Feb 022012

Cellfire Groundhog Day Promotion

Log in to your Cellfire account today to see if you are one of the 202 lucky winners of an Amazon.com gift card or Kindle Fire! How cool is that?

New to Cellfire? It is a digital coupon site that loads your chosen coupons automatically to your store card. Once in the store, just scan you card at checkout and the coupons will come off like a regular coupon, easy peasy.

Let me know what you score!

UPDATE: BWAHAHA, look at what comes up if you aren’t a winner. I’m so glad I didn’t have a drink because it would have been everywhere! Happy Groundhog Day, here’s to 6 more weeks of winter… unless you’re in Houston, in which case you can probably slip on the swimsuit already. SO. HOT.

Groundhog Day

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