Sep 302011

Welcome to the twelfth edition of Frugal On Friday! I am so excited you are here to see and share you recent deals!

This week has been packed full of trips to see my girl, working late every day and a minor melt down that was quickly resolved with a quick phone call. I am SO ready for the weekend, to hang out with my chick and husband, take a long-ol-jog with my running buddy and praise the Lord for another wonderful week on Sunday.

Speaking of praise, I would like to ask a simple request of you, if you don’t mind. My sister has been having really bad headaches lately and praying by myself is just not cutting it because the headaches seem to be getting worse as time wares on. Will you join me in a prayer for Sarah? Lord, we come to you right now to lift up Sarah in your name. Please have mercy on her, release the strong pains that she is feeling in her head and heal her as your strength is mighty. In your precious and powerful name I pray, Amen.

Thanks So Much! Now on to the shopping!

Walgreen’sWalgreen's 9/30

Brita Water Filration System $10.00 – $5.00/1 = $5.00 + MIR $10 = $5.00 MoneyMaker

Schick Quattro Razor $8.99 – $5.00/1 = $3.99 [Earn $5.00 RR] = $1.01 MoneyMaker

3 Kettle/Indiana Chip’ins @ $1.99 = $5.97 – [3] $1.00/1 = $2.97 or $0.99 each

John Frieda Straight Fixation $6.49 – $1.00/1 = $5.49

John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum $9.99 = Buy John Frieda product get Serum FREE [Walgreen's Facebook]

Balance Bar $1.59 [Earn $1.60 RR]

Total Spent $20.14

Total Saved $30.59 or 60% [Earned $6.60 RR + $10 MIR]


2 DayQuil Liquid Caps @ $6.00 = $12.00 – $3.00/2 = $9.00 or $4.50 each [Earn $3 ECB]

2 Olay Wet Cloths $3.99 = $7.98 - [2] $2.00/1 = $3.98 or  $1.99 each

2 Snickers King Size @ $1.87 = $3.74 – $0.25/1 CVS = $3.49 or $1.75 each

Hershey Air Delight $1.19 – B2G1 = FREE

Diet Coke 12 Pk $3.34

Total $20.65

Total Spent $15.65 [used $5.00 Beauty Club]

Total Saved $25.57 or 62% [Earned $4 ECB {$1 was for Green Bag Tag}]September 20 Shopping Trip

To wrap it up, my totals for this week’s trips were:

Total Spent: $35.79

Total Saved: $56.16 or 61%

Now, it is time for you to share all of your amazing trips from this past week!

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Sep 292011

Dakota and I finally went to pick up her free bag of Bil-Jac Super Premium Dry Dog Food last week and the results are incredible.

Remember when you had to use the food ball when your pup was little – to keep them from eating too fast? I had to break it out again because this food is like dog food heaven apparently, and it cannot be eaten quick enough! I caught Dakota in action one morning, you will see here how she is taking out the pieces of her old food and putting them on the floor… to be picked up by Mom later because they are just sub-par. I guess this means she loves the Bil-Jac dog food and that I better not come home with the old lack-luster food. ever. again.

The food is about the size of rabbit food and smells like… chicken. Which is a good thing because Bil-Jac uses 10lbs of fresh farm-raised chicken to make one 15lb bag of their premium dog food.  Who else is going to tell you how much REAL product is actually in the mix? They slow cook their high quality protein [chicken + chicken organs] and high quality carbohydrates [fine ground corn meal] in small batches to maintain optimum temperatures which in turn protects the core nutrition and chicken taste of the Bil-Jac product.

Bil-Jac Premium Dry Dog Food comes in many different varieties to suit the needs of your dog:

  • Puppy
  • Select Adult
  • Reduced Fat
  • Senior
  • Large Breed
  • Small Breed
  • Sensitive Solutions

We purchased the Select Adult variety because Dakota is very active and it had the right proportion of carbohydrates for her active lifestyle. She has been chowing on this for a little over a week now and she has a much better attitude, for real, she is more happy and energetic – most likely because she is not being weighted down by stiff stool or cheap fillers. Also, I have noticed a great change in her coat’s appearance – it is already shiny black, but she had pretty bad dandruff because of the Texas summer, now it has become more smooth and minimal dandruff is left after bathing and brushing. Yay!

Log on to Bil-Jac for more information, testimonials and success stories from dog parents everywhere who have experienced the difference of Bil-Jac Super Premium dog food.

Now, on to the giveaway! Bzz-Agent suppied me with 4 - $10 OFF coupons in my sweet little BzzKit and I have saved two exclusively for the first two people to leave a qualified comment [with name and email address for contacting, of course!] answering this question:

What is your pups name and what breed/mix is he/she? 

I will announce the two winners here within the week! Good Luck!

Disclaimer: BzzAgent compensated me with FREE Bil-Jac dry dog food and coupons. The proposed opinions are my own.
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Sep 292011

Coke + PG CouponsWe are Diet Coke and Olay lovers in our house [well, B not so much on the Olay thing], so when I happend upon this Coke + Proctor and Gamble winetag hanging off of a Diet Coke 2L bottle, I was instantly in dream land!

We just ran out of Diet Coke and I was on my way to pick up the Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths with my $2.00 coupon for this past Sunday’s paper already.

Buy 1 Diet Coke 12 pk at 3/$10 = $3.34
Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths $3.99 – $2.00/1 WYB Diet Coke 12pk = $1.99
Total $5.33 or $2.66 each!

I purchased 2 cleansing cloths, making my total $7.32 or $2.44 each [because I had the second $2.00/1 coupon from the newspaper insert]

I am saving the rest for when Randall’s puts their Coke products back on the Buy 2 Get 2 sale, hopefully before 10/17/11 when these babies expire, so I can use 4 more of these glorious.

The coupons included are:

$2.00 off WYB Olay Facial Cleanser [excluding travel size] and Diet Coke or Caffeine Free Diet Coke 12-Pack

$1.50 off WYB Pantene product [excluding travel size] and Diet Coke or Caffeine Free Diet Coke 12-Pack

$2.00 off WYB Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Diet Coke or Caffeine Free Diet Coke 12-Pack

$1.25 off WYB Scope mouthwash [750ml or larger] and Diet Coke or Caffeine Free Diet Coke 12-Pack

$1.50 off WYB Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Foam product and Diet Coke or Caffeine Free Diet Coke 12-Pack

Try 2 FREE preview issues for People Stylewatch. Go to

I hope you are able to find these hanging around the Cokes at your CVS as well!

PS. A winetag is usually found on bottles of wine, they are coupons connected to the top of the glass container. Take a stroll down the bottled beverage and wine aisle next time your in the store and see what you find!

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Sep 282011

Band of Bosoms - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Houston

This year, I have committed to participating in my very first Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I am very excited to walk with my cousin and friends from long ago – we are wives, mothers and daughters on a mission to end breast cancer.

It is a big commitment, one that will require me to spend the next several months training and fundraising, as if training for my upcoming marathons isn’t enough. Breast cancer is a big disease, one that affects far too many women and men, and I am determined to do everything I can to help put an end to it.

The money I raise will be managed and disbursed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade, a 501(c)(3) public charity, to help provide access to care for those that most need it, fund educational programs, and accelerate research into new treatments and potential cures. I will be just one of thousands of people that will walk up to a marathon and a half over a weekend, raising awareness of the cause and educating even more people.

I cannot do it without your help. Though I am required to raise at least $1,800 in donations, I plan to raise at least $2,500! I hope that I can count on your support.

You can make a donation to my fundraising campaign right here on the website by clicking “Donate Now“. If you prefer to write a check, simply contact me and I will send you the information and form. All of our sponsors will be mentioned on our Facebook page as well as their Logos on our Sponsor signs we bring to all out events. Any company whose donation exceeds $250 value will also be listed on our team t-shirts that we wear and sell.

As I prepare for this exciting event, I plan to update my Avon Walk page frequently so that all my supporters can follow my progress, so please visit often. While you are there, you might want to spend some time on the site to find out more information on why this event is so important, and the organizations and people that will be helped by the money we all raise.

Thank you in advance.

Follow my team’s success, get notice of our fundraising events throughout the year, or write words of encouragement on our Facebook page: Band of Bosoms.

From September 27 through October 31, all orders placed from SweetgumWay will be allocated 100% to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – Team Band of Bosoms! Did you know you can also score 15% off any purchase with SWEETGUM15! Keep checking back, new items will hit the market soon.

Also, for the Month of October, we will be holding weekly raffles for some awesome prizes. Every person who makes a $20 donation to any of our team members accounts, will receive one raffle ticket. For a $50 donation, you get 3! Raffles will be announced on Sunday of each week at the Band of Bosoms Facebook page. Most of these will be for local (Houston) venues.

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Sep 262011

The Greatest GiftChristian Book Distributors  is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in ”My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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Sep 232011

American Eagle/Aerie 25% + FREE Shipping

Are you ready for great deals for Fall 2011; hoodies, jeans, shirts, oh My!

Now through Sunday, September 25, take an additional 25% off your entire cart [includes clearance items, too] and enjoy FREE shipping as well!

25% Promotional Code : 89643551

There are many tanks and accessories starting at under $12 [$9 after discount!] and WHO can pass up a FREE shipping offer?! Not me, I’ve vented here.

Remember to shop through Ebates[3%] or ShopatHome[3%], Happy Shopping!

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Sep 232011

Hey there! Happy Friday to you – thank God it’s is almost the weekend! This week we have been go go go, but I had a chance to get a few decent shops in at HEB, CVS, Walgreen’s and Target and spent just under $80 with quite a few items to add to the donation pile!


HCF Honey $3.98

HCF Cotton Rounds $1.97

HCF Nail Polish Remover $0.97 [FREE WYB Cotton Rounds]

6 Speed Stick Deoderant  @ $2.18 = $13.08 – [3] B1G1 = $6..54 or $1.09 each

Crayola Nail Art Pen $5.97 – 75% = $1.50

HCF Vanilla Frosting $1.20

Wholly Guacamole Queso $3.67 – $1.00/1 = $2.67

HEB Milk $1.98 – $1.00/1 = $0.98

Tilapia Fillets $6.98

HEB Marinated Chicken for Fajitas @ $1.00/lb = $7.68

3 Martha White Muffins @ $0.96 = $2.88

2 Gatorade 6 Pack @ $3.00 = $6.00 – $2.00/2 HEB = $4.00 or $2.00 each

3 Simply Juice @ $1.00 = $3.00 – [3] $1.00/1 = FREE

Simply Orange Juice $2.97 – $1.00 = $1.97

Fresh Express Lettuce Shreds $1.58

5 Velveeta Skillets @ $1.00 = $5.00 – [5] $1.00/1 = FREE

Thai Lime Rice $1.78

HEB Lentils $0.97

HEB Green Split Peas $.94

2 HEB Bread @ $1.88 = $3.76

Total Spent $54.77

Total Saved $26.90  or 33%

TargetTarget 9/23

3 Huggies Slip-Ons @ $9.49 = $28.47 – [3] $2.00/1 Target – [3] $3.00/1 = $13.47 or 4.49 each [Earn $5 GC WYB 3]

Dog Toy $0.99

Bag Coupon -$0.05

Total $ 15.09

Total Spent $10.09 [Used $5 GC from previous trip]

Total Saved $20.05  or 57% [Earned $5 GC]

Walgreen’sWalgreen's 9/23

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste $3.99 – $1.00/1 = $2.99 [Earn $2 RR WYB 1]

4 Revlon Eyeshadow @ $2.99 = $11.96 – [4] $2.00/1 = $3.96 or $0.99 each [This was SUPPOSED to earn $3 RR WYB $10, but it did not print and I wasn't about to hold up a line of cigarette smokers]

Other $9.74 – $1.00/1 = $8.74

Total $38.99

Total Spent $16.74

Total Saved $22.25  or 57% [Earned $2 RR]


Nexxus Pro-Mend Shampoo $ 10.79 – $3.00/1 = $7.79 [Earn $10 ECB WYB $20, Limit 1]

Nexxus Pro-Mend Conditioner $14.79 – $3.00/1 = $11.79 [Earn $10 ECB WYB $20, Limit 1]

4 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups @ $1.19 = $4.76 – [2] B2G1 with Card = $2.38 or $0.59 each

2 Hershey’s Air Delights @ $1.19 = $2.38 – [2] B2G1 = FREE

Total $33.71

Total Spent $12.95 [Used $10 ECB]

Total Saved $20.76  or 62% [Earned $10 ECB]

Shopping 9/23

To wrap it up, my totals for this week’s trips were:

Total Spent: $77.81

Total Saved: $89.96 or 54%

Now, it is time for you to share all of your amazing trips from this past week!

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Sep 192011

 A Cry for Justice

Christian Book Distributors  is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in ”My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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Sep 162011

Wow – Week 10 ALREADY! That is so Sweet! I only hit up PetSmart and Randall’s this week, mostly because I was too busy being busy or lazy. I have ECB expiring next week – so I will be sure to hit up CVS next week!

This week I focused my energy on our pantry staples: Diet Coke, Bread, Jelly and Rawhides.


PetSmart 9/16

BilJac Select Adult Dog Food $16.99 – FREE from BzzAgent

Dentley’s Rawhide Chips $5.99 with card

Dentley’s Rawhide Strips $3.33 – $2.00/1 = $1.33

Total Spent $7.85

Total Saved $21.65 or 73%


4 Diet Coke 12 Packs @ $5.99 = $23.96 – B2G2 = $11.98 or $2.99 each

2 Snack Art Chips @ $2.99 = $5.98 [FREE WYB 4 Select Coke Products]

2 Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes @ $1.00 = $2.00

2 Safeway Blackberry Preserves @ $1.89 = $3.78

2 Pop Secret Popcorn @ $2.50 = $5.00 – $2.02 In Ad – $0.50/2 = $1.98 or $0.99 each

5 Bush Beans @ $0.89 = $4.45 – $1.00/5 = $3.45 or $0.69 each

2 Twix @ $1.19 = $2.38 – [2] FREE from Sweepstakes= 2 FREE

2 Knorr Seasonings @ $1.59 = $3.18

2 Prego Pasta Sauce @ $2.39 = $4.78 – $1.20 In Ad – $.40/2 = $1.78 or $0.89 each

3 Mission Artisian Tortillas @ $1.99 = $3.98 – [2] $1.00/1 = $1.98 or $0.99 each

2 Hefty Plates @ $1.99 = $3.98 – $2.00 In Ad – $0.55/2 = $1.43 or $0.71 each

Lucerne Yogurt 6 Pack $2.39 – $0.20 In Ad = $2.19

Yoplait Yogurt 4 Pack $2.29 – $0.50/1 = $1.29

Hostess 100 Calorie Pack $2.49 – $0.50/1 = $1.49

Advil $4.39 – FREE = FREE

Mrs. Baird’s Bread $1.99

Open Nature Organic Chicken Breast $4.50 – 50% Clearance = $2.25

Bananas $0.96

Mushrooms $1.50

Total Spent $44.53

Total Saved $54.32 or 56%

To wrap it up, my totals for this week’s trips were:

Total Spent: $52.38

Total Saved: $75.97 or 59%

Now, it is time for you to share all of your amazing trips from this past week!

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