Sep 272012

Ruffle Throw

I braved a twin size ruffle throw + two pillow shams [a la Pottery Barn Teen] and survived.

I could probably live the rest of my life and never desire to sew another ruffle again… well, probably not, but not in the near future will it EVER happen. Hah.


PB Teen can’t hold me down. There were a lot of steps and a lot of time needed to complete the project, I would say a good 12 hours were sucked up over three days to finish what I had started.

Ruffle Throw StepsI purchased two flat sheets from Target, one twin size and one queen size. I cut the queen sheet into ~6″ strips, ironed and hemmed all the sides that weren’t going to be ruffled, ruffle the unhemmed side with my handy dandy sewing machine, pinned each ruffle to the twin sheet and sewed and sewed and sewed. Then I did it ALL over with the pillow cases, however, I used the remaining fabric from the queen sheet that were not used on the twin throw, easy peasy!

Before I got about 5 hours into the project I had the thought, “This is SO easy, I could sell these!” I have changed my mind.

Unless you beg and I really love you… maybe I will think about it.

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    Your ruffled projects look fantastic! I always thought I wanted to know how to sew, now that I do, I haven’t done so for quite some time… Kudos to you for finishing your projects :).

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