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Update: Zaycon has cancelled this event completely due to lack of stock. Stay tuned for the new dates!

Zaycon Bulk Meat Events

Time for another round in our area by Zaycon Foods, have you tried them out yet? If not, you should definitely call your friends to see if they want to go in with you, you will not be sorry!

I hit them up for 30 pounds of the hickory smoked bacon when they were here in January and let me tell you, I was shocked, surprised and SUPER happy with my decision to try out another one of their fantastic meat selections. I shared the cost of the bacon with my Mom and two other people from my couponing board on Facebook, so the price tag wasn’t too killer with people to split the pot… I think having 30# of bacon is great, but is a bit much for a family of 2.5. The bacon is natural and comes from local southern and midwest states; they are hickory smoked, medium sliced and sealed into four packages of 7.5 pounds each. Don’t be concerned when the strong men and women load your car with two boxes of bacon, they are 15 pounds each, perfect for taking to your friends house for easy sharing… or not ;)

I have never purchased the fish or shrimp, so I cannot give a shout out to any of these products. However, I was watching Giada at Home the other day and watched her make this recipe and made me seriously consider putting in an order!

The Zaycon team is so efficient, you don’t even have to get out of you car or truck to pick up your purchases, they walk up with your order, put it where you ask and off you go to seal seal seal.

Saturday, June 9 [Orders must be placed by 6/3/12]

  • Frozen Alaskan True Cod Fillets $5.39/lb [20# units]
  • White Shrimp $6.39/lb [20# units] Cook, Peeled & Deveined. (31/40 count per pound)
  • Bacon $2.99/lb [30# units] Hickory Smoked, Medium Sliced

Check out Zaycon Foods here. I bet there is an event close to you, they are expanding their reach as the word gets out about their products.

Zaycon Foods
Various locations and dates in the Houston and surrounding area [click here to find an event near you]

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