Sep 292011

Dakota and I finally went to pick up her free bag of Bil-Jac Super Premium Dry Dog Food last week and the results are incredible.

Remember when you had to use the food ball when your pup was little – to keep them from eating too fast? I had to break it out again because this food is like dog food heaven apparently, and it cannot be eaten quick enough! I caught Dakota in action one morning, you will see here how she is taking out the pieces of her old food and putting them on the floor… to be picked up by Mom later because they are just sub-par. I guess this means she loves the Bil-Jac dog food and that I better not come home with the old lack-luster food. ever. again.

The food is about the size of rabbit food and smells like… chicken. Which is a good thing because Bil-Jac uses 10lbs of fresh farm-raised chicken to make one 15lb bag of their premium dog food.  Who else is going to tell you how much REAL product is actually in the mix? They slow cook their high quality protein [chicken + chicken organs] and high quality carbohydrates [fine ground corn meal] in small batches to maintain optimum temperatures which in turn protects the core nutrition and chicken taste of the Bil-Jac product.

Bil-Jac Premium Dry Dog Food comes in many different varieties to suit the needs of your dog:

  • Puppy
  • Select Adult
  • Reduced Fat
  • Senior
  • Large Breed
  • Small Breed
  • Sensitive Solutions

We purchased the Select Adult variety because Dakota is very active and it had the right proportion of carbohydrates for her active lifestyle. She has been chowing on this for a little over a week now and she has a much better attitude, for real, she is more happy and energetic – most likely because she is not being weighted down by stiff stool or cheap fillers. Also, I have noticed a great change in her coat’s appearance – it is already shiny black, but she had pretty bad dandruff because of the Texas summer, now it has become more smooth and minimal dandruff is left after bathing and brushing. Yay!

Log on to Bil-Jac for more information, testimonials and success stories from dog parents everywhere who have experienced the difference of Bil-Jac Super Premium dog food.

Now, on to the giveaway! Bzz-Agent suppied me with 4 - $10 OFF coupons in my sweet little BzzKit and I have saved two exclusively for the first two people to leave a qualified comment [with name and email address for contacting, of course!] answering this question:

What is your pups name and what breed/mix is he/she? 

I will announce the two winners here within the week! Good Luck!

Disclaimer: BzzAgent compensated me with FREE Bil-Jac dry dog food and coupons. The proposed opinions are my own.
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May 252011

I have been [im]patiently awaiting the arrival of my Cross Pen BzzKit for the past week and it is finally here. 

Have you ever used a Cross pen before? It is like writing with butter, smooth creamy butter. Cross has been in the pen making business for over 150 years, so they know a thing of two about fine pen craftmanship.

So let’s get to my delight; I have never received a pen in such a beautiful package, Bic has nothing on this beautiful brown box… it’s like the little blue box of pens.

Cross Pen box

And inside, my Nitro Blue Cross Edge. And the angels sang.Cross Pen open box

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Apr 252011

My L’Oréal® Paris The One Sweep™ Eye Shadow and Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara BzzKit came in the mail last month. I was so excited, I ripped everything open before even taking a decent picture… so the above picture is an after thought, hah!

My mom did not wear much make-up when I was young, so I never learned technique from her and I thought it was really hard to follow the instructions from Seventeen magazine; and let’s face it, for all who knew me ~15 years ago, I could really care less about make-up anyways. So, I really had no idea how to properly apply make-up until I was 25… my wedding day actually [Thank God my BFF was there to help me out - without her, I would have been walking the carpet with a plain Jane face].

My initial thought? WOOT! Eye shadow that I don’t have to blend myself! But, Boo to mascara with “glitter”… I better not look like a showgirl. Well, I guess B wouldn’t mind, one of my Resolutions was to feel more sexy, right?

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