Mar 272012

I Finished, that is about all I can say without getting angry at Dallas again.


Before I saw the hills of Dallas.

There is no shot of the after because I was beating myself up for having SUCH a bad half marathon, I cried. Sissy girl. But, guess what? I finished. So, Perseverance -1 Sag Wagon – 0.

Mike finished the race before me, WTG Big Guy! I lost him early on, mile 2-3, when the first set of hills came rolling in, forget that.

We now have a new note for our future races: don’t train for two completely different types of races within a month of each other [I am walking 39.3 miles for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and Mike is riding in the MS150]. 

How was your weekend? Conquer anything that wanted to beat you?

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