May 312012

My Sweet C, Grandma and I were cruising though the furniture store one day when C saw it, her room’s inspiration…

Swanky BedMy, oh my, does she have serious taste.

What to do about a 13 year old who’s eyes dazzle at a $2,800 bed… besides the obvious, “Ummm, no”? Recommend finding a much less expensive tufted headboard and bedazzle it ourselves, of course!

After a few late nights of shopping online with B, they found just the right headboard for a mere $288 [plus FREE shipping, no sales tax, AND 2.5% cash back from Shopathome]. Once we received the headboard and I put that baby together, I skipped on over to Hobby Lobby and purchased two bags of 25mm jewels in clear for $3.47 each, glued them on with Liquid Stitch and we went from Drab to Fab in about 5 minutes.Headboard Change

Headboard $288.00

Acrylic Gems $3.47

Total Cost: $294.94

That is 89% off of the inspiration bed. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Now if only choosing an accent color and bedding were as easy as choosing a headboard. I am thinking hot pink, she is thinking some sort of blue, B is thinking he just wants it done…

What color would you choose in a room that is only black and white?

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  2 Responses to “On why Hobby Lobby and I are Friends”


    Awesome and totally Fab. If she is into blue I think that would look great with some floral prints in the pillows. She definitely has fabulous taste! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!


    I agree! I just finished up her knock-off PBTeen ruffle throw and pillow cases, labor intensive but beautiful! She is into ruffles and pink, fun stuff for this SM!

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