Aug 232012

Dear HEB,

This week, you rock my socks because I purchased That Green Sauce at Hatch week and… I… Am… Loving… It!

That Green Sauce - HEB

It is not for the faint of heart though, a delicious combo of jalapeno and poblano peppers, is of medium heat and gives a sweet kick to begin and a savory spicy punch at the end.

It was a struggle of a purchase, at $4.00 for an 11 oz jar, it wasn’t exactly cheap. However, the many uses and small amounts needed to satisfy my taste buds are worth every penny! I used one teaspoon to top each of our stuffed peppers two nights ago, two tablespoons for dipping Chees-Its [yum!], and for lunch, today, I drizzled one teaspoon to my cheese pizza.

Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is!

You can find this delicious sauce on the chip aisle year round or with the Hatch presentations going on now at your local HEBs.

PS. Thanks, HEB, for the warning label on the back, which I did not read until half of the jar was gone. It reads: WARNING: Can be addictive! Pour it on tacos, eggs fajitas or just use it as a salsita (dip) with chips… again and again.

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