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The Great RecoveryDid you have a chance to see The Great Recovery live and streaming on Thursday, July 21? If not, you can view the replay here.

 It was nothing less that expected and always appreciated from Dave Ramsey, he never ceases to deliver a powerful and assertive message. I would like to pull out a few points that were mentioned in the broadcast and would love to read your insights as well.

  • The borrower is always slave to the lender. It sounds pretty simple, right? The people/companies whom one is indebted to are able to take away what they have in a moments notice, if need be, and they have nothing to show for their luxury and status. We can turn this around with simple steps like focusing our hearts on God, creating [and sticking to] a budget and getting rid of the debt as quickly as the budget allows and God provides.

“The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender.” Proverbs 22:7

  • Media plays a huge role in our outlook and if you listen to the media… the outlook isn’t good at all. But! God is good and in Him we have Hope for our long term goals, not hopelessness in the face of the short term. Dave gave an example of investors getting out of the market and “losing everything” when things went downhill a few years ago, however, Dave is a huge communicator of the ten year [long term] plan. You silly people to pull out with a few months of bad performance, those who stayed in and rode the roller coaster are so much better off today. Here is what I did during the downturn [call me crazy, B surly though so]- the price of shares decreased, but so did the cost of buying those same shares… so I purchased as many shares as I was able with the minimal income that was left in the budget! Woot, we are sitting a little better in our retirement future and I go the shares on SALE! Take that you staunch media reports, why didn’t you tell others to buy, buy, buy instead of sell, sell, sell? Now that, my friends, is crazy!

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

  • God uses Me to provide for Me [Meaning He does not use the Government to provide for Me, get it?]. God gave me certain abilities to help me succeed and prosper in the roles I am guided toward. Did you know that there isn’t even a “government” system when we go to be with our friends? It is hard to wrap my mind around it, because God is all powerful and all knowing, He must have a tiered hierarchy or system of legalities… but he does not; You and I and He are EQUAL, it’s so amazing and I can’t help but SMILE when I type it out. God provides for Me and for You, there is no other way, but we must diligent in discipline in our work; I laughed at “Pray while you’re workin’”.

Diligence = Excellence over time with discipline

  • The way to fix the economy: One at a Time. If we can come together and fix one person at a time we can start to change the economy because one person will lead to one family. One Family changes leads to one church and community, which leads to a changed city, changed state and even a changed country. That sounds amazing and I want to be a part of it – I want to be One! I want to encourage you to be One as well and we will walk in this together, the change is going to knock our socks off!

What can you do to increase the momentum of change? Join the Recovery, find a Financial Peace University [or other financial wellness] class to engage in and share the movement with your friends, family and congregation.

What did you get from the broadcast? Are you as excited as I am to see the changes that are going to come from One person at a time?

It Starts With Me

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