May 092012

My Sweet C usually always comes home with a sweet twist or braid in her hair that looks lovely and I want to do it too. I have always loved trying new styles with my hair, most unsuccessful, but still, I have fun.

Today, to refresh my skills on the french braid and new love for side pony tails [hello 3rd grade, just don't bring back shoulder pads... please], I donned a side french braid pony tail for the first time, I dare say, EVER.

My inspiration:

VIA: Pinterest > Modern Salon

My outcome:

Alyssa's Side French Braid Ponytail


Side Braid Adventures

Side Braid Adventures

What do you think? It’s fun and whimsical, right?

So, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities with my new hair do and I turned heads. Not kidding, I got hit on in the dairy department.

Dude: Hey girl, you buying that yogurt? Looks healthy….

Yours Truly: Indeed, my husband enjoys it daily.

I wish all my comebacks were as smooth as this one rolled out, a little sass and innuendo… it’s the braid. Or as C would tell me, “It’s TOTES the braid”!

PS. I provided you the link to the meaning of totes, you’re welcome every one who is not going to be 13 in 17 days. ::tear::

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