Sep 032011

There are these crazy birds that keep flying into our [once] sparkly clean windows… because they think they can fly through our house?

Tag! You’re It – Short Cut! BOOM!!!

And this is the carnage left on the said sparkly windows:

Bird + Window = No Bueno

B and I decided we had enough of the bird mauling and killing, so we ordered curtains, as a bird insurance policy.

Here is the Before:

Sans Window Treatments


And now, the After:

Room With Curtain

What a difference a couple of nice curtains make, right? [I realize I need to get the steamer out] These are the 132″ Monterey Textured Lined Grommet drapes in Mocha from I was a little skeptical of purchasing the curtains online because I couldn’t see and touch them first, however the reviews were very consistent with reports of looking great and high quality workmanship, so I dove in and am glad I did! I love the color, the lightly lined back and I cannot believe how much cooler the room is now – especially since this isn’t even one of our heat seeking windows!

Have you been looking for curtains lately? I would highly recommend cruising through the selection at, you will not be disappointed. They are currently having a Friends and Family Event where all regular priced purchases will receive 30% off at checkout and FREE shipping on all purchases over $125!

Promotional Code: CWFF811

 So now, hopefully, we will have minimal bird carnage and the momma and daddy birds will be thankful. You’re welcome Mother Nature, we love you too!

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