Jul 082011

Florida Sillys

Today is one of my most disliked days of. all. time. It’s the day that my baby girl returns to her Mom’s for summer break.

We have had a great summer so far and we will have more time in August. Some of the cool things we accomplished:

  • Traveling to Florida
  • Snorkeling
  • Riding a personalized Roller Coaster
  • Laying on a Bed of Nails
  • Racing GoCarts
  • Swimming
  • Playing Volleyball
  • Playing Football
  • Eating a lot of Ice Cream
  • Snacking on Chocolate Donuts
  • Picking Veggies from the garden
  • Reading for fun
  • Singing for fun
  • Laughing for fun

I am going to miss her little groggy head in the morning and her smart laugh at the TV or at D.

She picked out D’s new baby the other day, D just loves it… probably because Sister picked it out.

D and Baby


I am truly blessed to have been given such an amazing daughter, one who I miss SO much when she is not around. She’s my silly girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Jul 072011

$5 Shipping Hollister

If there is one this I truly dislike about shopping online, it is the charge on shipping. I had a small rant here, it just peeves me.

Through July 10, you can score 20% off your entire purchase [does not include already reduced Redlines and Epic Exclusives] AND $5 shipping on any size order.

20% Promo Code: 35377

I consider this a pretty sweet deal for an item you see online at regular or sale price that is not available in your local store, like this tube top for $16:

Hollister Tube Top

Or these shorts for B, only $24:

Hollister Shorts

Tack on shipping and I’ve got two essentials for only $45, which would have been $60 on a regular day… We don’t do regular around here, we do frugal.

These deals are available online only, however, if you plan on shopping in store, you will still score 50% off all redlines until July 26. 

Happy Shopping and Reduced Shipping Friends!

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Jul 072011

Free Chick-Fil-A

Tomorrow, July 8, 2011, is Cow Appreciation Day, are you ready?

To celebrate the day, Chick-Fil-A restaurants will be handing out free meals to those who show up in full cow attire, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Those who show up partially cow-dressed will receive a free entree.

Don’t have a cow costume handy? Not to worry, Chick-Fil-A has you covered with a handy printable cow costume kit.

I’m no chikin, I’ll take a #1, please!


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Jul 052011

Octopus in the Mac n Cheese Sea

I know you have been on the edge of your seat, waiting for the new recipe I told you about last week. Well, here it is friends!

Your IngredientsOctopus in the Mac n Cheese Sea [serves ?]

Some Hot Dogs

Mac n Cheese [I used Annie's Homegrown]

Prepare Mac and cheese as according to the package.

Boil water for hot dogs.

1/4 Octapus

Cut hot dog down the center about 2/3 from the top [this makes two tentacles].

Turn hot dog 1/4 and cut down the center about 2/3 from the top, again [this makes 4 tentacles].

1/2 Octapus

Cut each of the four tentacles down the center to make a total of eight tentacles.

Octapus Eyes

Poke two eyes with a tooth pick or slits with your knife. A smile is nice too.

Octapus Boil

Toss into boiling water until the tentacles are nice and curled.

Plate your mac and cheese in a bowl and top with your perfect hot dog octapus. 

What an easy way to please the family and your kiddos are sure to enjoy!

Clean Plate Club on Frugal Stepmom

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Jul 052011
Seeing the Unseen
Christian Book Distributors  is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:


Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in ”My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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Jul 042011

I published the below review on Flip Key by tripadvisor, but, after receiving the below message, I do not trust that they will publish it because it has very key action items.

Flip Key Review

We arrived at 3:30pm and the door was promptly unlocked at 4pm, however, the door was broken from a strong draft [having the back door and front door open at the same time] and there was a very poor job of “fixing” the door, the deadbolt was coming out and did not lock.
The unit was well stocked with bath linens and kitchen necessities. We had to wash all of the towels and floor mats with oxy clean before use because they had a very musty smell and were stained. The red bedroom quilt was stained, but flipped over so people wouldn’t notice, it would have been washed, too, if the washing machine were big enough. The sink disposer in the kitchen was FULL of pasta [from the last patrons] and would not turn on to clear out, my Dad reset the unit and it worked perfect.
The bathrooms were spacious, one had a slight ant problem and all had very low water pressure. All of the bathroom air vents need to be washed as they are filled with a caked dust/mold looking substance. The shower curtains were either too short, too long or not wide enough to keep the water from flooding out of the tub.
The rooms were perfect size for our family and the seating was more than enough. We loved congregating at the large table and spacious bar area for breakfasts, dinners and activities.
The outside balcony was amazing, beautiful views and a sweet breeze ALL day. One of the rocking chairs had a broken leg and was propped against the wall like nobody would notice.
The parking arrangements were very tight, only one car can park at the unit and all others need park across the street. We could not find parking across the street on two nights, so we had to park in the public beach lot further away. It would be very nice to have the option to park in the neighboring garage since they are owned by the same company.
We had questions and called the number in the binder provided in the room but it was a recording or disconnected. There was no on-site assistance/customer service location.
There are only two elevators and three luggage carts. Plan a quick approach to entering and exiting by utilizing the stairs [it is only two flights from the garage] if you are able. Families are checking in and out at the same time you are, and there are 20+ floors to clear out.
Ocean Ritz #401


If you are planning on renting this room from Sterling Resorts, please feel free to contact me if you want more information. I only guarantee that these are the facts from our trip, it is very possible that this unit will be cleaned up after the review is published.



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Jul 032011

Randall's July 2

Can you believe I have not been on a grocery trip since we returned from vacation? Well, I went last week to get fruits, veggies and bread, but other than that I did no shopping. We needed major supplies this go round and I spent a nice chunk of change!

Oranges $1.73

Bananas $.77

Limes $.79

Onions $1.16

Mushrooms $1.50

2 Strawberries @ $3.99 = $7.98 - B1G1 with card = $3.99 or $1.99 each

4 Pop Tarts @ $1.99 = $7.96 – $4 with card - 2 $1.00/2 = $1.96 or $0.49 each!

2 Frosted Mini Wheats Touch of Fruit @ $3.59 = $7.18 - B1G1 [Took off $3.79] - $1.00/1 = $2.39 or $1.19 each

5 Diet Coke 12 Packs @ $5.99= $29.95 –  B2G3 with card = $11.98 or $2.39 each

Hansen’s Root Beer $3.99 – $0.50/1 = $2.99

Gatorade $5.00 – $1.01 In Ad = $3.99

Snapple Peach Tea $4.99

Milk $2.99

Nestle Chocolate Milk $1.59 – $0.50/1 = $0.59

6 Oscar Meyer Wieners @ $3.99 = $23.94 – B1G2 with card – 2 $1.00/2 = $5.98 or .99 each!

Chappel Hill Sausage $4.49 [this is the ONLY sausage brand we buy, right up the road and SO delicious!]

Organic Chicken $5.24 – 30% clearance = $3.67

Chicken Breast pack $6.57

Mini Watermelon $3.00

Del Monte Tropical Medley $1.50

8 Yoplait Yogurt @ $.55 = $4.40 – $0.50/8 = $3.40 or $0.42 each

JIF Peanut Butter $2.00

Parmesan Cheese $2.49

Colby Jack Cheese $5.99 – $0.55/1 = $5.44

Eggs $2.49 – $0.35/1 = $1.44

Little Debbie Honey Buns $3.00

Hostess Blueberry Muffins $2.89

Beef Raviolis $3.00 – 50% clearance = $1.50

4 Totino’s Pizza @ $1.19 = $4.76 – $0.50/4 = $3.76 or $0.94 each

Ball Park Hot Dog Buns $2.00 – $0.55/1 = $1.45

Mrs. Baird’s Bread $2.00

King’s Hawaiian Buns $2.50 – $1.00/1 = $1.50

2 Cortaid Ointment @ $6.29 = $12.58 – 50% clearnace – 2 $3.00/1 = $0.28 or $0.14 each!

Similac $4.29 – $5.00 Check = -$0.71!

Spoons $0.99

- $5.00 off $50 from RecycleBank

Total Spent $94.98

Total Saved $99.96 or 51%

I sent three hot dogs over to my brother, there is no way we could eat all of these before the next hot dog sale. About four years ago we could have broke through all packages, back when C loved her Octopus in the Mac N Cheese Sea. I will make this for a Clean Plate Club in the future, So fun and So easy!

My Randall’s had a ton of school supplies on the 50% off clearance rounder like rulers, pens, sticky notes, paper and batteries. Be sure to check your clearance area, there are good deals to be had when combined with a coupon!

Share how well your shopping trips went this week by leaving a comment or linking up!

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Jul 012011

I just took this snapshot of my G-mail account…

It's not raining

What a bunch of hooey.

This is what it looks like right now in the Land of H:

Sunny Day

+1,000,000 degrees F.

It rained while we were on vacation, a glorious 2 inches, and then again about 3 months ago.

You tease Gmail, it’s not too nice.

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