Jul 262011

I have been struggling for a few days with something, anything, to share with y’all. It is quarter end at my big girl job, so the time is tight.

Last night I made cheater black beans and rice and was going to share my delish biscuit recipe, but then I poured ALL of the milk in on accident and poof, there went that post. Have you ever tried the Vigo brand Red Beans and Rice or Black Beans and Rice? I just love them, I add a little red pepper and meat [sausage or ground beef/pork] and call it a meal.

This morning I got up at 5am for one of my 1/2 marathon prep runs. I had quite a few awesome ideas in the 57 minutes I was cruising the streets… but where can I put them? I run with a water bottle and music machine and I sweat like a pig in this humidity, toting along a pen and paper just won’t cut it. I thought I would remember at least one of the ideas when I returned, but I did not and now I am kicking myself for not having a better short term memory while running, LoL!

On another note, last night a quick and furious storm blazed through our area. It knocked over my Mom’s hoard of Plumerias [below] and they found giant light bulbs in the back yard from one of the shed’s down the street. It was so bad, the neighborhood was even on the news, it was crazy, y’all.

Knock Knock Plumies

Oh – And did you hear that the football strike is over? Was it a strike? I don’t know, I am a college football watcher. All I know is that B will be able to enjoy his fantasy football, tailgating and super over-priced season tickets to the Houston Texans.

I hope you are having a wonderfully memorable day… or not if you are reading this and running at the same time.

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