July 21 at 7pm, he will be live-streaming The Great Recovery here, it is sure to knock your socks off. The call of action is to turn our financial economy around through one family, one church, one community at a time; we can no longer rely on the government to do the right thing when it comes to our Founding Father’s original plan for prosperity of this Great Nation.

I encourage you to register for the live stream to secure a spot in the stream, there will be a replay available an hour after broadcast.

Want to find out more about the movement and get inspired? Of course you do! Check out The Great Recovery, listen to testimonies of supporting pastors and read stories of inspiration from top leaders in the Christian community.

Our Great Nation is in desperate need of prayer, please let us know how we can pray for you today! All things are possible through God, He is our strength!

UPDATE: Check my Recap HERE. Enjoy!

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Jul 152011

So, I’ve been posting about my frugal shopping weeks for a while now and it has been fun… but I do not think it will be as fun as my next feature. I want to see your FRUGAL FINDS as well!

I just love seeing the amazing deals people get; it never ceases to amaze me how coupon-smart people rock the sales.

This week I trucked it to Randall’s, Walgreens, PetSmart and CVS and spent $37.15 [only $14.07 from my pocket, however].


See, what had happened was… I went shopping on Sunday after beating the crowds away at Pier 1, Old Navy, Home Goods and Bath and Body Works – by the time I got to the grocery store, I was pooped. So, when I got home I flattened out on the couch and my awesome B helped with the unloading unloaded everything, therefore there is no fancy picture to share.

Eggs $1.99

Ruffles $3.18 – $1.30 in Ad = $1.88

4 Almond Joy @ $1.19 = $4.76 – B2G2 Sale = $2.38 or $0.59 each

2 JIF Peanut Butter @ $2.12 = $4.24 – $.26 in Ad = $3.98 or $1.99 each

2 Lucerne Cheese @ $2.19 = $4.38 – $.40 in Ad = $3.98 or $1.99 each

New York Toast $3.39 – 50% clearance = $1.69

Mrs. Baird’s Powdered Donuts $1.99 [I needed the energy, don't judge! ;)]

Natures Own Bread $2.00

2 Marzetti Dressings @ $3.99 = $7.98 – B1G1 – $1.00/1 = $2.99 or $1.49 each

Total Spent $23.08

Total Saved $14.89 or 39%

I received a $25 gift card to Randall’s prior to this run, so it was actually FREE! I should have bought more donuts…


July 13 CVS

3 Skintimate Shave Cream and Gel @ $1.99 = $5.97 – $1.00/1 – [2] $0.55/1 = $3.87 or $1.29 each

Balance Bar $1.69 [Earn $1.69 ECB WYB 1, limit 1]

Total $6.02

Total Spent $0.06 [Used $5.50 ECB from previous trip]

Total Saved $13.30 or close enough to 100% + $1.69 ECB for future use


July 13 PetSmart

Nutro Max Dog Food $8.99 – $5.00/1 – $3.00 Survey = $0.99

Total Spent $1.06

Total Saved $8.00 or 89% + $3.00 Survey!


July 13 Walgreens

 2 Dove Men’s Body Wash@ $4.49 = $8.98 - B1G1 = $4.49 or $2.24 each

Dove Body Wash $4.49 – $1.00/1 = $3.49

Garnier Shampoo $3.99 – $1.00/1 = $2.99

2 Spoons @ $0.49 = $0.99

Total Spent $12.95

Total Saved $10.48 or 45%

July 13 Trip

To wrap it up, my totals for this week’s trips were:

Total Spent: $37.15 [$14.07 out of pocket]

Total Saved: $46.67 or 55%

Total Earned for future use: $1.69

Now, it is time for you to share all of your amazing trips from this past week!

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Jul 082011

Florida Sillys

Today is one of my most disliked days of. all. time. It’s the day that my baby girl returns to her Mom’s for summer break.

We have had a great summer so far and we will have more time in August. Some of the cool things we accomplished:

  • Traveling to Florida
  • Snorkeling
  • Riding a personalized Roller Coaster
  • Laying on a Bed of Nails
  • Racing GoCarts
  • Swimming
  • Playing Volleyball
  • Playing Football
  • Eating a lot of Ice Cream
  • Snacking on Chocolate Donuts
  • Picking Veggies from the garden
  • Reading for fun
  • Singing for fun
  • Laughing for fun

I am going to miss her little groggy head in the morning and her smart laugh at the TV or at D.

She picked out D’s new baby the other day, D just loves it… probably because Sister picked it out.

D and Baby


I am truly blessed to have been given such an amazing daughter, one who I miss SO much when she is not around. She’s my silly girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Jun 282011

We had an amazing time on our vacation last week to the beach. It took a long 12 hours to get to our destination, two trucks full of stuff and 7 people: my parents, my baby brother + home skillet and yours truly, H family.

I thought it might be nice to share some pictures with you all, since I pretty much left you hanging last week. Rude.


My man and Me, lookin’ good… catching rays…

Sea Screamer - The Family

We went on a Dolphin Watch and Snorkel trip on the Sea Screamer; we learned how to use fins and breathe though the little snorkels [it's really challenging the first time], caught sand dollars, watched crabs and flizards [it's a made up word for a fish that looks like a lizard] and sea urchins float with the tide. Unfortunately, a “storm” was brewing and the gulf side of the bay was really choppy, we would have been able to swim with the dolphins after they surfed behind the Sea Screamer.

Hello Dolphin

Can’t you just hear this little guy, “Come on! Let’s swim!” We also saw a Mama and baby dolphin surfing the boats waves. They were so precious.

Dad and Me

Here is my Dad and Me on the boat, he’s a super trooper.

Wave Surfing

B and C enjoying the fast and crazy ride back to the marina. Where am I?


Holding on, HAHA.

Just Kidding! It wasn’t bad at all, this picture is after I had sprayed my feet for the 10th time with sun block… ever had burnt feet? It’s the worst!

Peek A Boo


We liked snorkeling so much, we went the next day to the state park and rented gear. We caught a few little shells, watched schools of fish swimming in the rocks, inspected snails and other shelled creatures… saw more flizards. B made a friend with a short, fat fish who swam under his chin and neck area when he was under and around his waist when he was standing. It was like seeing a whale with the little fish all around, super cute!

B in a Chair

This is what most of our days looked like, nice and lazy with a side of reading and soaking up the sun.

Wonder Works

We took a break from the sun one day and headed to Wonder Works. HOW COOL IS THIS BUILDING!? It looks like it is floating in the clouds the way I took the picture and everything inside is upside down too. If you see it from the front, it clearly fell from the sky… SO cool!


B showing Craig Biggio how it’s done, even on vacation we cannot get away from sport.

Bed of Nails

C on a bed of nails, not as comfortable at the good ‘ol posturepedic.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and miss the cool beach breeze already, but it sure is nice to sleep in your own bed and take a shower in your own shower. You know what I mean?

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Jun 072011

H Wedding

Happy 3rd Anniversary

To my amazing Husband,

I love you more today than I did when I married you. You are a wonderful Husband and Father and a tremendous leader to our family. I am so grateful God gave me the strength to take you on, you are my life’s biggest journey and I enjoy every minute we are together.

To my sweet Daughter,

I never knew I could love somebody, so much, who was not my own creation. God has given me you to bring up in Him and I am grateful for His challenge; you are so precious to me and I love you more that you can imagine. I pray to help you soar high and be amazing in His [and our] eyes.

Please pray for my dear family. We are in our third year, with many more to come. As we enter a world that is broken, please become parallel in our prayers that we will stay on the straight and narrow, in God’s word and on God’s path.

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love my Peeps!

Mom + Dad

PS~Today is ALSO my parents 33 year anniversary! How special is it that B and I married 30 years after my parents? Happy 06.07.80 Mom and Dad! I Love Y’all!

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May 302011

If there is any time where Pride ALWAYS get’s the best of me… it is being an American. I LVE being an American; I love our flag, I love our traditions and I love being a citizen of the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.”

 Memorial Day 2011

This weekend we Remember those who have, unselfishly, fought for our rights and [many] given their lives so we may enjoy our above standard freedoms as American’s.

Memorial Day 2011Memorial Day 2011

“There ain’t no doubt, I love this Land! God Bless the USA!”

God Bless America - Memorial Day 2011

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May 272011

We were at a baseball tournament a few weekends back in La Porte when I noticed one of the little brother’s was not hanging around, building a fort out of dirt or making a tee-pee out of tree branches. I asked his mother about him, because I don’t have a kid on the team and I enjoy watching his ingenuity.  He was with his Grammy, not because he didn’t want to be there for his big brother or because he friends were not there, but simply for the fact that Grammy is a sucker for her sweet baby boy and will not tell him, “No”. That is when I remembered Anita Renfroe’s “Momisms”.

First, as a step-mother to the sweetest, most delightful pre-teen [she turned 12 just yesterday ::tear::] of all ages, this video comes in handy when the going gets tough and the tough take cover.

Then, you [and I] grow up and our children have their own kids, and the tough come out of hiding just for the sheer enjoyment of giving these sweet and innocent grand-babies whatever they want, and kicking the Momism’s to the curb.

TGIF Friends!

And PS – I wont be out of hiding for another good 30 years, so let me know how the whole Grandma thing works out for you!

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