Oct 262011

I’m still here friends! This fiscal year end is pretty stellar… stellar in the fact that it takes every waking minute that I am at my business computer… which is a lot since I am lucky enough to get to work from home. I :heart: my job in SO many ways.

I wanted to send you a little plug for all my endeavors.

I have finally added a few items to my Etsy Shop, check them out:  OH and shop before October 31 and all proceeds will be allocated to my Avon Breast Cancer Walk AND there is a 15% discount code that can be found in my shop’s profile!

Also, I created Eat. Pray. Run. repeat and God Bless America items on Zazzle; I love the Eat. Pray. Run. Women’s Tshirt, I actually bought my own product! I usually wear it on Tuesday’s when we take our daughter out to dinner or on the weekend when we are seeing friends, family and participating in sports. The t-shirt is so soft and fitting that I think I would wear the t-shirt everyday[even if it didn't have print on it]. LoL!


 I hope you are enjoying beautiful Fall weather and gearing up for Monday – the kid’s are going to be out fierce-like, I can feel it!

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