Jul 302013

James Avery Craftsman Silversmith

Now through September 2, James Avery is giving you their Forged Link Charm Bracelet with any two charm purchase!

If there is one thing every [southern] girl must have, it is a charm bracelet to commemorate all of our special journey’s in life. I received my first charm bracelet from my parents when I was a kid, I was SO excited; I remember my Dad being SO proud of himself for picking the best charms for me.

This promotion is available in store, by phone and online through September 2, 2013 [or while supplies last]. If you have a store near you, you may choose to have it sent to the store for FREE or shipping starts at $6.50. Click here for details and fine print.

Let me know which charms you choose to get with your FREE bracelet!

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Jul 172013

Today, I went to get a pack of M&M’s from the candy drawer and this is what I opened up to:


I am SO sad. All of my Hershey with Almond down the trash bag… and the Hershey kisses and the tootsie rolls. WHAT A WORLD!!

I sent the pic to our amazing exterminator, Jeff at Superior Pest [281-753-2677], and he has verified that the teeth marks are from mice and not Anole lizards as I wished, haha.

I know it has happened within the last week because my Sweet C went to the drawer just last Friday for some gum to chew without any eyebrows raised.

This is what Dak think’s about the whole situation after I’ve texted B and C the pictures incriminating the mice who encroached our glorious candy space. This is exactly why C and I have been polling for a cat for the past year, no mouse would have gotten away with this with a cat in the house!


So… If you find some great deals on candy… Let me know!

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