Aug 152012

Ever have one of those days that the devil creeps in and steals your joy for a moment?

Then you remember the time you went help you brother or sister move something and they got hurt and you couldn’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh?

Growing up you just don’t understand the concept that you’re actually going to be friends one day and enjoy eachother’s company. You don’t understand the process until it is complete[ish].

I share these thoughts because I was just looking for a photo to add to my brother’s contact and this is what I chose:

Soft Kitty

Exhibit A: Soft Kitty

Here, you see a picture from last Easter when I accidentally left my camera at my parent’s house. Now, every time he calls or sends me an email I will see this and I will laugh because I think this picture is awesome and it makes me laugh. 

In the end, Don’t let the devil steal your Joy and Always find something to make you smile!

What makes you smile?

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    I knew, I always knew.



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