Mar 022012

TGIF Friends!

Want to see what happened to me last night?

Wool in the wash

FAIL: Exactly why they make the DRY CLEAN ONLY tags

There was a nasty yellow stain on the soft, merino wool sweater [which you can still see]. B really liked this sweater, that’s why I thought it would be best if I tried to save it rather than the dry cleaner… I totally turned it into a shrinky-dink sweater.

The cost out-weighted the benefit on this garment; so much for my delicate cycle. Maybe this will make a nice pillow for our new couch, there’s only one way to find out and it’s not like I can do too much more damage to the poor thing.

Next time I will listen when the tag says DRY CLEAN ONLY. Do you have any clothing mishaps in your repertoire?

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