May 272012

Musical String Art

One evening, while cruising around the good ‘ol Pinterest, I spotted a sweet music heart that would be perfect for my Sweet C on her birthday. But, she only wears the necklace I gave her on our wedding day, so this would not be a wise purchase on my part… so what to do? A few days later, I ran across this post on Honey+Fitz and thought, A-HA! Indeed, this is what I will do for my Sweet C!

Needed Supplies:

12″ round cork mat  [in the garden department]

String, I used a variegated DMC floss in blues

Wire Nails [Size 1/2 x 19]

Template/Pattern + Tape

Primer + Paint

Hammer + Needle Nose Pliers

String Art Supplies

I coated the cork mat in a layer of primer then a layer of paint. I let the mat dry for about 3 hours after the paint was brushed on because cork is porous and I didn’t want to permanently stick my template to the board!

Prime and Paint Cork Board

I centered the template on the cork mat and taped down the edges to reduce movement when tapping in the nails. Starting with the edges of the template, I pushed in the nails in sections and hammered them in to make them more sturdy and straight; I worked my way around the entire template this way, this took about an hour with a few back stretch breaks.

Once all of the nails were in place I took another pass with the hammer to make sure the nails were very secure, then I tore the template in sections to remove it from the mat, this was a little challenging in the slim corners, but I only had 4 nails come out. My pointer finger was raw after the nails were finally placed and template removed!

Nails In - String Art

Nails In - String Art

Now, on to the fun part – stringing! Just tie a little knot around and inner nail to hide the cut and begin stringing as much or as little as you like! I really like how the verigated string changes color, I think it creates a cool dimension to the project. I completed the stringing in one sitting of the House season finale [He's not dead!].

String Art - Close Up

It would be pretty plain and dull to hang it like this, right? So, I found a frame to paint black and added some string around the edges and VOILA – the completed Sweet C’s birthday present!

Musical String Art 3

Musical String Art 2

Total Cost: $8.00

Total Happiness: Infinity

Happy Birthday #13 to My Sweet C!

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    Love this – you are such a creative Mom !


    Where did you find that template??

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