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My life, my love, my world. My passions are loving the Lord, taking the best care of my family and finding the best deals on necessities. Follow me on journey through thick and thin, rich and poor and sickness and health. AMEN!

B + C = True and Unconditional Love

A + C = God’s-Graced True and Unconditional Love

A + B + C + D = Crazy Good Fun Times!

alyssa - frugal stepmom

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    You have a beautiful family! I love your site! My New Year’s resolution was to begin using coupons (a result of watching too many episodes of extreme couponing). It has gone pretty well and I have been able to knock out $30 to $40 off each weekly grocery bill. I also noticed that you used Souther Savers website and I do too. I live in a small town and my only grocery store is Ingles. Not many sites give Ingles info since it is only a southeastern store. Anyway, Thanks for visiting my blog today!


    Your family is beautiful! =)

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