Sep 152011

This past weekend I went with my family to Schlitterbahn WaterPark in New Braunfels,Texas. I did not take any pictures except for the one you are going to see below because my B and C were not with me. Why didn’t I take them? Because the Texans were set to whoop up on the Colts for the first game of the season [B] and C is in advanced classes that are swamping her to no end and she made a very adult decision to stay home and work in order to be caught up with the teachers expectations. So, I missed them immensely but got to spend quality time with my pre-married immediate family and cousins. Oh, and I won Apples to Apples.

But here is my dilemma. We always stay at the “resort” on the Water Park campus, and it usually is very well accommodating, however, this year… it was just a dump. What does it say when you ar provided beds to rest your head, but you choose to blow up air mattersses instead? I was catching my Aunt and Gma up on the world of Pinterest when my Aunt pointed out that the electrical outlet is – get this – ON THE FLOOR:

Schlitterbahn Room 151

Does this not concern anybody else? Let’s see, tons-o-kids frolicking around in the water all day. They come in to the little kitchenette to grab a snack and shake off a bit, where said auntie may be hooked up to the outlet, and ZAP there goes the connector, the aunt and quite possibly the kid! Do you feel my ALARM?! This is CRAZY and who ever thought of putting an electrical outlet in floor of a water park suite it just about as dumb as they come.

I am pretty sure it was not a grounded outlet… Wait, yes it was, hahaha.

Have a great day friends and remember, keep it classy!

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