Oct 292011

One of my husband’s favorite songs to hum is Jesus Paid it All by various christian artists – we sing it at church at least once a month.

He hums it in time of strength, times of weakness [there are not many] and when he just wants to call out to the Lord for peace. It makes me proud to have such a strong husband who hums out in times of need.

He has been super stressed with an office move [I think they were trying to perk the place but, but epically failed, I haven't seen the results of the owner's choices yet] and his general work load. So, being the supportive wife that I am, I wanted to help him out in some way. I have no idea how to work his business programs, so his work load is still on his lap. Maybe a word of encouragement? How about a sign of encouragement for the newly renovated office he now perches at? Indeed! I used PhotoShop to edit a picture of snowflakes to include the text, “Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as Snow”. I sent the print in to Walgreen’s to have mailed to me on matte paper and we had an unused frame in our guest room. Once the print came in, I popped it in the frame and B was SO happy to see it when he got home, he just loved it!

Jesus Paid it All

Have you done something special for one of your loved ones lately? I hope this encourages you, even the little things mean a lot!

Haven’t heard the song before? Well, here you go:

Have a blessed weekend and remember in your time of need: Jesus Paid it All… Y’all!

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