Sep 142011

Cut Grass

I’ve been real lazy lately, no kidding. After Chicago, all I want to do is go to work, read a book, watch TV and be a bum. Is that so wrong?

Well, yesterday and today, my friends, my laziness has come to kick me in the booty.

See, on Monday night I was getting real smart and thought, “Hey, I wonder if I water at night, the grass will be able to soak up more moisture before the sun burns it all away.” Novel idea, right? [Really, I just didn't want to get up early enough to turn on the water and go for a run.] So, I lay down the water pretty well before we hit the hay – feeling good, the grass should be so happy!

We woke up yesterday morning and stepped out to give hugs and launch B off into the traffic nightmare that is Northwest Houston and we were SLAPPED in the face by the most disgusting smell anybody should ever have to smell so early in the morning. I think it is the onset of mildew or mold, I don’t really know, my nose will not win prizes in distinguishing smells.

The smell is still there today and it is just as bad – way to be lazy, girl. Way to be lazy.

I really just want to take a large bucket of Febreeze and douse the whole yard, maybe a Lysol disinfectant spray will work better? Ugh, it is just bad.

Do you know what the smell is and how long it might last?

Have a Wonderful Day Friends and beware of the stinky grass!

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