Jul 142011

Transplant Plumeria

I received a white Plumeria from this lady, who rocks. She let me know that if I didn’t transplant it to a bigger container soon she might beat me with a wooden spoon. Nice Lady? You bet!


This is how my Hot Lips Salvia and Impatiens have grown so big and strong since we planted them in the spring. An egg.

I have heard that there are many skeptics to the power of the EGG.

In my family, we do experiments. Why? Because we grew up with our Mom as a science teacher and it is just how we roll. If C ever does another science fair I will try to convince her to do this experiment rather than the effect of music on plant growth [that really happened]. Let me just show you what I know to be the difference:

Who has the egg?

You see these two VERY different groups of baby plumerias? One is with egg and one is without, can you guess which is which?

With/Without Egg

The plumerias without eggs are so puny compared to the suped-up egg plumerias. There is SUCH a big difference, I can’t believe there a nay-sayers.

Anyways, back to my plumeria, here she is but I don’t know why she insists on being crooked… I guess it’s the cool thing to do now.

My First Plumeria

This guy helped with the picture taking, as you may be able to tell. I’m allergic to stinkin’ cats and their stinkin’ dander, however, they are so cute and want me to pet them all the time. So I just talk to them like the crazy cat lady when they do come around.

Picture Helper

Do you have any interesting gardening tips that you though would never work? Have you tried the whole egg under the roots thing? I would love to hear from you about any and all gardening trials and tribulations… My thumb is slowly turning from black to green, YAY!

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    Can’t wait til you call to say ” Hey, I bought this plumeria today !” I have heard that addiction starts slowly and innocently enough ………
    Love ya bunches !


    That’s how they get you. First one is free….


    we call the plumeria a franjipanni. my favourite. i’m def. going to try the egg thing. worth it i think. i’m also allergic to cats. big time. have you had any results with allergy medication etc? i need a cat in my life. the grandcats just aren’t enough. my siamese fighter is lovely but he’s just not a cat :)


      I usually take a benadryl before heading to my in-laws or grandparents. It helps, but it makes me so tired! I tried Alavert, it worked for a minute, but it quickly lost it’s ability to block the sneezes. Have you had any luck with OTC allergy meds?


    i forgot to ask about the egg. is it raw?


    THANKS for spreading the word of the Whole Raw Egg Method! For more info and ways on how to succeed with this method, (especially using it with plumeria and other tropical plants, as well as houseplants, check out the Yahoo ALOHA PLUMERIA GROUP! It’s a very friendly, chatty group, whose members welcome all plant enthusiasts, and membership is FREE!!


    We are just so pleased that she is helping to spread the word….and creating “converts” along the way! THANK YOU for helping her do this. I can see that you are a blessing to your mom, and now….to others, as well. We look forward to your participation in the ALOHA PLUMERIA GROUP. Please feel free to post your pics in that group, too — it is so encouraging to others who may decide to try it out! THANK YOU AGAIN :))


    Out hopping, stopping by to say hello. Have a great weekend.Kim


    YES! For those who would like to check out the files in the ALOHA PLUMERIA group, along with members’ pics of their successes using the whole raw egg method, click on the following link:


    Those who are interested in growing tropicals will learn a lot, as questions are willingly answered right away by helpful, caring members who support one another’s addiction.

    Thanks again, for mentioning the Whole Raw Egg method, one that I introduced to the group members several years ago, which has really taken off, and which makes me very happy!

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