Feb 172012

Every year I try to think of a fun cake to make for my sweet C for her birthday. Although her birthday is months away, she is turning 13 and I want this one to be uber-special.

I have started jotting down ideas and listening to things that she likes and doesn’t like [I got this idea from an amazing book I’m reading]. She doesn’t live with us, y’all, so this is pretty difficult to get out of many weekends and Tuesday night dinners – I have to be, like, super stepmom on a recon mission.

Here are a few homemade cakes from years past:

#7 Cake

Butterfly Cake

Penguins Cake

So far on my jot list of likes are: Harry Potter, Zebra stripes, hair accessories, clothing. On my list of dislikes: everything else. Hah!

Looks like I have my work cut out for myself, lots of listening will be happening in the months ahead!

What about you, do you spoil your special someone or friend on their birthday with a fun cake or treat? Email me your best creation, there just might be something sweet in it for you ;)

alyssa [at] frugalstepmom [dot] com

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