May 242012

Today, I want to tell you/remind you about some great opportunities to save on [almost] all purchases made online through an example of my shopping trip today.

My little D had demodex when we adopted her from Lucky Dog Rescue, she came with meds and a complete care regimen to clear the pesky little mites in no time. However, once they have it, minimal amounts remain living in their little bodies and will make themselves present with many health and environmental factors. Lately, D has been dealing with severe anxiety and back tracking on her positive abilities… I seriously think she has RAD.

Scared Dog

Anyways, I digress.

So, I needed to get D a medicated shampoo that the local stores do not carry, in comes online shopping, YAY! I already like shopping with 1800PetMeds, so I started my search there for this $18.99 shampoo that’ll make her feel oh-so-much-better.

After I had my cart ready for check out I closed the window, I KNOW!, and then I checked and to see what they were currently offering in cash back and coupon codes.

Ebates - 6% cash back + $5 online coupon

Shop at Home - 16% cash back + $5 online coupon

Since Shop at Home offered a MUCH better cash back value, I clicked through the 1800PetMeds shopping link on their site and retrieved my shopping cart with the shampoo still loaded. At checkout I made sure to include my $5 coupon, which cancelled out the shipping cost of $4.99, but I’ll take it!

My total ended up being $18.98 after discount and shipping, plus in 30 days, my Shop at Home account will be rewarded with $3.04, which brings my total down to $15.94!

Once your ebates or shopathome account reaches $20, you will receive a check/paypal transaction on their payment release dates.

Note: I save all of my electronic receipts in a special folder in my email program. When 30 days hits, I make sure that my reward has been added and if not [this happens sometimes, computers aren't perfect either] I send in an email with a copy of the receipt and they will credit my account once the transaction is validated.

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