Jul 272012

James Avery Craftsman Silversmith

If there is one thing every [southern] girl must have, it is a charm bracelet to commemorate all of our special journey’s in life. I received my first charm bracelet from my parents when I was a kid, I was SO excited; I remember my Dad being SO proud of himself for picking the best charms for me. On our recent trip to Washington, DC and Virginia, my Sweet C and I both picked out charms at Colonial Williamsburg to add to our collection.

My sister brought to my attention that now through August 31, James Avery is giving you their Forged Link Charm Bracelet with any two charm purchase!

I have picked out a few new additions to connect to my current bracelet, which only has a running shoe at the moment [Thanks Patti + Lonnie!]:

James Avery Purchase

This promotion is availabe in store and online through August 31, 2012 [while supplies last]. If you have a store near you, you may choose to have it sent to the store for FREE [Cypress is not available for pick up yet] or shipping starts at $6.50.

Let me know which charms you choose to get with your FREE bracelet!

PS – I realize this post is RIGHT above my post on not wanting to spend more money, because I’m so OVER it. I still am, but as #5 states, Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and Santa can always use a little idea boost ;)

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