Jul 312012

It’s SO close, I can hardly contain myself!

My Sweet C is going to be home TOMORROW and her room is coming along, minus the whole ruffle throw thing I promised.

Here is a sneak peek, in case she happens to be reading this week… if so, I LOVE YOU BABY! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Sweet C's Room

Sweet C's Room

Sweet C's Room

PS. I sent her a joke today: What do you call a fake noodle?


 PPS. This happened to our bedroom yesterday… IDK HOW that got there ;) Guess I’ll be making that ruffle throw after all!

Yes, A Sewing Table in Our Room

Yes, A Sewing Table in Our Room

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Jul 262012

Oh. My. Gosh.

Have you ever been sick of spending money? [Stupid, right?] I am there now. I don’t want to go to the grocery store. I don’t want to finish Sweet C’s room. I don’t want to have our master [finally] painted. I’m just over it.

My root cause mind wants to know how I got here. Here is a little jot of what I think may have happened…

  1. New coupons are rolling out and they are low value, like $.75/2 or $1.00/3. Don’t get me wrong, these coupons are great if you can stand to have three boxes of the same cereal and eat them all before they expire… or you have a family of 3+ who actually can take care of the stock quickly. We can’t, wasted money.
  2. We just purchased 40 pounds of delicious 93/7 ground beef from Zaycon… beef isn’t free, you know?
  3. Refinancing a home to a lower interest rate takes a lot of mullah up front, so our savings looks pretty weak right now. [PS, if you are at 6% or higher, now is the time to think about re-financing, especially since the PMI rate was currently reduced] That’s frugal news, you’re welcome. We used Cornerstone Mortgage, they are awesome, email me for their contact info!
  4. My Sweet C’s room is still a disaster. We have made progress – there is a bed, desk and mirror – but there is still so much to do and I prefer for her to come home to a calm area and not a construction zone. She is my delicate flower. One thing at a time, I know, but I want it done now. I’m so silly, I told her I would make her this ruffle throw, I haven’t even purchased the sheets to make it and she will be home on Aug 1. GUH!
  5. Christmas is just around the corner and I have already started shopping, there are TONS of great deals right now on items that I know will be utilized for gift giving. Today, I received an email for $20 off $75 to Vera Bradley, all the rage with the teens and tweens right now. There was a fantastic deal on Groupon over the weekend that I hit up for my brother and B, I’d tell you, but then they would know… what’s the fun of Christmas if you know your gifts?
  6. I have the slight sense that my beautiful, amazing, most wonderful car in the world might be kicking the bucket soon. It hurts my heart. Maybe from all the above, this is the one that gets to me the most. I bought her as a wee baby, just barely old enough to cruise the open roads. We have had a lot of ups and downs and, knock on wood, not one accident; I can’t stand the thought of losing her. It. Is. A. Car. But I paid for her, by myself [my awesome Dad co-signed], I fed her gas, I took her shopping… and to the shop. ::tear::
  7. Finally, my babe. My husband is the bomb. He works so hard for our family. He has provided the income to be able to take fun trips and enjoy the little “luxuries” like dates to Chocolate Bar, volleyball camps, massages, and much more. I feel like I [and Sweet C] have indulged in many luxuries while my husband has been working his tail off; he would argue that this is exactly WHY he works, for us to enjoy ourselves. I love that guy and I tell him I appreciate him every chance I get, but rewards are nice too. Love Languages.

So, you ask, how do I work on these items? Stop Spending. Pray thanks for our abundance. And then sell/donate something… or a lot of somethings.

I am on Facebook, did you know? My personal page is linked to about 7 different Beg, Buy, Barter and Sell groups in my general area. Have you heard of them? No? Well, imagine Craigslist, but extremely local, and people are more willing to meet up instead of making you come to their house [sometimes creepy]. Right now I am trying to sell this awesome Desk and Delta Shower Set; I have them posted on Craigslist and BBBS and have had quite a few hits but not the right buyer yet. Wah! These will help finish up my Sweet C’s room, so I am hoping they are sold quick.. August 1 is fast approaching. Oh, I also have a pair of roller hockey skates for sale, awesome right?

This past weekend I went out with my mom and sister [bro's gf] and purchased a few new t-shirts to upcycle into scarfs/necklaces and let me tell you, I found the most scrumptious XXXL blue t-shirt, check out SweetgumWay soon for new postings! 

Also, I have a few designs on Zazzle that are worth taking a look! I love them all, but I guess any mother would love her own creations, especially my Eat. Pray. Run. repeat gear! :)

You can see, I am in a pickle. Don’t be surprised when you see a lot of homemade posts popping up within the next week or two. Remember the sweet string art I made for My Sweet C? Well, she changed her room color to pink and black, so you’ll for sure be sing another string art, because she LOVED IT… but in pink, maybe. GUH!

What about you? Have you been in this type of “I’m sick of spending money” situation before? What has helped you out and what did you sell/make to get a little extra cash in the bank?

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Jul 172012

Hey Friends! How is your summer so far?!

We have been on vacation to Virginia and Washington, DC! I had an opportunity to talk to the future President

And his future First Ladies! [He said he would make the title official ;) ]

PS, we don’t plan this at all, but it has happened TWICE over our four week vacation:

 OH and PS – While in Virginia, we went to get ice cream with our cousin, Melissa, and a guy stopped us in our licking tracks and said, “You MUST be mother and daughter, my two daugther’s look JUST LIKE their mother and you and her look exactly the same!”

I replied with a smile and a thank you. I love my sweet girl and I thank God every day for her being in my life!

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Jun 192012

My Sweet C and I made homemade laundry detergent the other night and since then I’ve tried my hardest not to just pull everything out of the closets and rewash them in it because this stuff is amazing! It is gentle and smells fresh and clean.

Homemade Laundry Detergent


1 cup Borax [$3.38 @ Wal-Mart]

 1 cup Washing Soda [$3.24 @ Wal-Mart]

1 bar Ivory soap, grated [$1.24 for 3 bars @ Wal-mart]

Mix it up and transfer to an air tight container

Add 1 tablespoon to each load [I have a HE front-load, so I put the powder in the drawer since water will shoot it out at the right time]

We also read that white vinegar is a GREAT substitute for fabric softener, so I pulled a partially used bottle out of the spice cabinet and added a few drops of Island Colada oil from Bath and Body Works to make it smell refreshing. [You do not have to use the oil, some how the white vinegar smell does not stay on the clothes, they just smell clean.] I have still used my remaining dryer sheets, talk about super soft towels and clothing!

Total Cost $7.86

I am not sure how many loads this will get us through, but it looks like it’ll last us a long time before we have to grate up another bar of Ivory soap!

Have you made any natural products that you have been pleasantly surprised with? Do tell!

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Jun 072012

06.07.08 Wedding4th Anniversary

H Fam 2008


Four years ago, today, I married the most handsome and sincere man and most awesome and intellectual daughter God could have ever given me. I am blessed beyond all means, only He truly knows my abundance.

To my husband: I love you. I could write more words, but they would be lesser than the three already written.

To my daughter: You rock, I miss you every day you are not with Daddy and Me.

To Me: Keep on keeping on girl, God is watching when no one else is, all glory to HIM.

To My Parents: Happy 32nd Anniversary to you! <3

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Jun 052012


Back in December 2010, my Sweet C and I stayed up WAY past our bedtime to try and catch a glimpse of the 2010 full lunar eclipse. It was 3am and cloudy in when the mid eclipse would have been in view in our neck of the woods. We tried to get on the roof to see if the trees were just in the way and we even tried driving down the freeway in our jammies, away from the trees, to see if the clouds broke to see the orange moon… but we were sent to the computer to watch the live NASA feed. Needless to say, we weren’t worth much the next day, but we had fun exploring and listening to the live NASA feed and people’s responses from all around the world would could actually see the eclipse.

I know this is REALLY short notice, but tonight is a once in a lifetime [if you were born after 2004] event in which Venus will pass in front of/over the face of the sun beginning at 4:45 pm central.

Click HERE for more info and the live feed.

Please don’t stare at the sun! Help your kids make their own pinhole camera’s  to view the transit safely. You are also able to watch the live stream on NASA.

And remember kids: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. [Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, the planet formerly known as Pluto]

Enjoy! I would love to know how you and your kids view this event. My Sweet C isn’t here tonight, so I will be sending her a text shortly to let her know how to share the event with her mom and brothers!

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May 312012

My Sweet C, Grandma and I were cruising though the furniture store one day when C saw it, her room’s inspiration…

Swanky BedMy, oh my, does she have serious taste.

What to do about a 13 year old who’s eyes dazzle at a $2,800 bed… besides the obvious, “Ummm, no”? Recommend finding a much less expensive tufted headboard and bedazzle it ourselves, of course!

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May 272012

Musical String Art

One evening, while cruising around the good ‘ol Pinterest, I spotted a sweet music heart that would be perfect for my Sweet C on her birthday. But, she only wears the necklace I gave her on our wedding day, so this would not be a wise purchase on my part… so what to do? A few days later, I ran across this post on Honey+Fitz and thought, A-HA! Indeed, this is what I will do for my Sweet C!

Needed Supplies:

12″ round cork mat  [in the garden department]

String, I used a variegated DMC floss in blues

Wire Nails [Size 1/2 x 19]

Template/Pattern + Tape

Primer + Paint

Hammer + Needle Nose Pliers

String Art Supplies

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May 242012

Today, I want to tell you/remind you about some great opportunities to save on [almost] all purchases made online through an example of my shopping trip today.

My little D had demodex when we adopted her from Lucky Dog Rescue, she came with meds and a complete care regimen to clear the pesky little mites in no time. However, once they have it, minimal amounts remain living in their little bodies and will make themselves present with many health and environmental factors. Lately, D has been dealing with severe anxiety and back tracking on her positive abilities… I seriously think she has RAD.

Scared Dog

Anyways, I digress.

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Apr 142012
Relay for Life 2012
We made it!
Well, we made it until 12am then decided to call it a night… 7am was a bit overzealous since each one of our team members had something to be up early for this morning. But, non-the-less, we walked the track a half billion times and supported our girl, Sarah, and those who could not be with us.
Sarah Balloon Release

Sarah's Survivor Balloon Release

 Each survivor released a purple baloon at the opening seremony, it was fun to watch them all float away with the various survivorship brackets… if only that was how all cancer’s were cured.

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