Oct 052012

SOLD OUT Love Worth Fighting For

Tonight, my handsome man and I are headed out to a SOLD OUT Love Worth Fighting For event, hosted by KSBJ, and I am excited!

The event features speaker, and my 90′s sitcom crush, Kirk Cameron, and singer Warren Barfield, who will encourage and pour out their love to hundreds of “fighting” couples.

I cannot wait to share with you what we learn as a couple and as individuals. You can never grow TOO strong as either, right?

P.S. We will be sitting next to my BF and her hubby, so that makes this night even more special. Two couples, fighting for what is right and enjoying the presence and healing from God himself. Cool, huh?

S and Me 2007

P.S.S. If you wouldn’t mind, we would appreciate your prayers for open hearts and open minds. We are both at odds with a struggle or two within our family dynamics and would enjoy the peace and mercy of answered prayers! <3

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