Apr 142012
Relay for Life 2012
We made it!
Well, we made it until 12am then decided to call it a night… 7am was a bit overzealous since each one of our team members had something to be up early for this morning. But, non-the-less, we walked the track a half billion times and supported our girl, Sarah, and those who could not be with us.
Sarah Balloon Release

Sarah's Survivor Balloon Release

 Each survivor released a purple baloon at the opening seremony, it was fun to watch them all float away with the various survivorship brackets… if only that was how all cancer’s were cured.

Superhero Lap

Super Hero Lap

 My baby brother put on his Superman towel for the Super Hero/Cape Lap… it’s like having a cape within a cape, he’s pretty amazing like that.
I will leave you with this amazing photo, it’s from the survivor’s first lap, but it pretty much sums up the entire event.
Survivor Lap
Sarah – First Lap, Survivor Lap

  Take that Cancer.

 If you would like to donate to Team Ninja Berry with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, you  may do so here.

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