Jun 072011

H Wedding

Happy 3rd Anniversary

To my amazing Husband,

I love you more today than I did when I married you. You are a wonderful Husband and Father and a tremendous leader to our family. I am so grateful God gave me the strength to take you on, you are my life’s biggest journey and I enjoy every minute we are together.

To my sweet Daughter,

I never knew I could love somebody, so much, who was not my own creation. God has given me you to bring up in Him and I am grateful for His challenge; you are so precious to me and I love you more that you can imagine. I pray to help you soar high and be amazing in His [and our] eyes.

Please pray for my dear family. We are in our third year, with many more to come. As we enter a world that is broken, please become parallel in our prayers that we will stay on the straight and narrow, in God’s word and on God’s path.

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love my Peeps!

Mom + Dad

PS~Today is ALSO my parents 33 year anniversary! How special is it that B and I married 30 years after my parents? Happy 06.07.80 Mom and Dad! I Love Y’all!

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May 212011

SQUARE card readerWelcome to another conversation I had with B on Friday morning:

Me: I’m going to start sanding the new furniture so I can paint and sell those bad boys.

B: Sweet! I wonder if there’s something you can take with out to accept credit at your next show, like a swipe machine or something.

Me: THERE IS! It’s a little square that you stick into your smart phone and it charges the credit card from my customer. I have one already, but I can’t use it… because we don’t have smart phones yet…

B: Wow, that sucks. Way to put the cart before the horse.

Me: I know! That’s what I have been telling everybody too…

We laughed at it. Hopefully you will too!

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May 062011

rotary phone

B and I do not want to create another bill until our #1 is gone bye-bye in 3 months.

But, I went online to look at all of the pretty designs and colors and now I want one really badly – it’s a strong case of The Joneses, for sure! Not only are the phones pretty, our carrier is having a GREAT sale since we are not under contract anymore. I can’t even decide which one I want, they are all so complex and flashy - I do know that I am surely not paying for text messaging anymore since there are apps that allow you to send texts for free.

I have my first show in two weeks and I tried that angle with him, I NEED one to complete my transactions. What if somebody wants to pay me with plastic? I can’t do anything about it if I don’t have a smarty pants phone, do you want me to lose a sale because we are so old school… He’s not budging. He’s a good husband.

B: “We aren’t even going to go into the store until #1 is complete. Unless my phone dies or is killed before then, forget it.”

Me: “Let me see your phone!”

TGIF Friends!

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Apr 152011

Brown Chicken Eggs

Hypothetically, this might have happened:

Husband: Hey Babe, I’m Home!

Wife: HEY! How was practice? Did all the kids produce and do what they were told?

Husband: Yea, they were alright.

Wife: Cool.

Husband: One of the Dad’s has a daughter who is raising rabbits and chickens for FFA; he gave me and another coach each three dozen brown eggs…

Wife: REALLY!? Sweet! I bet they have tons of bunny babies now!

Husband: Yea, please don’t tell our daughter!

Wife: Oh I won’t, bunny’s are pretty nasty… but kinda cute.

Husband: Yea. But, [dramatic pause]what do you do with brown eggs?

::silence:: ::furrow::

Multi Colored Chicken Eggs

Here’s to your silly Friday! May your weekend be blessed… like we are with brown eggs!

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