Jan 192012

Woohoo – On this day I am one year away from the BIG 3-0. How exciting is that?!

I don’t even really feel like an adult, until I have to make adult decisions like delegating chores, enforcing a quasi-bed time and deciding on water or an adult beverage, because I’m old enough.

Today I will spend the day working at my big girl job, prepping to paint our office, and probably caulking our counter top-to-wall tiles in the kitchen [which has needed to be done for about two years now]. We are finally getting the house in order after Christmas, so I am taking this day as people leave me alone and to my own devices to accomplish these things. Call me a winner, working on my birthday.

Tomorrow we will have a nice [non-frugal] dinner at a delicious restaurant in Houston, one that puts a sparkler candle on your choice of birthday dessert. That’s my kind of place; I love sparkles!

A big ups to the G-man for choosing my parents to host me, I would have been really uncool had I come from any other folks. Happy Birthday to me! And to you! And Many More!

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    Happy Birthday Woman! Enjoy the last year in your 20′s. Next year its DIRTY THIRTY!!!

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