Jul 012011

Front Door

That’s right, we have fireworks and, if you live in Harris or surrounding counties, you don’t.


Ok, so maybe they aren’t REAL fireworks, but they are real wood and real paint… that counts.

My Dad cut these timbers for my Mom and I last year. She made a star template and we spaced out the stripes with a ruler. Primer, two coats of color, jute fuses, glitter embellishments and you have got yourself a mighty fine set of fireworks. Don’t you think?


I outlined the stars in Crayola Red and Blue glitter glue paint pen.


How do you like my plants? They are the “pop” from the fireworks after they were set off, creative, right?


Happy Independence Day Weekend, Friends!God Bless America

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    I’m featuring this on my blog tomorrow. Check it out!


    What a great idea!

    I am having a Red, White and Blue Linky Party that I’d love for you to join in on by adding your link!


    Thank you so much for linking up to my Red, White and Blue Linky Party!


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