Oct 202011


I’ve been reading in John over the past month and just finished up John 18. Have you read it? John 18:20 is pivotal in grace to sinners, Barabbas [a revolutionary and master of sins] is set free instead of Jesus. The grace of God let a sinner free in the name of Jesus, right before his crucifixion.

Have you ever thought about that? If you were sitting in prison one day and the guard came up to you and said, “Hey there, you have been set free, goodbye.” You would just high tail it right out of there without asking too many questions, right? Of course! So why not do the same when you are “set free” every day by the love and grace of God?

Isn’t it amazing? Barabbas is us, sinners beyond end but by the grace of God we are set free because of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. How moving and thoughtful. How planned out and masterful!

I want you to know today, that no matter what you have done in the past, you are set free by grace. Grace isn’t earned or bought, it is freely given to those who are not worthy of so much love and adoration - Me and You!

If I may pray for you today, please send me a shout out here!

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