Jul 162011

The Great RecoveryMy homeboy, Dave Ramsey, is stirring up emotions again… Sweet! You may not know this, but I finished up my college career working with clients on the Dave Ramsey program with Aggie Green, former Investment and Insurance ELP in Houston. It was so much fun to see people work out a budget, stick to it and become debt free, these client’s were like family and I truly enjoyed being able to help them start their financial legacy.

Dave Ramsey and Me, 2006
Dave and Me, schmoozing at Champions Forest Baptist Church in 2006

On July 21 at 7pm, he will be live-streaming The Great Recovery here, it is sure to knock your socks off. The call of action is to turn our financial economy around through one family, one church, one community at a time; we can no longer rely on the government to do the right thing when it comes to our Founding Father’s original plan for prosperity of this Great Nation.

I encourage you to register for the live stream to secure a spot in the stream, there will be a replay available an hour after broadcast.

Want to find out more about the movement and get inspired? Of course you do! Check out The Great Recovery, listen to testimonies of supporting pastors and read stories of inspiration from top leaders in the Christian community.

Our Great Nation is in desperate need of prayer, please let us know how we can pray for you today! All things are possible through God, He is our strength!

UPDATE: Check my Recap HERE. Enjoy!

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