May 172012

My amazing B was out tending to the desk he proposed to build for our office yesterday, so I decided to plant some flowers…

Pinwheel Flowers

Aren’t they pretty? It is really hard to find a nice blue flower, you know?

I can’t kill them and if D stomps on them or a volleyball flies at them, they just bounce right back up. Perfect!

I just wonder how long it will take to get a letter from our lovely HOA.?

PS. I haven’t resorted to ALL plastic flowers yet, I have managed to keep my plumeria, three tomato plants, ginger and dwarf myrtle alive and kicking, even through last year’s brutal summer. Cheers to this year!

PPS. I saw on Pinterest a rooting of celery, I totally tried it and mine is growing! Want to see?

Celery Rooting

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