Apr 212012

So, I spoke with quite a few fantastic people on my crazy but true 26.2 mile journey through Houston. One in particular stands out as most entertaining, yet questionable.

Background: I just finished the walk, I’m pooped, hungry and maybe a little crazy looking from the wind in my hair and red blood shot eyes from sneezing and just wiping my eyes with the fingers that had out on sunblock about 6 miles back… and ACTION.

Crew: HI! Congrats! What can I help you with? OMG, are you OK!?
Me: Thanks, I am pooped. I need to get my wrist band for the ride back to the hotel and I my eyes just got sun-blocked on accident… so they REALLY just want to cry right now.
Crew: OH! I am SO sorry [rummages around behind the desk] Here you go!
[Hands me my traveler wrist band and a tube of chap-stick]


Maybe she was predicting the future because at this moment I am wishing I knew where I put said chap-stick.

On another note, my sister had a melanoma, so now she bugs us constantly about sunblock and all that jazz. Yea yea, it’s important. So, at the AIM at Melanoma walk I grabbed a few packages of sun detector stickers and used two today. They are pretty sweet, they change from orange to red depending on the sun levels outside. Anyways, apparently you are supposed to stick them to your clothes and not your skin [don't judge, it was 4am when I put the sticker on] or this will happen:

Star Tattoo

Takes me back to the good ol’ days at the tanning salon… except the sticker would not have been on my arm… gosh, we were SO cool back then ;)

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